5 Easy Tips for Small Game Hunting

Fall is the time when all hunters come to the fields, brushes or woods to bag an animal. Small game hunting is an outdoor activity enjoyed by many hunters of all ages. Games to hunt are diverse, from crawling on the ground like rabbits, squirrels, mice, raccoons, flying birds to swimming fish. This article provides some tips to help you bag several of small games easily with a gun.

Safety first

Gun safety

The first and most basic thing that every hunter must know is always to be safe when using a gun. However, not every hunter is aware of this issue. That is why in the US there are many states requiring certification of hunting courses. These courses will teach you not only how to use guns safely, but also knowledge and real experience in hunting.

Gun safety

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Knife safety

Besides the gun, knife safety is also one of the top priorities. A hunting knife is often used to skin or gut the animal. In fact, even a deep cut from a knife can cause you the risk of infection or worse situation.

If you hunt with children, teach them how to use the knife, so they do not cut themselves. They also need to know how to open and close the knife properly.

Knife safety

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Always put the hunting knife into a knife holder and never run while holding it.

Wear protective clothing

It is true that most of the good bushes for you to hide are thorny. The spikes, sharp branches, and thorn can hurt your face, hand, or thighs. Wearing protective clothing will secure your body from being prickled and slashed.

Wear protective clothing

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Boot with a thorn proof material on the front is essential in every hunting terrain. You should also wear thorn-proof gloves and some hunting hats with a cap that can pull down through your ears.

Practice well

Practice using gun

When hunting, you cannot always sit still in the hiding place and shoot because your targets can move very fast. If you are a new hunter, you should take a course on how to use a gun to hunt. Then practice shooting in safe areas supervised by the instructor.

Practice using gun

Image sourcE: HunterEdCourse.com

Practice using knife

For young people hunting for the first time, learning to use a knife is important. After learning how to use safety rules and handling techniques, you should practice using hunting knife several times. First, start with simple things like cutting vines, skinning, to complex technical requirements such as gutting a deer.

Practice using knife

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Learn about the area

For a beginner, being in the wood alone with wildlife can be very scary. Before the hunt, you need to know how to identify the animals, plants, insects, and terrain of the area. Once you become familiar with the terrain and do not worry about getting lost, all the stress will be gone.

Stalk the small game

It is time to go hunting for real!

Stay away from main roads

Unlike most hunters going to main old trails for stalking animals, a smart person will stay away from these places. The reason is after many hunting seasons; animals have become accustomed to the trails where human waited to kill them. Therefore, they will not be foolish to hang around that area again.

Move slowly

The secrets to finding your target are patience, silence, and slow movement. Birds, rabbits, or squirrels are sensitive to the sound of footsteps. When you walk through them, they will immediately run to the holes or hiding places.

Move slowly

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A helpful trick is taking a few steps to them, stop and stomp on the ground a couple of times. The small games that are hiding will think you have found them and will immediately shoot out. And that is a perfect time to make an accurate shot on your target.

Watch your ground

Instead of moving straight ahead, you should slow down and observe even smallest movements around the area and the horizon. This way, the small animals will not notice your appearance from far away thus lost their alert.

A large rock or a thick brush is an ideal place to hide and scan all the animals in sight.

Shoot fast and accurate

Squirrels, rabbits, and birds move quite fast, especially when they feel unsafe. Therefore, you need to locate the target and make a one shot one kill.

Shoot fast and accurate

Image source: Outdoor Life

Use firearm

A firearm is the best gun for small game hunting.

.22 long rifle Rimfire

The first good gun was the .22 long rifle Rimfire. This is a fairly well-known cartridge, often referred to as .22LR.

Low price, low recoil, and quite low noise make the .22LR ideal for hunting small animals. You can use it for hunting squirrels and rabbits at distances less than 70 meters for best efficient.

.22 long rifle Rimfire

Image sourcE: Varminter Magazine

12-gauge shotgun

Another type of firearm you should use when hunting is the 12-gauge shotgun. This kind of firearm is very flexible and can even knock down big game.

12-gauge shotgun

Image source: Shell Gunning

Some information about popular small games


First, the most popular and favorite game of all hunters (especially newbie) is the rabbit. Rabbit hunting takes place mainly in the winter, so make sure you prepare warm clothes with hunter orange color.

Wild rabbits live mainly in bushy areas such as grasslands, ditches, farmland, and woods. The night time is their feeding time.


Image source: topbow.net

Rabbits run so fast that you almost have only one chance to shoot it. However, with the help of a rabbit dog like a beagle, you may have more opportunities to make a shot.


In general, squirrels come in large quantities with the appearance of most states in the United States. The hunting season is from late August to early October.

Squirrel main foods are nuts and seeds, so they tend to live in the trees of favorite food. Therefore, knowing how to identify the trees to find the squirrel’s hiding place from a distance is very important.

Squirrels have very sensitive visual and auditory. The secrets to successful squirrel hunting are camouflage clothing and slow movement. You can easily see them whenever they jump from tree to tree or simply a nut cutting sound.

Once you have located the target, you should know how to reach under the tree without sounding for a near and nice shot.


Image source: The Best And Most Complete Hunting Tips

Also, you can carry a squirrel hunting dog – a kind of dog with good hunting instinct, especially squirrels.


If you are familiar with hunting small animals on the ground, then you should try wing shooting once. Many hunters love hunting dove more than other birds.

Autumn, especially August, is the dove hunting season that takes place all over the country. Doves are small birds with fast and unpredictable movements. Thus, bagging a dove is quite difficult with young hunters.


Image source: River Plate Wingshooting

However, you do not need to be an experienced hunter to be able to shoot a dove. When aiming, look for a flat place to stand and shoot while sitting. Also, always focus on a specific dove even if it flies with the flock. The reason is that sometimes you will get nothing when randomly shooting at a flock of birds.


In short, learning the techniques and tips to hunt properly and safely is the top priority of every hunter. You can be in a situation when you are not hunting for recreation but surviving in the middle of nature. In that case, knowing how to hunt small animals is even more essential as it can sustain your life.