How to Prepare for Autumn Kayaking

Overall, autumn is an ideal time to begin the journey into nature by kayak. The reason is that the weather is still warm while the air is cool and comfortable. Floating gently on the river and enjoying the spectacular scenery of autumn will bring peace in mind and a memorable experience, especially for kayaking enthusiast. If you’re thinking about an autumn kayaking, here are some tips of preparations to keep you safe during the trip:

Destination Research

Despite taking a little effort, this is still the most important preparation for your trip. Before selecting the location, there are several factors to consider as follows: How long is the route? Will you go by airplane or car? How much is your budget trip? Will you take a kayak tour? What is the weather like? What is the water condition? Most importantly, where do you want to go?

The ideal place to experience autumn kayaking can be a small river area surrounded by lush vegetation. If you still cannot decide, here are the most popular places in the United States, where so many kayakers come and have a great time:

New River, Ohio

New River is the world’s second oldest river with age ranges from 10 to 360 million years. Its watershed starts from Blowing Rock, New York and flows to the north. This is one of the most popular destinations for kayak lovers.

New River, Ohio

Image source: YouTube

The river is characterized by fast streams and big rock with surrounding dense forest, which is an ideal habitat for bass and catfish. The river also has some slow flow where you can enjoy the amazing beauty of autumn kayaking and catch some fish as trophies.

Devils River, Texas

There is no doubt that this Texas’s river is one of the best fishing locations by kayak. A trip to Devils River is only suitable for experienced and fully prepared paddlers.

Devils River, Texas

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Although the sailing may be struggling a bit, you will not be disappointed when admiring one of the most unspoiled nature beauty of Texas. Also, this river is where water flows over limestone through a deep gorge, making a home for thousands of plants and wild animals.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

You will certainly be amazed when kayaking to this location during autumn. In details, the Columbia River is about 80 miles, running from Sandy River to Deschutes River. This is an ideal destination for both professional kayakers and beginner (experienced kayakers can try whitewater kayaking for more adventure).

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Image source: Hobie

Besides, spectacular views of autumn scenery with big leaf maple, fishable pine river, stream, and small ponds are a perfect arrangement of nature.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

In reality, Cumberland Island is the largest barrier island not only in Georgia but the entire world. The island is considered as the most attractive destination in eastern-south to travel by kayak. Specifically, it is famous for its beautiful pristine beaches with vast marshes full of wildlife.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Image source: Up The Creek Xpeditions

Additionally, you’ll want to spend more than one night staying here just to watch the beautiful sunsets on the island. As kayakers paddle through the islands or to remote areas for more adventure, they will discover beautiful underwater creatures like dolphins, turtles, lobster, coral and more. However, the water here is pretty fast and turbulent, so kayakers should carry all necessary accessories along.

Colorado River

Colorado River is one of the great rivers of North America and famous for magnificent rapids. If you just come by quickly, you’ll miss out on the amazing scenery around 297 miles of the river. In fact, Whitewater kayaking is the main purpose for tourists to go to Colorado River, as it is the most favorite place to go kayaking in America. Especially, you will find many spots to fish and relax when visiting Arizona and Utah.

Colorado River

Image source: Jackson Kayak

Prepare your necessary luggage and accessories

Before starting a kayaking trip, never leave home without essential items such as shower gel, shampoo, eye drops, towels, and a flashlight (for visibility).  Despite the autumn kayaking, you should bring sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher to protect the skin. Furthermore, your clothes must also be matched with the destination.

In particular, just bring a hat and sunglasses to avoid the sun. Remember to choose quick drying clothes made from thin material and many layers to keep the body well ventilated.
Moreover, never ignore the first aid kits to prevent the unintended situation, including medicines that you regularly use. If you have a history of heart disease, avoid taking cave tour or climbing tour.

Prepare your necessary luggage and accessories

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In case you want to bring your kayak along, make sure it fits your car if any. However, if you don’t have a car, then rent one when you get there, especially when you travel by plane. Besides, if you are passionate about photography, the camera is an indispensable item to capture beautiful moments during the journey.

Wary about weather condition

You should know that the weather at your destination may change rapidly. Although it can be perfect for sailing, who knows if there will be wind, rain, storms, or even snow at the end of the day?

Wary about weather condition

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Remember to listen to radio, internet or newspaper about the weather condition. To be honest, they can help you fully prepare to deal with unexpected situations on the water and head back to shore safely.

Autumn Kayaking Safety

Keeping yourself safe is also one of the most important things not only when you travel by kayak, but also in all other trips.

If you tend to bring your kayaks along the trip, don’t forget to check it carefully to ensure there is no problem with it. Do the same with your life jacket. Never go kayaking without wearing a life jacket, even if you are a good swimmer. Prepare a comfortable, durable, and safe one to avoid drowning accidents.


Image source: Best Fishing Kayak Reviews

As mentioned above, you should do some research on the destination to avoid the unexpected incident. Furthermore, it will be great to have a friend go along, who can help when needed. In the case of going astray, find your tour guide or friends for help. If you are a beginner and not familiar with kayaking trip, remember never to paddle alone and always stick with your group.

Another important thing of autumn kayaking is to ensure that your body is in the best condition. Therefore, you can have enough energy and alertness to handle dangerous situations. Never go kayaking if you are feeling unwell. Have yourself a full meal and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Additionally, keep your body warm in the cold weather of autumn is essential. Besides, there are many ways you can stay warm, such as wearing dry clothes in many layers or rain jacket.