Archery Safety Rules: Things You Should Keep in Mind

Before moving on to the main part of this article, remember that no matter what kind of bow you use, there are some basic principles. Actually, they are archery safety rules which are extremely important. With these principles, you can make sure you and the others can have fun at the archery range. This article is divided into 3 main parts: before shooting while shooting, and when retrieving arrows. Just make sure you read all of these rules for your safety and others’.

Archery safety rules to remember

Before shooting

Generally, it is very important for you to check your bow strings for any sign of fraying. Remember to always look for warped wood or cracks in the riser or limbs of your bow. With arrows, feel the fletches to make sure that they are fully attached. Also, if there are screw-in points, then test these points, so that you can know whether they are screwed in tightly enough. Besides, don’t forget to replace any plastic nock which has cracks.

  • Keep your jewelry as well as clothing out of the way of the string.
  • Check your equipment for any damage
  • Make sure the shooting range is totally clear
  • Remember to wax your string regularly, or you can wax it once every 100 arrows you’ve shot

While shooting

Shooting safety principles

Wait until they all are done scoring. After that, you can touch the target and then pull your arrows.

One of the most important archery safety rules is that you have to point your arrows toward the target while they are nocked on the string.

One of the most important archery safety rules is that you have to point your arrows toward the target while they are nocked on the string

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Do not ever point your weapon at anyone else, even when there is no arrow drawn on it. This is because it is essential for you to create professional habits when shooting.

Do not fire your arrows high into the sky as you can never predict exactly where it is going to hit. However, if you are a participator in a flight archery competition, then this will be acceptable.

Always aim your arrows at the ground when it is nocked on the string.

Even when you don’t tend to shoot yet, never draw your arrow in case there are people walking in the shooting range.

If you have a recurve bow, do not over-draw (pulling the bowstring further than the length of the arrow). The reason is that it can totally cause serious injury to you as well as damage to your weapon.

Make a habit of making sure that the bow limbs don’t have any damage before shooting

Check the bowstring carefully and once there is any sign of wear, for instance, separation of the serving of the string, replace it right away. Remember not to wait for the string to become non-operational completely.

Make sure the battery of your cell phone is fully charged so that you can call for any help in case you have an accident.

Make sure the battery of your cell phone is fully charged

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Do not ever pull and release the string without an arrow on it. Or else, this will be extremely dangerous for everyone.

Range safety principles

  • Always follow your instructor carefully. In case you can’t hear anything, just ask him to speak a bit louder. Actually, you may think that it is not one of the archery safety rules, but trust me, it is.
  • Ensure there is at least a first-aid kit in the shooting range. If not, you should not visit them until they have it.
  • Never draw or nock an arrow if you are not standing at the shooting line or the instructor doesn’t give everyone the command to do so yet.
  • Just stand behind your shooting line until everyone is commanded to stop shooting.
  • If something is dropped in front of the shooting line, never pick it up until everyone stops shooting, even when it is within your reach.
  • Using field points at a regular usual bow range is essential. In details, just avoid using broad-heads. This is because handling them is much more dangerous and they are also likely to damage the target.
  • Whenever you hear the command “hold”, just stop everything and don’t shoot even if your bow is already drawn and the arrow is already nocked.

When retrieving arrows

If an arrow travels too far, beyond the target, just let your instructor know. You will go to retrieve all of your arrows right after you are commanded to stop shooting.

Remember to ensure nobody stands behind you while you are trying to pull out an arrow from the target. Or else, you can hurt them unintentionally while pulling it out forcefully.

Approach the target as slowly as possible

Don’t forget to ask for permission before you want to pull someone else’s arrows.

Brace yourself with a hand on the target which is near where the arrow hits.

Pull the arrow straight out in order to avoid bending it accidentally

Pull the arrow straight out in order to avoid bending it accidentally

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Remember to check over your shoulder to see whether the coast is clear or not.

If you think you’ve missed, avoid kicking or stepping on your arrows while walking down to the target.

Make sure the others know where you are, so that they will not shoot until you get back safely to your shooting position

In case your arrow is lodged in the wood of the target stand, you will be more likely to damage or bend it during removal. Hence, be sure to ask for any help.

Final thoughts

Hope you guys found this article helpful. Also, if you can, just share these archery safety rules with others and those archers will never have any accident while shooting.