Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting

Hunting manually with bow and arrow might be difficult in today’s world of firearms. However, there sure is a novelty in the art of taking down a hunt in the same way our ancestors had.

Nevertheless, the first thing to consider when embarking on your hunting trip is not only a good bow but also fitting complementary arrows. There are many types of broadheads available on the market right now but choosing the most optimal ones could be quite a task.

Here in this guide, we’ll go through which are the best broadheads for elk hunting.

Things to Look Out for best broadheads for elk hunting

When it comes to picking the best broadheads for elk hunting, the criteria are relatively straightforward.

First, you would need something that is durable enough. Thus, it will pierce through the flesh and bones of your hunt without breaking apart or restrained. Ensure that your broadheads are made with strengthened, top-quality material such as steel.

Second is the cutting diameter. You should choose something that can create a large wound once it sometimes hits. It will not only giving you a swift and merciful kill but also a more noticeable blood trail for you to tail your wounded hunt.

The third is the design of the broadhead, the design will contribute to the cutting diameter. Besides, it can also affect the ease of use and the aerodynamics of the broadhead. Thus, accuracy is very important, and it all boiled down to the design of the arrowhead.

Fourth is the sharpness of the blades. This is a no-brainer, a broadhead that can cut effortlessly through your hunt would be what you should always look for when picking a broadhead.

And final is the grain weight. According to Forwarding of Center (FOC) ratio, the higher the FOC, the better the broadhead is at penetration. So to ensure that you have the best bang for your buck, pick the heaviest and most robust arrowhead you can see or available to you.

Now it’s time to talk about the actual list of the best broadheads for elk hunting.

Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

If you’ve been doing your homework on archery elk hunting for a while, you will recognize the ‘Muzzy’ name immediately. Muzzy is one of the most well-known arrowhead manufacturers within the community, and they deserved such reputation.

Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

Image source: YouTube

The Trocar is probably one of Muzzy’s most accurate broadhead – and maybe even in the community. The Trocar’s special Helix Blade’s architecture allowed it to be spin-stabilized throughout the flight and maximised the impact force once it hits the target. That lets you have a well-placed and lethal shot.

The 100-grain broadhead is cast from a single piece of steel with three protruding blades and a ferrule end. It enhances significantly its durability and lethality.

G5 Montec CS Broadhead

Also one of the most reputable manufacturers, G5 does not disappoint with its Montec CS line. This broadhead is popular due to its entirely carbon-steel material, making it significantly more durable than most of its competitors.

Carbon-steel allows the blades to be extremely sharp. Plus, it allows the user to resharpen the blades for multiple usages after a kill.

The Montec CS has a grain weight of 100 grams. This lets it have the surgical precision you’re trying to look for as well as a larger wound and a more expensive blood trail for tracking.

G5 Montec CS Broadhead

Image source: Bowsite Forums

Swhacker Broadhead

Being a mechanical broadhead, the Swhacker is what you’re looking for when you’re trying to find a combination of accuracy, lethality, and reliability.

Swhacker Broadhead

Image source: Bowhunting.Net

The cutting edges include two sections, the tip (Main blade) and the secondary blades that made up the wing. The wing blades allow the head to fly much more efficiently through the air. Additionally, it will expand the surface wound and allow the main blade to cut deeper into the intestines.

The 100-grain broadhead is also heavily reinforced and designed to be tolerant to mechanical failure by employing methods to reduce deployment failure during the firing process.

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead

The Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock is on the small spectrum of broadheads, although it does pack quite of a punch for its size.

It is cast completely from a single piece of heat-treated stainless steel. The unique capability of this broadhead is that it is silent in its flight. This makes your hunt not being aware of the flying arrow before it hits to guarantee you a quick kill.

The blades are chiseled and strengthened for heavy and efficient impact, and it would find no problem to cut through even the densest section of the elk.

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead

Image source: YouTube

Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead

Not only its name is quite appealing, the Grim Reaper X-Bow is a lethal broad-head for any sorts of prey. The broadhead is infamous for its Razertip design. Basically, it cuts out three elongated and chiseled blades to help the main tip cut through the bones and flesh of the elk upon impact.

The X-Bow is, just like most broadhead on this list, 100-grain. And it employs a blade retention system to make sure that the Razortip’s blades will not deploy mid-flight. The combined strength of the several blades would allow your prey to fall quickly and efficiently in a short time.

A bonus is that it also comes with an add-on practice blade to allow you to practice without dispensing the real blades.


A great gun would be nothing without a perfect bullet. A bow wouldn’t be much good without an arrow. Since broadhead is the most important part of an arrow, picking the best broadheads for elk hunting is absolutely critical.

Of course, those five broadheads we’ve mentioned above are what we thought to be the best line-up. There are no doubts that out there still have great – even better ones. However, if you do not quite pleased with what you find here, there are always alternatives.

Whatever that you choose, we wish you a safe hunt.