Hi fans,

I have created Brave Hunters.com for your information with facts for learning about guns, accessories, survival, and more.  My interest was piqued when my Dad took me with him into the woods when I was about 14 years old.  It was a simulating and intriguing adventure that started me on my quest to learn more about the art and sport of hunting.  From stalking the deer and elk, tracking, and chasing rabbits, I learned many things that I will share with you on many sites here.

Yes, I started using a youngster’s bow practicing at a paper target on a bale of hay in the back yard.  As I advanced and grew older, I found I was not only chasing animals, I was chasing my dream.

You too can become an avid archer or hunter using long guns, a type of gun designed to be fired steadied against your shoulder.  In the United States, rifles are a minimum of 16-inches in length on the barrel while shot gun barrels are 18-inches long.  More about this will be discussed on this website.

DeerBe swift killing your animal to respect its spirit and life.  Thank it for giving up its life for your food.  Respect all life and use care when in the woods or forest where other hunters are doing the same thing you are.

Gain knowledge and important specifics for your weapons of choice at our websites.  Never let an animal suffer, and if it’s wounded, but not down—hunt it down and put it out of its misery.

Best of luck!

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