What is the Best Ankle Holster for a Gun Enthusiast?

You are in the need of something which can conceal your gun? Or you’re going to carry a second gun but have no idea where to put it? Don’t worry because an ankle holster can be your best company. In this article, I’ll talk about ankle holsters. And more importantly, I’ll give you a definite buying guide and 5 best product reviews so you can choose the best ankle holster.

Common Misconceptions of Ankle Carry

I’m pretty sure those friends think that carrying an ankle gun is impractical or unnecessary. Additionally, some people say that drawing a gun from an ankle holster is very slow. In fact, they are common misconceptions of ankle carry so don’t let them mislead you.

A lot of people out there trying to prove that carrying an ankle gun is impractical while it’s actually helpful.  These people believe that it causes a lot of chafing and discomfort. Besides they also have trouble clearing their painful leg from the firearm and ankle holster so it’s quite uncomfortable to draw the gun. That’s why you think that trying to conceal a firearm on your calf and keeping it accessible is impractical, right?

However, the reason why all the things above are misconceptions is that they all come down to the holster. Don’t you see that all of those problems come from the holster they use? For example, if your holster is not tight enough, it’s likely that it slides down on your ankle. In short, all of the problems above can be easily solved with the purchased of a good holster.

Why choose an ankle carry?

So, you have known what the common misconceptions of ankle carry are, now, the question is: “Should I choose it for my concealed weapon?” Yes, yes, and yes. Want to know why? Let’s talk a little bit about the benefits of choosing an ankle carry.

One of the best carry methods

Let’s get this straight, ankle carry is one of the best methods for concealed carry. I don’t know about you but sometimes, after a while, I don’t even notice the gun is there. Also, a lot of people don’t usually check out your ankles while mulling whether or not you might have a gun. Therefore, using an ankle carry is a pretty good idea to conceal your gun, huh?

Why choose an ankle carry

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Perfect for a secondary firearm

In case you have a secondary or backup gun, ankle holsters are perfect as well. Remember that you may need to get ready for as many situations as possible, especially in law enforcement. And an ankle with a backup gun effectively helps you to achieve that goal.


Do you agree with me that wearing an extra weapon on your waist will make your belt heavier? Is it comfortable for you? Of course, it’s not. Ankle holsters are lightweight and modern models now are very comfortable so you can totally wear one all day if you have to. In short, if you’re carrying a firearm with your ankle, it will be much more comfortable without any further issue.


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The best choice with dress clothes

An ankle holster is a good option for you if you are wearing dress clothes, whether you are non-uniformed law enforcement, civilian or part of a personal protective detail.

To be honest, there are so many benefits of using an ankle holster which can make you buy one immediately. For me, carrying a secondary weapon in an ankle holster make me feel much more confident and better even when it’s a bad scenario. What is waiting for, gun enthusiasts?

What to consider when buying an ankle holster

Now, you decide to buy yourself an ankle holster and of course, you want it to be the best ankle holster ever, right? Well, it’s not a difficult task but there are quite a lot of factors for you have to consider. Hence, it’s just a matter of time, you know. The followings are some factors you need to care about before buying a holster:


This is actually the first thing you need to pay attention to when it comes to buying a holster, no matter which type it is. If a holster is well-designed, then it will provide you a great protection to the weapon while you can easily remove or insert it. In details, with regard to safety, here are several issues which you should consider as well:

  • Is the ankle holster able to prevent accidental movements of the trigger?
  • Can it prevent sudden disengagements resulted from the mechanism of the safety?
  • Can it stop forward and rearward, the 2 types of movement of the hammer?

All of these 3 characteristics are very common and it’s important to include them as 3 safety features of an ankle holster. The problem is you can’t check whether these 3 features are available not until you’ve used it for a few days. So, it’s very important to refer some reviews on the Internet. And actually, it’s the only way for you to figure out if a holster is safe or not.

Additionally, you can also try on different holsters to make sure those features are available. But remember, sometimes, you have to really use a holster to figure this out, and that maybe too late as you’ve already bought it.



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When it comes to materials, there are a few options for you such as leather, nylon, elastic, and sheepskin. However, in my experience, almost every high-quality ankle holsters are made from leather. Therefore, if you don’t know which material to choose, leather is not a bad idea. But if you want to buy a perfect holster providing as much comfort as possible, then just try on different holsters made of different materials. This way, you will easily know which one fits you most.


Another important thing to consider is the retention. This factor indicates that the holster should be able to prevent people except for the user from removing the weapon. Actually, in recent times, some modern ankle holsters are specifically designed so they feature a few hidden retention techniques. Besides, modern technology has recently improved the holster design. Hence, manufacturers of ankle holsters are now producing specific designs for specific weapons.


Remember that one of the main reasons why it’s necessary to wear an ankle holster is concealment. In fact, an ankle holster is generally produced in small sizes, thus, they can easily be hidden under your garment and attached with one of your boots. It’s obvious that the law enforcing officer wouldn’t like to alert any one that he has a concealed gun.


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When you want to buy an ankle holster, please check that whether it is comfortable or not. The reason is that you may have to wear it all day long.

Don’t know how to check whether it is comfortable or not? Well, it’s pretty simple, just try it on and run fast for a while. If everything is okay, and there is no itching and chafing and you think you can run longer, then it’s comfortable. If there is something not okay, then it’s not comfortable enough for you.

It’s perfect to buy a holster which is comfortable for you to use all day. However, it’s still fine to something comfortable enough to use for a few hours if you don’t have to wear it for too long.  Furthermore, you will have to determine whether you’re going to wear it inside of your leg or outside of it.


A good holster is one that is well-designed without creating difficulties to your gun and roughening its finish overly.

Ease of drawing

When it comes to buying the best ankle holster, it is also crucial to choose one that allows you to draw the gun with ease and quickly. Unfortunately, in most cases, ankle holsters are designed to conceal weapons, so it may take you a while to draw the gun. In order to make sure a holster allows for easy drawing, just try some different products. For me, this is the only way to find what allows you to draw the gun quickly.

Ease of drawing

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Durability is another important factor. A high-quality holster is one that is able to stand against the abuse and can be used on in the long run. During this time, you should choose n unit which can avoid any decreased performance as well as a mechanical disturbance.


A good ankle holster should be adjusted properly so that it can perfectly fit your ankle. It should also give an adjustment to your weapon so you can find it comfortable to wear the holster all day.


The price of ankle holsters ranges from $20 to $200. Therefore, depending on how frequently you use them, you will know what you need to pay for the ankle carry. In my experience, if you are not a person who always has to carry a gun like me, a holster costing about $100 is not a bad choice.

5 best ankle holster reviews

1.Galco Ankle Glove / Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

This ankle holster can be a good option for a serious gun carrier who needs deep concealment. If you need to use a holster for about 70 hours a week, continuously over a period of years, then just go for this one. This one is very comfortable for you to wear and believe me, with the large neoprene ankle band, you may forget that you are wearing it.

Additionally, it also features Velcro closure which offers extended comfort as well as incredible security. Besides, the unit also provides extra comfort with sheepskin padding placed between your ankle and the holster. With a reinforced break at the thumb, the holster offers detailed molding for your retention and you can totally draw your weapon easily and quickly.

The Galco ankle holster is high-quality as it’s made of premium saddle leather that is stitched to a neoprene band. Furthermore, it is able to accommodate ankles about 13 ‘’ in circumference. The product is specially designed for double action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, it is available for both right-hand draw and left-hand draw. So don’t worry if you are a left-handed person.

The downside is that this one only works best for boot or slim wood grips. And any pistol featuring oversized or custom rubber grips won’t fit as the retention straps are too short and these straps can’t wrap them.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality material
  • Adjustable
  • Optional calf strap


  • Only works best for weapons with boot or slim wood grips
  • May require additional strapping
  • Only available in black color

2.Outbags OB-31ANK Ankle Holster Review

This is also one of my favorite ankle holsters. My first impression of this one is that it is made from high-quality nylon. Thus, it offers you a very durable holster and more importantly, at an affordable price.

The reason why I think it is a unique product is that it comes with the neoprene ankle band. So many other holsters are made from elastic materials and hence, they are likely to stretch and deform if used frequently. The stretching can directly affect the holster, hence, making it less effective for being carried daily.

The neoprene brace never stretches and always gives a perfect and secured fit. It is specifically made for those whose ankles have about 12-inch circumference. The holster is best for you to use as a .22 ankle holster or other similar sizes.

However, without a retention support in the upper part, the holster may slide down on your leg although you’ve locked the straps tightly in place. Some people also complain the vertical strap is so long that they have to cut and then sew them back together before wearing the holster.


  • Non-stretchable neoprene Velcro straps
  • Affordable
  • General fit to similar sized weapons


  • May require additional padding
  • Perfectly fit big ankles

3.Ultimate Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry by ComfortTac

If you’re looking for a holster for a wide range of guns, this can be the best ankle holster for you to buy. It is quite cheaper than other products without sacrificing the security and comfort.

In spite of the low price, The ComfortTac is well-designed with high-quality materials which make the holster worth buying. Besides, this one uses neoprene brand which doesn’t stretch to lose its original shape. Also, this material will not irritate your skin as it’s not a cheap elastic band.

Instead of the usual loop retention and hook system, this one features an elastic retention strap coming with a metal snap. With this style, your gun will be held securely in the holster and it’s not likely to be grabbed easily by your opponent in the battle.

However, a disadvantage of this holster is that it doesn’t do well with guns with long barrels. In case you insist on carrying a long-barreled weapon, it may cause some injury to your ankle bone. Another problem is the elastic strap. It may be too thin and can’t last for a long time but it’s inevitable with that low price, right?


  • Ambidextrous model
  • Affordable ankle holster
  • Neoprene band
  • Quiet retention strap


  • Retention strap may lose its elasticity gradually
  • Won’t work well for guns with long barrels

4.Non-Slip Ankle Holster

This is another ambidextrous ankle holster so no matter whether you are left or right handed, it will work great. It can hold your handgun close to your lower log and can be easily rotated for both left and right and hand draw, inside or outside.

When it comes to material, the high-quality elastic band is very soft and comfortable. Also, the design with extra breathable neoprene padding will provide added comfort. You can totally you wear the holster directly against your skin for a long time. It is a great fit and will stay in place no matter how long you wear it.

Another good thing about this product is that it has only one size but that size can fit all. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your ankle size, whether you are a man or woman. This is also a great holster for small guns or anyone who is looking for a holster that carries a small backup weapon.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable elastic band
  • Perfectly fits different ankle sizes


  • The Velcro on the calf strap may dig into your leg if not set right
  • The strap may slip off the mag

5.Ankle Holster Concealed Carry Gun Holsters

Just like most other ankle holsters out there, this one is an ambidextrous ankle holster. However, what impresses about this product is that the neoprene band is of high-quality and very comfortable even you wear it directly against your skin for hours. It never stretches out or loses its original shape or gets flimsy like some cheap elastic bands.

Besides, the Wingswind holster comes with 2 size pocket for more carry options, one for gun holder while the other one is a magazine pouch. Each pocket has a strong stick strap that can keep your handgun as well as other accessories very secure. They are also adjustable you will be provided extra comfort. At first, I was skeptical at the adjustability to my small ankle but it fits good and snug. In my opinion, it is especially perfect to wear under your jean.

The elastic ankle holster can perfectly fit a wide range of handguns from micro pistols to compact, subcompact and revolvers. In details, it is comfortable for any gun which has an overall length under 6’5’’ such as 22 LR, 38 SPL, and so on.


  • High-quality neoprene band Durable
  • Works for a wide range of handguns
  • Suitable for different leg sizes


  • The weight of the gun may push the holster onto your ankle

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the best ankle holster. However, it’s not difficult that much, in fact, you just have to determine what your priorities and needs are. This way, it will only take you a few hours to figure out which product you need to buy. I hope you guys enjoyed this article and found it helpful for you in carrying handguns.