Accurate Shooting Tips: Bow and Gun

Shooting is a wonderful game to reduce stress and enhance many useful skills for us. However, it is not easy as just looking so there are still many ones who have practiced shooting for a long time but they could not improve much, even if they already have the best gun or expensive bow. Here are some tips for accurate shooting by both gun and bow.

4 Accurate Shooting Tips

1) Stance

This element is very important in shooting both in bow and gun. Like building a house, a stable platform can make a house stay strong in any weather, no matter the storm or heavy rain. In shooting, develop the stance helps you have a solid platform. Too far or too close distance from 2 feet will make it hard to balance forward or backward. Try to keep your feet distance equal with the width of your shoulder to create the pyramidal base and a triangle with depth.

How to shoot a Recurve Bow: Correct Shooting Stance

Particularly in shooting with gun, rapid and slow fires require different shoulder position. For example, in rapid fire, your shoulders need to be forward to get the body weight in behind the gun and control recoil. On the contrary, slow fire asks cantilever the shoulders to the rear to make the gun fixed. One more phrase that gun shooter must keep in mind if you want to have the accurate shot is: “Nose over toes.”

Shooting Stance

2) Grip

Gripping is the second element that shooter should remember. Whether you are a bow shooter or gun shooter, the very first thing you have to achieve is keeping your hand feeling good while holding the bow or gun. With bow, you should choose the thin grip to less torque put on the weapon. This means that the shot will be more correct.

Bow Grip

With gun, the harder you hold it, the less it jumps on and the result is more accuracy will be while shooting. It is also advised to use the crush grip. You need to hold it as hard as you can to keep the sight straight in line. The result is when the bullet is released, it will strike the center of the target.

3) Aiming

Nobody can deny how much essential of this step in shooting. Maybe you cannot control the future wind direction or the movement of the animals around the area. In shooting, there is just one thing you can control is aiming the weapon. The quickness and confidence you aim in your execution will help you release the best shot than the nervous and scared feeling while doing.

  • With bow, you need to hold the pin dead steadily and move out the worry feeling. Just focus on the target and shoot!
  • With gun, you need to adjust the front sight to be centered of the notch of rear sight, in addition to the equal light on either side of the execution.

Air Rifle Accurate Shooting Tips: aiming

The next step is to watch the front sight as hard as you can until you are able to see every small scratch in the surface of the machine. Just like playing soccer, you need to aim carefully before kicking.

4) Release

Many people will ignore this step as they think that there is no change available when the bullet or the arrow has been released already. But this one of the most important part and you need to do it well no matter how far of the target you intend to shoot. One factor you need to keep in mind is disconnecting the aiming process and the releasing. The trigger is the key on this step.

With bow, while releasing, you need to pay attention to the finger wrapped the trigger and push the bow toward the target.

With gun, you need to roll the trigger gently. To get the best, nothing than practicing as much as you can to get the trigger pull down. If you have experience, when hearing the sound “click” released from the gun while shooting, you will know the result whether or not the bullet will be shot in the target.


Shooting is a sport game that is not very difficult to play but just a hard practicing to get enough experience and some more skills to get accurate shooting.