Bear Archery Montana

Our Rating: 5 / 5
Thanks to the reputation of Bear Archery, Bear Archery Montana Longbow is considered as one of the best recommendations in the bow industry. It not only has the important role in the remarkable history, but it also has changed day by day to meet the needs and demands of modern citizens. You could use this type of bow for all purposes such as hunting, exercising or competition.

More than that, you also can use the Montana with both left hand and right hand efficiently. For the high quality, it deserves to rank 5 out of 5 stars. However, to be honest, this bow has still left some limitations of lacking string equipment. But… don’t be worried too much. You can find that it’s worth money purchasing this out-standing bow.

Let me explain why this bow is one of the best options nowadays:


You can easily get benefit from the compact design of Bear Archery® Montana Longbow Right Hand. Owning to this feature, it improves the portability of the tool for easy moving as well as carrying. The storage of this bow is not too hard now with the ease of assembling and disassembling different components. Just in a few minutes, you could take everything apart for the effectiveness in maneuver.

Its draw weights significantly change from 30 to 60 pounds. It means you will have great number options of draw weight for both right and left hand. In case you aim at hunting, your ideal weight is at least 40 pounds for usage.


Accuracy is an important factor that most of users concern before purchasing a bow shape. After many shots, I realize that Bear Archery is very reliable for high level of accuracy. It comes with the clear sight, less vibrations and hand sock. This great feature is created from 64 inches of AMO, quite longer in comparison with the others. One fact is that the longer the AMO standard is, the more accurate the tool could do. Check out this feature when you intend to buy an efficient bow.

Another great benefit of Bear Archery Montana is the surprising durability. All parts of the tool are made from high-quality materials. It leads to the result of using this tool for a long time without any complaint in quality. Great to hear this! When using this smart machine, you could enjoy the black fiberglass limbs, powerful limb tips and FastFlight strings. For beginners who have still found that shooting is such a difficult task, these features create the great balance as well as the safety for them.

The brace height of the bow flexibly ranges from 7½ inches to 8½ inches. It is the basic requirement for all types of users’ height. Some people may wonder if they are at 5 feet inches of height, could they use the bow easily and effectively? However, don’t worry about this matter; the adjustable brace height is available to help you overcome this difficulty.

Things to consider about Bear Archery Montana Longbow

There are some regulations you had better bear into your mind. It is not for users under 18 years old. Bear Archery offers 2 options of purchasing the product including directly buying at the store and through online method. With the second way, you could access to purchase the best bow shapes.


In general, Bear Archery Montana Longbow gains thousands of customer approvals. It is one of the top high-end in the long bow category. The tool is durable, convenient and powerful as well. We ensure that this type of bow will make you feel happy with your decision. Order now to see what a Bear Archery product could do for you.

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