Archery Glove and Armguard: Does they important?

Archery Glove and Armguard Does they important

Do you know that every year, there are about 3000 accidents occur in the sport, not except in archery of course. Therefore, no matter the purpose of using bow is for hunting or for practicing, you really need the protection gear to ensure the safety as well as the comfort when experiencing the archery. Among many kinds of protective gears, we cannot ignore the important of the archery glove and armguard. The previous post about “WHAT ACCESSORIES ARE NEEDED FOR A BOW?” have mentioned cursorily about these equipment. In this one, we will have much talk about how they keep your body from injuries or how many kinds of them.

There are a lot of choices for you to purchase an archery glove or an armguard. You can choose to buy new, second hand, vintage, or even do it yourself. The importance is whether its material is good or not as well as if it is sturdy and hard. When looking for or making an archery glove or armguard, you also need to consider to its construction and size to choose the best one.

Arm Guard

When shooting with a bow, there is a nuisance that the arm of archer rub repeatedly against the bow string. As you all know that bow stringer is made from thousands of fibers and if your arm rubs to it for a while, it will cause the painful blisters or bruising. The same problem when you hold the bow with. Therefore, that is the reason why the arm guard was born.

With archers, especially for those who are new to shooting with bow and they have to shoot hundreds of arrows every day for practicing, this tool is very useful because it helps to protect your arm from these skin rash cases by covering the area of your arm to avoid it from contacting with the string.

Archery Arm Guard and Archery Glove

To choose the best arm guard or bracer, you need to know exactly which area of the arm are usually contact with the string and the arrows as well as the size of your arm. On the market or in the store specialized in bow accessories, there are various kinds of arm guard for you to choose. For the most safety, you can choose the one that covers up the forearm. Another kind, an arm guard just covering the essential parts of your arm to create the comfort is not a bad choice.

Also, there are a lot of designs for you to choose depending on your preference. Another element you should keep in mind when choosing or making an arm guard is the material. Even though this case is rare to appear, you must know clearly that whether you have the allergy with leather or not. Usually, arm guard is made from leather, but if you have the symptoms of leather allergy, you should choose other material such as synthetic leather, fabric, plastic, or nylon.

If you would like a simple arm guard, a one piece sleeve to slip on is the best choice. If you want it to look more fashionable, why don’t you try the vented designs with some straps, buckles, or buttons to hold it stably in your arm as well as make it look more beautiful.

Archery Glove

While the arm guard has no purpose of using but protecting arm of the archer, the archery gloves is used for saving the hands from injuries while shooting. A pair of gloves includes a bow hand glove and a bowstring hand glove because your two hands are used in different functions and need to have the particular glove for each. Usually, the materials of gloves are leather, neoprene, Lycra, Teflon, and waterproof. With many layers in a glove, they help to keep warm and comfortable for archer when shooting in the winter and reduce sweating as well as allow ventilations when go for hunting party in the summer.

Bow Hand Gloves

Bow Hand Glove

Among many accidents that are involved in archery, there are many cases occurring to the hand while releasing the arrows from a bow and they may attach and make the hand holding the bow bleed. This kind of glove is used for the hand that is opposite with the dominant hand. For example, if you are a left handed shooter, the bow hand glove is used for the right hand. On the contrary, your left hand is the one that wears the bow hand glove.

The best bow hand glove is the one that fit your hand the most. Basically, there are 5 sizes which are:

  • Small: 8 inches
  • Medium: 8.5 inches
  • Large: 9 inches
  • Extra large: 9.5 inches
  • XX – Large: 10 inches

To know which size is suitable for your hand, you can use a tape and wrap it around the hand that will hold the bow and measure from the below knuckles to the palm line. For more reliable, you can ask the buyer or read the review before purchase online.

Bowstring Hand Gloves

A contrast to the bow hand glove is the bowstring hand glove which is used for the hand holding the bow stringer. The most popular type is three fingered glove which is worn on three fingers in the middle of a hand using to pull the string which are the index, the middle and the ring fingers. Its material is supple leather or lightweight thin material. Simpler, you can choose a tab while pulling the stringer. Alongside the leather coat of a tab or a bowstring hand glove has other layers, such as the Teflon to make it smooth when wearing.

Bowstring Hand Glove

While a leather tab or bowstring hand glove is used for the Mediterranean style pulling method, a plastic tab is suitable for the Mongolian style draw method. It helps to reduce rubbing repeatedly between the thumb and index finger.