Things You Need To Know about Best Deer Bait Today

In fact, deer hunting is one of the most standard ranges for most experienced hunters. It means that new hunters can try this for the first time. If you were like that, you will be afraid of deer baits.

This is also an important factor in the deer hunting process as deer will be attractive with one of these baits. However, how to choose the best deer baits from many products? Well, this is a good question and we will help you find the correct answer. Go on!

Recognize some of the best deer baits and reasons for these

Apples, star-fruits or watermelons

Apples are a good idea to attract deer near your stand, so most bow hunters often use apples to hunt bucks in some regions. The deer rifle season probably starts later (about October or November) than the harvesting apple season (between August and early September). Therefore, these hunters can use apples as another option.

Apples are common products which have high nutrition for people from states to states in the US. Animals like deer also love apples so much. This will support you to hold bucks go around your area and it probably builds a regular schedule to find them easily.

If you enable to have the chance to come to some private property to hunt, you will see that some of them also grow small apple orchards and they called that food plots to appeal deer. Sometimes, apples could be a good source for hunters to keep their energy during the hunting period.

Moreover, apples could be attacked by bees in the early apple season. Another downside of the apple bait is that deer hunters are not sure the apple type’s deer will love most.

Do not concern about these issues because you enable to have other options – using watermelons, star fruits and shop bought baits as well. Of course, rifle hunters or bow persons surely use one of these options to begin with their deer hunting.


Most hunters recognize that main vegetables are better than fruits for deer. These could become attractants like carrots and cabbages. Also, they are less expensive than fruits. Some deer probably prefer veggies than fruits. Thus, you can take vegetables instead.


Image source: Deer Feeders

However, if you do not enough time to grow vegetables, buy these at the local shop is not a bad idea. But, the price of buying veggies has probably similar price point of most shop bough baits.


Corns are one of the best deer baits for deer in a long period of time. Hunters often put corns on the ground in the season and they wait for deer which probably find foods. This product is also one of the most wonderful deer attractants which hunters often use in their bait pile list.

Today, deer hunters still use corns as their deer baits as extra baits because they want to increase their selections in their deer hunting.


Image source: YouTube


Like corns, acorns are often used by hunters to create bail piles. You enable to find these at any place and deer can eat although they do not like much. It is not difficult to find in the woods as these naturally grow and most animals like these nuts.

To gain various prey, you should take acorns which are not accessible in the forest or surrounding area of your hunting range. On the flip side, most deer like the low-tannic acid levels in acorns. You should select the types which are not bitter and ripe. In our experience, deer can ignore some acorns which fallen a tree. So, you should pay attention to that.


The first time of the hearing, you may not sure salt is a kind of food or a material in making a food. In fact, salt is not the bait for deer and other animals, but it is also a good way to attract them to smell or lick to become a sign for foods.

And deer can goes around this area! You should not try salt bait for the first time as you are not sure bucks will love it or not. Apply it when you have a better understanding of these guys.


Chestnuts were a popular plant in the American East in many last years. Unfortunately, these were killed by the Chestnut blight disease.

Someone supposes that deer may have traditional behaviors from their ancestors so that bucks still love the chestnuts. Today, this bait is so expensive, but it still has a good influence on your hunting. If your budget allows you to get chestnuts, then go for it.


Image source:

Peanut Butter

Are you a fan of peanut butter? Whether you are or not, peanut butter still has an incredible taste to try. For deer bait, you will give the similar result! Deer also like peanut butter.

Do you know the reason peanut butter appeals deer? Because this product has high nutrition and deer cannot find it in the forest. This is a new attractant on deer’s mind. It also becomes the best deer bait for all hunters like you to make.

Sugar beets

Hey, deer also love sweet fruits! Why do not you take sugar beets? This is the fabulous bait that you might catch them from their house. Other animals also seek fruits with high-sugar content, so you could hunt them in the next time. Is it cool?

The downfall is that you should find sugar beets in some local farms in order to get fresh ones such as California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

And homemade mixtures

What should you do when you cannot attract deer? Oh, do not worry too much about that because you still have another opportunity on a regular basis – using homemade mixtures.

In this situation, find the homemade mixtures in the local shops. If not, you enable to seek out the recipes and make it happen!

Please note that the recipes could be several categories from region to region and the type of deer. It also depends on your targets to do this bait kind. To ensure the right ingredients, you should consult the local regulations about deer hunting. Or you ought to ask for help from the local authority.

You know, homemade mixtures probably attract lots of deer than the conventional way. Also, they are more economical than store-bought products. For example, you are able to mix salt, soda ash, and corn to have healthy bait with several minerals. Or you enable to mix peanut butter, fruit, and corn in your recipe.

What to think of before starting the deer bait

Sorts of deer around the world

As there are various deer from countries around the world and you cannot have enough time to find out each, we will aim, for deer living regions. We are sure that you also should target the place in your hunting plan before making other essential things for the deer hunting season. Here are a few deer species that you can hunt legally.

Elk: these sorts are the biggest land mammals in the North American and Eastern Asia. They often live in all deep forests and their favorite diets are grasses, plants, leaves and tree bark. Sometimes, you enable to see elks in Canada between Ontario and British Columbia. Some hunters also can hunt these in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina as well.


Image source: Elk Network

Moose: they are the biggest sorts in the deer family. Their ancestors usually live in North America, Russia, Scandinavia, and Northern Europe. Nowadays, you enable to find them in these areas.

Mule deer: you ought to catch them in the Western United States; especially in the Rocky Mountain region. They are not big and not small with 125 pounds (female deer) and 200 pounds (male deer) in weight. They also regularly eat plants and berries in summer; and conifers in winter.

Whitetailed deer: like mule deer, these also have a medium in size with reddish layers in spring and summer. The gray-brown coats in fall and winter. They often come from the US between the Central and the South. They love plants, cacti, grasses, acorns, fruits, and mushrooms so much.

Fallow deer: you easily find fallow deer from countries around the world, but their ancestors can be found in Pleistocene – North Africa. Then, they moved to Asia and Europe. Their diets are often plants and grasses.

Red deer: they live in Europe, Asia Minor, North American, and the Caucasus region. Their voices are stronger in their spawn season. Their weighs and lengths are various, but most red deer has more than 500 pounds and with 8 feet (in length).

Axis deer

Image source: Wide Open Spaces

Axis deer: most of them live in Sri Lanka and India, but today, they also live in the US (especially in the Central and Southern Texas). Sometimes, you ought to see them in Hawaii.

Hunters are inspired to hunt them in the least quantity. They often have white spots and dark with reddish-brown stripe between the neck and the tail. Most axis deer weigh from 150 to 250 pounds.

Reindeer (or they also are called Caribou): these sorts typically live in North America in some places which have the arctic climate and the sub-arctic one. They are bigger than axis deer (up to 400 pounds). Most Caribous have 2 coatings. The first one is a thick undercoat and the second has a long-haired overcoat like moose. These will keep Caribous are warmer in the winter.

Sika deer: these generally live in Japan, but you may find them in some states of the US like Maryland, Virginia, and Texas. Their layers are several in colors between brown, mahogany and white spots.

Deer hunting season and hunting region

There is a fact that deer hunting season is different in each region around the world. Therefore, you should check the schedule in each state.

In general, you should access the website from Department of Natural Resource in each State to know all hunting regulations. Mostly, all states in North American publish their information.

The deer hunting season often begins in fall and spring. You enable to hunt them in winter, but make sure you have an advanced skill to do that. Do not forget to update further information in the place you are going to catch.

Local hunting laws

Again, local hunting regulations will depend on the law in the state or the region (before you hunt). Your further homework is connecting to their homepages and takes time to read all details about it.

In our experience, you probably need to gain the hunting license before hunting. Moreover, you should ask for permission in the public hunting land or private land. It is more difficult to do on the private property because the host may not allow for your authorization.

For example, hunters should not use salt to make hunting bait but they still can use corns, acorns, apples, potatoes in Oklahoma.

Local hunting laws

Image source: SEG Suppressors


In our opinion, the best deer baits can come at any brand on the market such as Tecomate, C’mere Deer, Orange Flavored Deer Corn, Gander Mountain, Evolved, Primos Molasses Stuffed Protein, etc.

Some probably have top-notch while others do not receive good comments. The opinions of customers are various. This is the reason you should do your research and view some prior buyers in advance. We are also supporting you in this mission!

Reviews of Best Deer Bait

1.Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage 16-Pound Bag

If you are looking for the best deer bait with some flavors, soy protein, extra minerals, and other nutrients; then you should go with Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage 16-Pound Bag. It will help you hold deer return for many times in your hunting season.

We are sure that you often want to have a delicious meal with healthy content…of course; deer often need to do the same way like humans – eating a wonderful snack or a party! The product support you get more deer and…bigger bucks…! It does not contain toxic content or chemicals to harm deer such as flavor, aroma, scent, etc.

The Acorn Rage is available to use and you do not have to mix with other ingredients. You put it directly on the surface, in trough feeders or others.


  • Nice package
  • Good ingredients
  • Great deer attractant
  • Hefty price


  • Not helpful stuff for hunting (some type of deer do not like the taste and some really love it and it makes more difficult to catch deer)
  • A required additional mixture (to attract more deer)

2.Antler King Honey Hole Mix

Antler King Honey Hole Mix is incredible deer bait that I want to show you. It has 5 unique in its content which is 3 types of rapeseed and 2 categories of turnips. Therefore, this one is a good choice for those who want to challenge the hunting season in fall and winter as well.

Antler King Honey Hole has real ingredients when some molecular factors modify high energy sugar so that deer love it so much. These plants do not require till, so it is easy to make the honey hole without having additional equipment.

With this product, you enable to grow it easily and it requires from 6 to 7pH only so that you ought to plant it in various soil conditions. It cannot bear the acid environment than other food plot mixes, so you should notice this point.

Producers could plant the Honey Hole in spring or late summer and it ensures various sources for all days in a year. It is not complicated to grow and collect the final product in each harvest. The Honey Hole is also ideal for those who want to choose homemade mixtures (as this is the best food plot to undertake it).


  • High-quality product to increase the plot for deer hunting season
  • A good source to attract other animals
  • Ease of plant and harvest
  • Extra instruction for new hunters


Not suitable for those who cannot grow plants or they do not have enough ground before

3.Evolved Habitat Buck Jam Ripe Apple, 1 gallon

Do you want to reach white-tailed deer in the forthcoming hunting season? If so, you should go with Evolved Habitat Buck Jam Ripe Apple. For the first time of using, the moisture in the air will create the minerals to react together and continue move in their path. Thus, the manufacturer recommends all buyers should put one or two products in an uncovered spot.

This product weighs 4 pounds only so that you will carry it as easy as you can. It also has a good taste which will appeal more deer to your hunting range. It totally provides full minerals which their bodies need to consume and digest on a daily basis.

If you take time to check the condition, you will recognize that the bait has the similar taste like sweet fruits (especially sweet apples and corns). How to prevent deer and other animals to come to your property when you open the box?! Hence, there is no doubt that it is rated one of the best deer bait on the current market.


  • Awesome flavor for deer and other animals to come
  • Ease of use
  • Fast access deer
  • Beautiful model
  • Good smell


Not ideal product for black-tailed deer (they do not feel interested to come)

4.Manna Pro Deer Corn Supplement, 40-Pound

Although Manna Pro Deer Corn Supplement has the old style in the deer bait industry, it still shows its high-quality product. Whole grain and yellow corn are the common ingredients in most old-fashioned deer bait. However, it contains healthy nutrition for deer and other animals that you may not recognize before.

Deer obviously come to your stand when tasting this smell as this is a popular flavor that their ancestors love it. In other words, new generation deer still have conventional instinct.

Most advanced hunters will have a wise usage of the product that you should learn. They often set the time to feed deer and watch out the best period to grab deer in fall and spring.

You absolutely spend many hours in advance to understand bucks to make the adequate schedule. This is not an easy game to win when you do not have finish the homework carefully.

Manna Pro Deer Corn Supplement is the best deer bait for all deer and other animals; especially for mule and white-tailed deer. Do you see an image of a white-tailed buck in its package? Additionally, if you do not want to avoid squirrel but it is still attractive bucks, then you would not miss out this bait on your list!

This product is ideal for the fall deer hunting season, so do not try to use it in winter. Within 48 minutes of using, deer may immediately jump into your stand. This is a good choice for those who are not patient and want to get a quick hunting.


  • Large and heavy bag to save money for many buying times
  • Attractive product for other animals and some birds
  • Quick shipping time


A bit pricey

Short-term expiration (you should draw attention to this factor)

5.Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Deer Mineral Supplement

When you decide to hunt whitetail deer, do not forget to target the deer bait for these species. Once you select the right product like Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral, you do not have to make a big excuse.

The product has essential vitamins and minerals to help the herd develop and maintain their health later. If you are planning to play the game in spring or summer with white-tailed deer, order this product as soon as possible.

If you take time to read more details on the label, you will find out that all ingredients are natural with important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, D3, E, calcium, etc.

Though this is one of the best deer bait, you should have in-depth steps to ask the local authorization for this product. Some states do not permit it as this is a powerful attractant which may hurt deer. For this reason, we told you in the early part that you need to understand all regulations in the local region.

After pouring it directly on the ground, deer will find the product within 3 days and they can destroy the whole area at once. Thanks to this bait, you do not have to take time to prevent raccoons and squirrels to come to your trap.


  • Tremendous deer attractant
  • Ease of use
  • Good customer support
  • Quick delivery
  • High-quality product with lots of essential minerals and vitamins


Not allowed in some states because it is so much more powerful

How could you bait deer?

Make your deer bait precisely

Please note that it is not common to have several sorts of a large game using the similar bait area. Thus, you should create your small survey about the accurate bait site before setting up a complete place. Do not be lazy to put a random region and you do not get anything later.

In addition, you need to adjust the bait category and place it in the right place at the right time.

These are so crucial that most deer hunters should remember and notice it. As we listed out before, you have a lot of sources to make the best deer bait. Do not mix all kinds of bait to get more attention from different sorts.

Build the solid feeder

Build the solid feeder

Image source: Solid Steel Solutions

When you hunt in a dangerous site, do not forget to build a solid feeder. This is because it does not only improve your final result but also rescue you during the hunting season. Besides, you know, there are tons of hungry species in the forest!

Use necessary tool

Camera and monitoring equipment are vital for all hunters. To increase your effort in the hunting range, you need to use some tool to judge the real situation such as the number of animals, the quality of all animals, the possibility using of your bait site, etc.

Avoid using corn in the winter season

Why should you do that? In fact, the digestive system of deer does not work well in the winter; especially with fiber content and sugar in corns. Thus, most bucks will ignore corns and they will find other options.

Remove all dirt particles in your bait area

Clean the site, thrown plastic bags away, and remove all metal poles from your feeder. Do not reuse the bait site because it is not clean and safe. Return the prior forest is also a good way to keep the environment.

What is the difference between food plots and baits?

The main difference between a food plot and bait is that the way people use it for their purpose. Some will grow a lot of vegetables and fruits to make food plots while other will get these for baiting in their season. Furthermore, using the food plot or the bait depends on the regulations in each state.

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming are some examples which do not allow deer feeding.

Arizona, Hawaii, Kansas, Nevada, New Hampshire, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington allow hunters to use deer baiting.

To wrap up at all

Hunting is a sensitive activity that you should be careful and responsible for each part. Choose and apply the approach which reduces the expansion disease. Deer baiting enables to help you stay longer in the forest. Prepare for the hunting season like taking the best deer bait probably support you win the game.