The Secret Tips to choose All Weather Tents

The truth is, preparing for a family camping trip is never as easy as we thought. I remember the very first time I got confused about which tent to pick because there are so many products out there. From that point, with my current experience, today I would like to show you the ultimate guide to choosing the best All-Weather Tent. So, whether you travel in summer or winter, it will not be a problem.

How to Choose 4 Season/All Weather Tent

As the proposed topic is to help you find out the best all-weather tents, tent manufacturers make tents to specific conditions. There are three main kinds of tents in the market such as two season tents, three season tents, and four season tents.

The four season tents get our high recommendation to you because of some reasons:

  • Keep you warm and dry all year-round
  • A little bit more expensive than the other two types of tents but also providing you good and more durable materials
  • Dome or geodesic in shape, eliminating flat spots

To choose the best all-weather tents, you should consider these following major things:

Consider Tent Capacity

While choosing your tents, the first important thing is that how many people there are in your group. You want to buy a tent to support them all, or you want to buy two or three tents. You bring your kids or your pets with you.

Tent Capacity

Estimating your group member and you can quickly decide whether you should take a big or small tent. In general, travelers often take a little size up the tent because of a comfortable feeling and easy breathing.

Don’t Forget Tent Shape

If you wonder that “which tent should I buy?”, you should consider the shape of the tent.

Tent shape will affect their weight and cost. According to the selling and buying research, dome-shaped tents are the most common purchased because of easy to set up, lightweight and well stable in bad weather.

If you prefer to stand up in your tents for changing clothes or having a little dance, the cabin-shaped tent is your perfect choice. Because it has vertical walls and it is suitable for a big family.

Some More Key Tent Features

  • 2 doors tentTent flooring: durable, waterproof and easy to clean
  • Ventilation: good ventilation is important in a humid climate such as South East Asia. Best tents should allow air to pass and to prevent moisture
  • Tent door: if you go so many people, you need at least two-door-tent. Multiple doors help you avoid climbing on each other especially at night.
  • Tent poles: a tent is expensive or cheap depending on its poles. Choosing a cheaper tent means that you get a low-quality pole which can cause frustrating breakages when the wind picks up.
  • Cost: by researching, reading and comparing tent features, you can decide how much you want to spend on your tent. You can also get an idea for your budget. Remember in your mind; a tent will be considered as your home on traveling and outdoor days.


Choosing best all-weather tent is all about the type of tents, tent feature, group size and your budget. We hope this article can give you some ideas of what kind of tent suit for you. Finally, we wish you could have enjoyable and unforgettable camping trips.