Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100

Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

Famous for one of the leading corporations in weapon industry, Crossman continues to make you surprised by launching Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22) powered by Nitro Piston®. The model features all users need for high accuracy, power and safety. It is designed to be suitable for different types of customers in small hunting such as birds, rabbits, etc…and pest controlling. For its excellent performance, the model deserves to rank 4 out of 5 stars. Keep on reading and decide whether this modern air rifle could please you or not.


A typical feature of Trail NP .22 is that it equips slightly heavy weight of air rifles. The heavy design requires much effort for some people, especially the Youngers or seniors. However, a great benefit of the weight feature is that it contributes to better accuracy of shooting. With Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100, this characteristic is expressed through 49 inches in overall length and 8.5 pounds of weight. For short time of using, this type of air rifle is a great option.

Crossman attempts to deliver a full package of supportive accessories inside of the box. In addition to the whole Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle, it also features the extra equipment of sling mounts. All parts of the machine are covered by high-quality materials to enhance its remarkable effectiveness over time. For instance, the stock comes with synthetic hardwood to withstand all weather conditions. How wonderful it is! There is no additional tool required for setting up the rifle establishment. Then, it takes you extremely short time to complete all necessary steps.


Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22) powered by Nitro Piston®

Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22) powered by Nitro Piston® ranks high position in customer heart and belief thanks to a great number of fabulous features. Find out what people are saying about this modern air rifle.

Power and accuracy are two most important factors when purchasing an air rifle. With this smart tool, you could be rest assured to enjoy its powerful strength from 1100 feet per second. It allows the accuracy of shooting within a distance of 60 yards. Normally, powerful shots often make big sound. However, coming with Nitro Piston technology, the model is an out-standing recommendation for improving the maximum reduction of noise disruption up to 70%. This is a great characteristic which makes controlling pests and hunting in a near distance become much easier.

Moreover, the tool equips a variety of safety functions to match the needs and demands of users. The 3-9×40 mm AO optic is a positive feature which provides the great stability for hunting. Get it now and enjoy this out-standing feature!


  • 1100 feet per second
  • Fully supportive accessories
  • Great for small hunting and removing pests
  • Fast delivery
  • 3-9×40 mm AO optic for stability
  • Durability
  • Easy to use
  • Quietness
  • Accuracy


  • Hard-to-adjust trigger

Things to consider about Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100

You should check out the country laws before ordering an air rifle. Make ensure whether your country allows using this product or not. Besides, it is advisable to read carefully the instructions from manufactures before using a rifle. Remember not to use the product for incorrect purposes or let the children under 18 years old to try this tool. This guarantees to avoid damages or injuries from taking advantage of the air rifle illegally.


All in all, purchasing a product means you are engaged into a big financial investment. With Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle (.22) powered by Nitro Piston®, users could be rest assured about its fully basic characteristics of an advanced air rifle. Thousands of users feel happy with this product, what about you?

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Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100
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