The Best Deer Attractant & Bait: How to Lure in the Bucks

Shooting a deer on someone else’s land may bring you many troubles. You may end up with fines, revoking the hunter’s license or even worse, putting in jail. By using the right deer attractants, a hunter can lure the deer easily and take the shot without landing on other lands. The market now has best deer attractant available for you. We will help you point it out!

What is Deer Attractant?

Speaking of deer attractant, it is a blend of nutrition created to bring deer in from long distances to your property. By using the right deer attractants, a hunter can lure the deer easily and take the shot without any trouble. There are many deer attractants available on the market today.

What is Deer Attractant

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Things to Consider Before Buying The Right Deer Attractant:

As far as you may know, this type of animal needs the nutrition, protein, and carbohydrates, to prepare their bodies for the winter. Choosing the right attractant with a right combination of nutrient components will lure the deer into your property.

Type of attractant

There are five main categories of deer attractants namely scents/sprays, liquids, foods, blocks, and powders. Understanding these types of product will give you more flexible changes on the way you hunt the deer.

Hunting season

In the fall, adult white-tailed deer breed. This period is called “the rut”. We can break down the rut into three distinct phases: the pre-rut, peak of the rut, and the post-rut.

The pre-rut phase typically occurs in late summer; bucks will spend the majority of their time congregating in fields or meadows. They will most often be seen late in summer evenings feeding together to store energy. When it comes to breeding phase, there is a dramatic increase of territorial displays. Most of the time, bucks relentlessly track groups of does during daylight hours.

The pre-rut

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The post-rut is characterized by decreased whitetail activity. Also, they lessen movement to conserve energy for the approaching winter. Ensure you buy an attractant designed for the season you are hunting in.


There are differences in the deer that reside in the various geographical areas. The bait is effective for this area as well as the lure deer in your place. However, are you sure it always works hunting in other regions? Think careful!

Moreover, what kind of foods already grows, there is also an important factor for choosing a right attractant. The reason is buying something that already exists in the region is a total waste of time, effort, and money.

Legal Factors

No matter what type of lure you use, make sure you always under general regulations of hunting guides. Some states ban urine-based scents and attractants because of harmful effects on animals. Plus, others prohibit intentionally feeding deer at certain times of the year, and more. Be a knowledgeable hunter to keep yourself out of trouble.

Baiting Whitetail Deer

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Species of deer you want to hunt

It’s crucial for hunters to have a basic understanding of deer. Not any attractants, or even it is the best deer attractant, would work for all species. Some attractants are specifically manufactured to hunt specific deer types.

The Anatomy Of The Senses

Deer have well-developed senses; they are very acute, and this character may help them locate predators. So how can we lure them in? Once you want to get their attention, you need to focus on appealing to their senses of hearing and smell. A combination of scents, deer calls, and decoys would lure the deer in much faster than just focusing on one type of attractant.

The Anatomy Of The Senses

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Five best deer attractant reviews

1.Deer Attractant Spray: Buck Bomb 6.65 oz

Made of 100% pure doe whitetail urine to attract mature bucks. Great to use during the pre-rut and rut. You simply spray the mist in the air, a scent will stick to every surface, from leaves, trees or grass.


  • Easy to smell from long distance by deer
  • Easy to use.
  • Good price.
  • Draws bucks quickly.


  • Hard to press the button.
  • Too strong scent.

2.Deer Attractant Liquid: $5 MAIL-IN REBATE - Vita-Rack 26 Liquid Gorge Apple Flavored Attractant by Hunter's Specialties

Known as the “New Standard in Wildlife Nutrition,” this 1-gallon nutritional mix packed with 26 high-quality vitamins and minerals. Also, it enhanced with natural Apple flavor. Not only bucks, the liquid attracts multiple of big game animals like deer, elk, moose, caribou, etc. Pour it on the ground, then all you have to do is wait for the gray to come out.


  • Attracts a variety of big game animals.
  • High nutritional value.
  • Keep the deer coming back for more.
  • No need to occasionally refresh the site.
  • Beneficial for the Bucks’ overall health.


  • Less attracted to deer.
  • Drift in the rain.

3.Deer Attractant Food: Antler King Honey Hole Mix

The bait is made by one of the first companies to research, produce, and manufacture specially formulated attractants for white tale deer, Antler King. Its products provide premium nutrition and maximum attraction to lure more deer in your property. The honey hole is a mixture of 5 unique varieties of rape and turnips. For the best results, plant in late summer or early fall, you will get an ideal hunt plot for the fall and winter. Therefore, it will attract deer from the first day of the season until the last!


  • Fast growing and easy to grow.
  • Attract a lot of deer.
  • Thrive even in poor condition.
  • Composed of 5 varieties of rape and turnips.


  • Require a longer period than other types of attractant.
  • Influenced by weather condition.

4.Deer Attractant Block: Hunters Specialties Vita-Rack 26 Deer Lick Site Block

Vita-Rack 26 is a product from the world’s largest manufacturer of hunting accessories, Hunters Specialties. This 26lb block contains 26 high-quality vitamins and minerals. The block can be fed to deer as a supplement to their natural diet. With 20% protein, ingredients include milo, corn, soybeans, cottonseed meal, molasses, and apple flavoring.


  • Made of various good nutrients.
  • Effective immediately.
  • Attract other wild animals.
  • Help the deer to reach its genetic potential.
  • Quite affordable.


  • Be crumble and fall apart when it contacts the ground.
  • Get moldy and souring at high temperature.
  • Disintegrate quickly with rain.

5.Deer Attractant Powder: BIG&J Deadly Dust Sweet Corn Deer Attractant

There’s probably nothing in nature deer love more than sweet corn. Deadly Dust is a sweet corn powder that is derived from the sweetest corn hybrid available. Pour it near your stand or in front of your cameras. Or, use it to supercharge your field corn. Deadly Dust brings more deer in this area, thanks to the nutrients and protein it gets.


  • Get mature bucks come closer to game cameras.
  • Great for mixing.
  • The taste is five times sweeter than standard field corn.
  • Great results by itself or mixed with feeder corn.


  • High price.
  • Last for a short time.

Extra Tips to Make Your Food Plot the Best

The food plots provide the deer with a sure place to get food. Thus, you will get a deer with better nourished and grown bigger and healthier. Let make it the ideal plot for the deer with some extra tips:

  • Diversify the crop. With a food plot looking like a vegetable garden, how the deer can resist not showing.
  • Keep your pets away from the plot if you don’t want to scare all animals, like the deer.
  • Remove fences, so that the deer could access easily to your food plot.
  • Set up a water source in your plot. Nowhere is better than a place provides both food and water.


Hopefully, with all the best deer attractant we offer, you will have the best hunting experience. However, bearing in mind that feeding and baiting wildlife is prohibited or restricted in some places. Before using all those products, be sure to check all relevant federal, state, and local regulations.