Arrow for Compound Bow: a Step-by-step Instruction on How to Choose One

Are you new to the art of hunting as well as archery and plan to buy or have just bought a compound bow? If so, then you will need to get high-quality arrows to use with your archery/hunting equipment. Remember that if you decide to choose arrows for a compound bow yourself, it can make your head spin. This is because there are some things you have to take into consideration. More importantly, all of the considerations must be defined by your needs, not others’. That’s why you have to figure out on your own. Don’t fret! Today, I will give you a short and simple instruction on to how to Arrow for Compound Bow.

How to choose Arrow for Compound Bow

Step 1: Determine the draw length

If you don’t have a compound bow, it is necessary to do the draw length calculation. Honestly, this method rarely gives you inaccurate results. Or you can visit any archery pro-shop in your local and have the staff there measure the draw length for you. However, the point is this is not always easy and possible.

Determine the draw length

Image source: Zen Bowhunter Blog

Step 2: Determine the length of Arrow for Compound Bow

If you have an old-fashioned compound bow, then choosing the proper length of arrows will be a very difficult and complicated task. However, thanks to improvements in design as well as advances in technology, it is much easier for you to choose the right arrow length. You just need to take the draw length you just measured above and add 0.5” up to a maximum of 1”. Therefore, in case the draw length is 25”, you’d better get arrows with a maximum length of 26”.

The main purpose of this method is to choose an Arrow for Compound Bow which is just long enough to remove the front-most part of the arrow. Remember that the length of an arrow can be measured from the bottom of the nock groove, to the end of its shaft. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the measurement doesn’t include the length of broadheads as well as field points.

Determine arrow length

Image source: Archery Report

Step 3: Determine arrow weight

When choosing the best arrow for a compound bow, the weight of an arrow will vary among individuals. How heavy an arrow is will depend on your objectives.

If you need to target practice, it’s best to purchase arrows which weigh in total about 5 to 6 grains per pound of draw weight. The term “in total” here means the weight includes the vanes, shaft, insert, field point and nock of the arrow. Hence, if your compound bow has 60 pounds of draw, you will need to buy arrows of between 300 and 350 grains in total.

However, what if you are going to go for a hunt? In this case, you will need to purchase arrows weighing in total about 6 or 8 grains per pound of draw weight. That’s the reason why you should choose an arrow weight of between 250 and 380 grains if you have a 60 lb compound bow.

Determine arrow weight

Image source: Bowdyno

In fact, you should understand that the values above aren’t set in stone.  But the only thing that you must not do is using arrows which weigh less than 5 grains per pound of draw weight. This is because this will probably damage your compound bow void the manufacturer’s warranties.

In reality, just make sure the arrows weigh between 6 and 8 grains per pound of draw weight. With this weight range, they are okay for both target practice and hunting. Thus, in case you find it difficult to find arrows which meet the exact criteria mentioned above, then just go for ones in 6-to-8 range.

Last but not least, don’t forget that this has to be the total weight of your Arrow for Compound Bow, which means it includes every single part, field tips, and broadheads.

Step 4: Choosing arrow material

Overall, common arrows used for different purposes. For examples, hunting and target practice, include arrows which are made of aluminum, carbon, and wood. Copper arrows are available, but they are quite expensive and not practical.

Carbon arrows don’t have many bends to them, and once they hit something, they are not likely to bend. That means a carbon arrow can snap as well as create dangerous shards. It can easily injure the user if he is not careful.

Aluminum arrows are quite heavier and less stiff than carbon arrows. Also, they are a bit heavier than other options. However, they can be a good choice for a compound bow. Furthermore, they are very durable and can also be cut to size if needed.

Wooden arrows have been commonly used for many years. Nowadays, they are for use with longbows as well as lower power recurve bows. This kind of arrows is not a good choice if you are using a bow with a high-power recurve or a compound bow. This is because they are more likely to break than other types. Besides, unlike carbon and aluminum arrows associated with plastic vanes for a fight, wooden ones use features for flight.

 Final thoughts

As always, I hope you guys have learned how to choose arrow for a compound bow. This guide here is not an ultimate guide for you. Without a guide, it can take you months studying up on the theory, and you may still end up buying arrows which aren’t the best. The main purpose of this article is to help new archers start on the correct road towards enjoying and learning the art of hunting/ archery. Once again, hopefully, you’ve found my guide helpful for your arrow selection.