4 Coldwater Spinnerbait Tips You Need To Know

Fishing with spinner is one of the most common ways many anglers use to catch a wide variety of fish, especially bass fish. This method is extremely effective in the spring and summer, which can help you to hunt down big bass fish with little difficulty. And while spring and summer time are the ideal times for spinnerbait fishing, using this method in the winter also brings out some fun and valuable experience. Though less common, spinnerbait fishing in the winter is effectively used as well and with proper Spinnerbait tips, you will be able to catch big bass fish even when the temperature drops down and the fish are less active.

Here are 4 coldwater spinnerbait tips you should know that can increase your performance for winter fishing:

One of Coldwater Spinnerbait Tips: Pick Up  A Suitable Bait Size

As you should know, there are a wide selection of different types of spinnerbait for you to choose from with different sizes, designs and colors. So much that you are overwhelmed and don’t know what to choose.

The designs and colors of the bait will depend on the fish that you want to aim, their natural prey and also their condition of living.

For fishing in the winter, the most important factor that you need to consider among different spinnerbait is the size of it. There are 2 key things that determine the suitable size: the size of the fish you want to catch and the depth of the area where you are going fishing in.

The size of the fish

The size of the fish

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In general, big fish will tend to catch big bait and smaller fish can catch smaller bait and that is no difference in the cold weather. However, keep in mind that if there is no big fish around, using big bait will only turn all of the fish away.

The depth of the water

The second thing that you need to consider is how deep the place you are fishing is. In case the area is very deep, of about 30 feet, you need to choose a big and heavy spinnerbait, which is about 1 ounce so that it can reach the bottom with ease. A much shallower area of about 20 feet won’t require much heavy and large spinnerbait. You can go for a mild ¾ ounce spinnerbait which can reach the bottom easily and you don’t feel heavy when controlling it.

And when you go spinnerbait fishing in a shallow area with the depth from 5 to 10 feet, you can use spinnerbait with ½ ounce head. This type of spinnerbait can help you to land the bait on the surface and cover a large area. Finally, when the area is about 5 feet or less, you can try a 3/8 ounce spinnerbait in order to cover water efficiently.

General note

In the cold weather, fish will be less active  so don’t feed much. Therefore, a bigger size of bait will likely be refused by most of the fish. That is the reason why in the winter, you should opt for baits with smaller size that the bait you often use in spring and summer fishing.

There Is A Wide Selection Of Blade For You To Choose From

There are 2 things that you need to consider when you choose the blade for your spinnerbait, which are color and type.

In case of color, of course there are so many shades for you to choose from but in my opinion, you only need to have 2 colors- golden and silver. Spinnerbait with silver blades are useful in deep area as this color can be seen in the areas with lack of light. On the other hand, when you fish in shallow areas, you should use golden blade as this color is easily seen there.

Blade for your spinnerbait

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Moving on, we will consider different types of blades which are determined by the depth of the water where you are going fishing in. There are 3 types of blades for your selection which are No. 5, No. 4 and No. 3.

If the water is very deep, from around 15 to 30 feet

When you throw the spinnerbait into deep water, you need to make sure that the blade will not turn too quickly as it will look unnatural. The best option you can have is the No. 5 blade. This type of blade is heavy, big and bulky which don’t flop back and forth so much will be able to trick the fish.

If the water has moderate depth, from around 8 to 15 feet

With this level of water, you will not need to have a heavy weighted blade but it still needs to go deep into the water well without spinning too much. The best option for a blade is the No. 4 type.

If the water is shallow, of less than 8 feet

For shallow fishing, the best option of blade that I have tried is the No. 3 willow leaf blade, which I think you should give a try as well. This type of blade is good at displacing more water and attracts fish when they go out feeding in these shallow areas.

You Should Be Able To Find Areas With High Concentration

The next important thing that you need to master in order to be successful in spinnerbait fishing is finding a good place where fish go out for feeding.

Different fish will have different ideal places where they hide or go feeding so research carefully before you go about the characteristics of the fish as well as searching the local area’s website about what fish and where in particular you can find them in that area.

In addition, you should also apply different techniques for areas with different conditions – cold front or warm front.

In case there is a cold front

Going fishing after a cold front occurs is actually not a good idea in the winter. Fish will be less active and don’t want to eat much when the temperature drops down. They will usually hide behind covers in deep area. If you cannot choose the date when you go fishing in the winter, there are some certain things that you can do to make sure you are successful in coldwater spinnerbait fishing.

First, choose a place which is deep or have various cover such as brushes and tree logs. Second, when you throw the bait out, make sure they can reach the bottom where the fish are hiding and try to lure them with some actions on the bait. And finally, choose the time around noon and late afternoon when it is the warmest and fish need to go out for feeding.

For a warm front

It is worth noting that when the water gets warmer, fish will usually come closer to the surface for feeding. In this case, you can combine your spinnerbait fishing techniques with shallow fishing techniques. Be prepared as fish will be more active and aggressive after long cold days. The best places you can go fishing for bass fish in when it is warmer in the winter include clay banks and chunk rock. In addition, you can sit on shallow water near deep covers as the fish will come out from these places for feeding.

You Should Change Your Retrieve Accordingly To The Condition Of The Water

As I mention multiple times throughout this article, fish are less active in the coldwater. And when I mention about fish, I not only just mean the fish that you are targeting but also the fish which are the natural baits of bigger fish such as shad fish. In the winter, shad fish – the natural prey of bass fish move very slowly.

When you use spinnerbait- an artificial lure, you are trying to trick the bass fish into thinking that these lures are real shad. And of course, the movement of the spinnerbait needs to resemble the speed of the real shad in the winter. So the first thing that you need to do is moving your lure as slowly as possible.

You Should Change Your Retrieve Accordingly To The Condition Of The Water

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In case the temperature drops down further, you will need to move your lure even more slowly. When there are warm front and it gets hotter, you can adjust your retrieve speed and move the lure a bit more quickly.

When you move your bait around, it is very important to keep the bait off the bottom and continue to knocking the bait around various covers where you think the fish are hiding until a fish catches your bait.

Being able to recognize when a fish catches your spinnerbait in deep water area will be also helpful as it can help you to determine when to stop retrieving. This ability might be hard at first as the fish will bite on the bait very subtly. Nevertheless, later on, with some practice it will become somehow a natural ability.


Spinnerbait fishing is one effective method of coldwater fishing that you definitely should try once. I hope that through this article, you would be able to pick up the right spinnerbait with right sizes and blades, choose a suitable area and have the right techniques. All of these things will help you improve your performance and increase your luck of catching trophy fish.

So hesitate no more, go to a local fishing shop for some types of spinnerbait, pick a date and a location and prepare your gear for the next trip, I assure you that you will not regret this decision.