Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Camping Cot

Many people love camping at their weekend and this is actually a useful way to get away from boring routine. However, you may be frustrated when having a night’s rest as you are likely to get sick without a suitable sleeping system. That’s why camping cot becomes more popular. Read these five best camping cot reviews with six worth considering factors to purchase a suitable one.

What is a Camping Cot?

A camping cot is a lightweight and collapsible bed that totally suits your camping and packaging situations. You can easily place it on a car’s roof or inside a car as it can be folded into a small section. Besides, it is often made of nylon, polyester and rust-resistant metal.

This sleeping system can protect you from the bite of insect and non-flying insects. Indeed, by sleeping on its’ surface that elevates off the ground floor, you can avoid the thrill and cold when the night falls. Also, you can have a sound sleep to revive energy after spending all day for outdoor activities.

Where camping Cots Shine

Besides, camping cot is a reasonable option for canoe camping, supported bike trips. As you don’t have to carry it for long distance, you can have it on research trips or base camps. That’s how it supports your rest’s comfort and minimizes your energy consumption.

Camping Cot in the sun

Camping Cot Advantages and Disadvantages

Though the camping cot is beneficial when allowing you to enjoy your trip at the most, it has some downsides. Let’s look through both perspectives of this camping gear to know if it’s essential to have on the trip.


First of all, it protects you significantly from the insects and bugs’ annoyances.

People who have knee injuries or arthritic joints appreciate how a camping cot minimizes the pressure stressing on joints. Indeed, you can climb in and out of the bed effortlessly.

In comparison with an air camping and air mattress, you can secure your gear and equipment under its bed storage. Meanwhile, you can avoid those bumps and dirty lumps while sleeping on the uneven ground.

When it’s cold or wet, you are no longer frustrated as you can lie on the camping cot’s mat. It could enhance your insulation. Therefore, you are likely to stay healthy throughout the trip. Moreover, you can take the camping cot in and out of a tent with ease because it’s easy to set up and fold.


Because it’s heavier than a sleeping pad, many hikers and backpackers would not opt for it. Also, some camping cots are heavy to carry when you’re traversing. Besides, some people prefer their pad as it is more comfortable to rest.

Even though its underneath space helps to ventilate cool air in the summer, it turns out to be a side effect in cold conditions.

Best Camping Cot Considerations

After comprehending the camping cost’s benefits and downsides, you may decide whether to have it. If you are keen on this option as it is good for off the ground sleeping, here are six factors worth noting when purchasing it.


There are three specific types of the camping cot that you should pay attention to so that you can pick the best suit one.

End Bar Design cot

With the poles’ X design, this construction can prop your body stable. However, due to sharp edges of the cot’s end bars, your tent floor might be torn out and extended into the holes.

For the C design

The camping cot’s legs are connected with bars horizontally in the C shape. To ensure there is no sign of abrasion on the floor, make sure there are rubber ends cap placed at its cot legs.

No-end Bar design cot

The bar is designed with 4 rectangle-shaped poles that spread along its cots. With this solid platform, you can rest on the camping cot without the risks of falling down.


To constitute frames and support structures, manufacturers use polyester to gain a sufficient toughness and water resistant ability for the camping cots.

As for the frame, it is made of steel or an alloy of aluminum to deliver a nice combination of strength, lightness, and flexibility.

To ensure your chosen cot’s frame is strong enough to sustain for a long term, you’d better test it by sitting on it. Or you could check the manufacturer’s weight rating to see if it able to withstand your estimated total weight.


You should ponder over this aspect as it depends on your size considerably. For example, if your height is around 1.8 m, the camping cot which is 75 inches in length and 25 inches in width would provide enough space to rest.

Besides, there is a wide range of size options (e.g., youth to growth-ups model) for all sizes and shapes. As camping is the family activity, the additional wide cots with 40 crawl crosswise over could bolster the most weight.

In case you are looking for the sleeping system that allows you to stretch and turnover comfortably, this extra-large camping cot may satisfy your needs. It also provides an abundant storage to keep your personal items (wallets, flashlights, or mobile phone etc.) And due to its oversize, it’s needless to find them in the dark.


Another factor you should take into account strongly is weight as it impacts on your trip’s experience. For instance, the minimalist camping should prefer the one with a weight of 2-3 pounds.

However, the camping cots’ weight of 15 to 20 pounds that is made from steel is more suitable for the long day camping.


Crucially, you should pay attention to its portability. Let’s select one that allows you to carry from one place to another conveniently. Particularly, it should not weight over 4 pounds and can be foldable easily.

However, this minimalist camping cot might not be as durable as your expectations, plus, it cannot sustain high weight capacity. And you are likely to sit on it at a low distance from the ground.


Normally, the cost of a camping cot varies from the features, design, and material. Particularly, the simple cost’s price is in a range of $20-$30, whereas the high-end with more outstanding features may cost you up to $140.

Understandably, the superior light and portable camping cot are expensive while the high duty one is offered at a premium price. However, it is important to pick the camping cot that meets your specific needs (weight, comfort, and portability, etc.).

Easy Setup

Of course, you would want to set up your cot in a few minutes. Here are tips that assist you in snapping cot into place efficiently.

First, you need to shock cord poles together. Then, you thread them through its fabric and assemble the tension springs. Finally, join it to the cot’s body. And obviously, it’s more conveniently when it just needs one person to assemble the camping cot.


Camping Cot MaterialsYou surely favor the camping cot which saves your time from cleaning and preparation to sleep. As for the textile that is made from polyester and nylon, you can stay cool, and organize it handily.

Moreover, it’s much more soft, stable and durable than other texture that is made of traditional canvas. Indeed, the cotton canvas texture is not only heavier and non-water-resistant but also hard to clean. Specifically, it tends to hold stains and earth that cause annoying odors.

Advanced movability

Overall, you should pick the most convenient cot that can fold easily and able to extend to a one-two man tent. Importantly, its weight should be measured less than four pounds so you can transport it simply.

Notably, manufacturers have enhanced their camping cots’ mobility by providing straightforwardly convey packs.

Our Top-Rated Camping Cot Recommendations and Reviews

With a support of strong polyester and heavy-duty steel frame, the Coleman can withstand the significantly heavyweight (300 lbs.). Therefore, it’s needless to find a place for a surprise guest.

1. Coleman Camping Cot: 2000020273 Pack Away Cotton – Twin

With its large unfolded dimension (72” x 33” x 24”), it can fit the person whose height of 6’1”. As for its folded dimension of 36 x 25.5x 4.7 inches, you can place it in a storage bag easily. Noticeably, its light weight assists you truly in transporting.

Besides, there is a convenient folding table on the side, along with a cup holder. Hence, it provides sufficient room to store your personal items.


  • It provides an extra-wide and extra-long surface to rest.
  • Most campers appreciate its removable side table as they can store their personal items conveniently.


  • It’s a bit heavier than other products in the same range.

2. Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot

This Disc-O-Bed offers you two beds with one bed above the other, so it looks like the traditional bunk bed. Obviously, it’s perfectly suitable choice for two people. Its solid frame is made from the powder-coated steel to build up the total strength of the cot. That why it can easily withstand a total weight of 500 pounds

In case you are not keen on the bunk option, you can separate it handily. Remarkably, it has a couch-like appearance when standing alone. Also, its measurement of 28 inches wide ensures you an abundant space to turnover.

Additionally, it can fit in a wide variety of tents. And when you store or carry it, you can put it in a trunk fittingly.

Besides, the bottom bed has 21 inches’ distance off the ground and 11 inches’ distances from the top one. Therefore, you two meet no hindrance of stretching or flexibly moving. Moreover, each of you is provided a large side organizer to hold necessities. Lastly, you would be amazed at its quick drying fabric that allows you to remove for cleaning easily.


  • It delivers the same comfortable feeling as the hammocks.
  • There is a plenty of sleeping space you can enjoy.
  • Your guest is totally welcomed with this spare bed.


  • It is a bit more expensive.
  • Due to its heavy-duty capacity for two people, it’s quite heavy to move.


3. Slumberjack Big Camping Cot

This extra-wide and extra-long camping cot (600×300) offers a spacious space for you and your campmate. Particularly, it features an outstanding weight capacity of 325 pounds.

Also, the Slumberjack provides you self-inflating and edge bonded mat to comfort your sleeping experience. Besides, its aluminum frame eliminates “squeaky” noise by reducing cot movement. For this reason, your sleep quality is enhanced considerably.

And you can reach your camping gears conveniently in a mesh pocket that is attached under the camping cot. Without much efforts consumed, its polyester texture with a strong 600D nylon rip stop allows you to clean easily and enhance the surface’s durability.

Moreover, its legs that lift the cot 18 inches off the ground help to enhance your insulation during the winter. Therefore, you can enjoy a cool air ventilation during summer. Last but not least, its weight of 21 pounds and folded dimensions (32”x19”x82”) helps you conveniently carry around.


  • You have an extra space to comfortably rest.
  • It is foldable so you can transport and storage it
  • Its sturdy aluminum frame and polyester surface ensure strong construction and withstand.
  • You are unlikely to endure squeak sound that may be caused by its cot movement.
  • Many users like its under storage


There are a few suggestions for improving its design.

4. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot Perfect for Base Camp and Hunting

As its name suggests, this product provides plenty of space for two people with its measurement of 85 inches in width and 40 inches in length. That’s why its high weight capacity of 600 pounds is appreciated by many users.

Also, it best suits for the campers who are looking for the oversize and rugged cot. And you can have it on your hunting, or indoor use. With its lightweight (26 pounds), you would carry it with ease as you can fold it in haft. Additionally, campers are impressed at its poly canvas texture that helps them clean it up easily.

Besides, it has a Steel S-leg design that guarantees to withstand the total weight stably. Indeed, its supportive legs are made of patented steel to prop up to 600 pounds. Moreover, its aluminum frame also contributes hugely to the camping cot’s weight capacity. Lastly, you can set it up without hassle as it provides the illustrated instruction.


  • You can use it for a variety of purposes and tasks.
  • People who are taller than a average height still have a sound sleep thanks to its extra big size.
  • Its poly canvas top helps you clean up effortlessly.
  • You can fold/unfold and assemble/ disassemble it easily.
  • It is able to withstand children bouncing on it.
  • Many campers agree it to be one of the most supportive cots in the marker.


  • You may have to pay higher for its superior features.
  • It would be hard to secure some pieces.
  • You may find its heavy to carry.
  • Its plastic feet may be easy to lose.
  • Some campers are unpleasant about its lack of portability.

5. Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

To be honest, the Kamp-Rite is an enhanced invention that can preserve your body heat. Many campers have it on their long day camp, especially in bad weather conditions. Actually, this is because of  its provision of built-in air mattress and waterproof tarp.

Especially, a majority of solo camper choose this tent cot for their outdoor experience. Noticeably, this Kamp-Rite saves your time from packing it. Indeed, with a simple opening, you are offered a spacious space for sleeping.

While it is unfolded, it is measured at 85×55 inches. Thus, you could imagine how its folded dimension packed (42”x9”x11”). And you would be amazed as it can elevate 18 inches off the ground. Additionally, it provides two useful pouches to store your items.

Although it would be heavy to carry around (32 pounds), it has a high weight capacity (550 pounds). Moreover, you can keep it clean just by putting it in the zippered case. Overall this oversized camping cost surely turns your camping night into a luxury experience.


  • It provides a comfortable sleeping place as you have more room to sleep comfortably.
  • Its versatility enables you to use it as a chair or as a lounge when lying down.
  • You can fold and pack it in seconds.
  • It provides sufficient space for tall people. So, there is a fine spare bed for your guest.
  • You would not be annoyed by any squeak sound that may be caused while laying on it.


  • You may struggle to lock its legs into place.
  • Due to its weight distribution, you would find it hard to lay alone.
  • There is some feedback about its portability as it is not as efficient as the lightweight camping cot.

Final Words

So, those are five Camping Cot reviews with specific pros and cons that you can find easily on the market today. Together with six factors to consider, hope you get the best camping cot.