No-Nonsense Tips! Choose the right Fishing Backpack (Reviews Included)

Let me get to the point, this article will discuss the importance of a fishing backpack. A backpack is a fisherman’s best friend and it gives you the freedom to carry what you need while keeping your hands free. Below I will discuss some useful information and the features of the best Fishing Backpack step-by-step.

Is Fishing Backpack really necessary?

Fishing is probably the best way to disconnect, relax and maximize your opportunities for adventure, away from the chores of daily life. A fishing trip does not have to take up more than a couple of days, although you should pack all necessary supplies and fishing tackle.

Things to consider buying the right Fishing Backpack

Firstly, to make matters murkier, there are no hard lines between what constitutes a right fishing backpack and what a wrong. It is up to you. Fishing Backpacks are designed to put greater emphasis on ease of access to things, be lightweight, comfortable and waterproof.

Fisherman with Backpack


The general rule is to carry no more than a third of your body weight.

  • Lightweight: The backpack has to be comfortable and light as it comes to an outdoor activity that involves action.
  • Balance: You have to bear in mind that the trick is to find the balance between weight and comfort that agrees with you.


Another thing that we should take into consideration is the storage as you need big space for your fishing gear.

  • Size: Big-sized main storage area backpacks are key allies in the never-ending fight to organize your tackle.
  • Fishing techniques: The type of fish you’re after will be the defining factor when it comes to choosing a fishing backpack.


Fishing is an outdoor activity that requires many actions so you must be ready to deal with all weather conditions and the elements of nature.


  • Material: Waterproof fabric won’t absorb water, which is the main way stuff inside a ‘’nonwaterproof’’ pack gets wet.
  • Corrosion safe: If your backpack is waterproofed, you can be sure that your tackle is not exposed to corrosion and rust.


Comfort is a requirement when selecting the best fishing backpack.

  • Padded: The human body is extremely good at adapting to carrying weight, but the backpack should be padded in order to support your back.
  • Lightweight foam: You do not need a big amount of padding to make your back feel better.
  • Hardback: Check if you can fill up the bag and it does not lose its form against your back.

Padded Shoulder

Padded straps can help to avoid that ‘’sag’’ feeling.

  • Shoulder Straps Fishing BackpackFoam Straps: The straps should be filled with foam (padded), be adjustable and wide to spread the load across the shoulders. This criteria is of vital importance. Especially necessary for fishing techniques like spinning involve action and rock climbing.
  • Ergonomic Straps: There are some backpacks on the market with ergonomic straps.

Quick Access

Some backpacks may have side or front pockets to store and easily access some other utilities.

  • Side pockets: Prefer a fishing backpack with side pockets.
  • Many compartments: A traditional fishing backpack has a front pocket for quick access and then just a giant space for whatever you want to do with it. Most people think that’s fine, but others prefer a little more

Detachable Equipment Holders

Furthermore, some special models have detachable equipment holders.

  • Moving: It is a good choice for anglers who want to move from one place to another, so they do not have to carry heavy load.
  • Cushioned Compartments: These holders are mounted to the main body of the backpack and are mostly cushioned to keep your tools safe.
  • Material: When considering fishing backpack design, it is of vital importance to select a material that is durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • PVC: Concretely, it should be crafted from ultra-strong nylon material and inside it should be made of PVC material. PVC is highly recommended for those who are seeking something ‘’low-cost’’ and lightweight.
  • Ultra-strong nylon: The main advantages of ultra-strong nylon are a ready acceptance of waterproofing and it is relatively lightweight.

Top 5 Best Fishing Backpack Reviews

1. Wild River by CLC WT3503 Tackle Tek Recon Lighted Compact Backpack with Four PT3500 Trays

This backpack isn’t meant for businessmen on the go but rather someone who could decide at any moment to go on a short fishing trip. Soft-sided, medium-sized bag (13″W x 16-1/2″H x 6-3/4″D) with waterproof outer shell. A led system is also integrated that allows fishing from dusk to dawn. An outstanding feature of this backpack is that it has a storage area of 3600 style rays! You can see that it has a main storage area with many side pockets so you can easily grab your tools, for instance fishing pliers. An internal pocket for your fishing license is also available. This backpack could be considered a little small, but it has many pockets. Furthermore, it has a removable fishing plier holder and a lanyard in order to keep your tools safe.

For example, if you have to change the line while you are fishing, you do not have to search the main storage pocket. A pair of pliers is ready for you.

It is highly recommended for those who are spin-fishing because this technique requires the use of fishing lures. This fishing backpack with a lure storage area is perfect instead of carrying them into tiny plastic boxes. If you are a spinning enthusiast you are in the right way.


  • When you are thinking about buying a fishing backpack locking yourself into a smaller backpack can be a good idea. It is comfortable and you can go everywhere with that bag without sacrificing energy.
  • The Backpack has the capacity to hold up to two medium number 3600 trays.
  • Has a LED light system that allows you to see into the bag or your work area when natural light gets scarce.
  • Weight: 3.15 lbs that mean that it is extremely lightweight


  • It could be considered as a little expensive
  • It does not have a side bottle holder, so you need to store your water inside your pack using a hydration reservoir.


You can use the storage area as a cooler pocket area in order to keep our bait alive and fresh. Furthermore, it could be used to store your food and water and keep them cool for many hours.

2. Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

This is an extraordinary backpack. For waterproofing reasons it not only has a zipper on the top, but it also has a ‘’Roll-top’’ folding system.  Even if you slip and it accidentally falls in the water, your items will be surely protected. ‘’Rolltop’’ backpacks have increased in popularity in the past few years. You can close them like a dry bag and make sure that everything stays dry and protected. Due to its air-flow design you do not have to air it regularly as the others. Padded shoulder straps and lumbar support are also provided, so you do not have to worry about your back.

Additionally, it is suitable for those who want a huge storage area and for those who want to take it out on the water. Bungee lines on the front are also provided if you want to attach a pair of gloves or a plastic bag with your wet tools.


  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Rolltop system helps compress your load by making it less bulky and more compact.
  • If you are sick of backpacks with many external straps, this backpack can provide a refreshingly minimalist experience
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfortable back panel with air-flow design


  • The only problem is that it only has one main compartment for storing gear and everything could get mixed up inside it.
  • Wet gear gets packed with dry gear
  • Does not have a side pocket for the water bottle
  • A little over-sized

Tips Highly recommended for boat trips and rainy days


3. Fiblink Waterproof Sports Single Shoulder Fishing Crossbody Messenger Sling Bags

If you want something simple and low cost this backpack is ideal. A side mesh pocket is provided for bottles, and a little-zipped pocket on the top are a welcome addition. This little pocket could keep your sunglasses safe and sound due to its cushioned design. Here you can see that it has not much space. The cross shoulder strap is not really ergonomic and practical. It might be a little small, but many people who want something cheap and simple will surely welcome this backpack. This is a good-value, hardwearing pack. It’s actually lighter than most fishing backpacks, which makes it perfect for longer fishing trips, and it still has plenty of features. A comfortable fit that you’ll appreciate. Its nylon construction makes it extremely durable for ‘’harsh’’ circumstances.

It can be considered as a medium sized backpack (12″*8.7*6) so it is suitable for anglers who want to cover long distances while fishing. It can also be preferred by spinning anglers, because it has many easy access compartments in order to change the lure or the line quickly.


  • Low-cost fishing backpack
  • Multiple inner storage compartments where you can put your tackle or even your supplies
  • High durable nylon material


  • When you fill up the backpack with all fishing stuff, it could be bulky.
  • Lack of space in the main storage area

TipsCrafted of heavy-duty so you do not have to worry if it gets dirty or wet. Your items are safe and protected from the elements of nature.


4. Shelure Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag

Another fishing backpack for those who want a lightweight backpack. This is a shoulder bag with 5 pockets in total with ergonomic padded straps. It has many extra features and it can also be considered as a ‘’low-cost’’ backpack. Two gift offers are also available. (Fishing pliers and line knot). An outside mesh compartment helps us to store items and grab them quickly and easy. Many times, we anglers, think about which fishing gear we should put into our fishing backpack. However, we always forget about our fishing pliers, until we are really in need of them. It offers great convenience for small items. It is made of canvas a breathable and strong material.

A simple fishing backpack with many extra features. Suitable for all anglers who want a value for money backpack.


  • Super convenient medium-sized backpack (3.39(L) x14.57 (H) x 4.72(W)).
  • Many pockets also suitable for small items
  • Easy access
  • There are some gift offers


  • Canvas is a durable material, but it is not waterproof

5. Glacier Glove All-in-one River Backpack

All features can be summed up in one word. All-in-one fishing backpack. It has dozens of pockets, roomy top and bottom compartments, big main storage area and even a side attachment for your rod tube. (Unfortunately not included). Boot storage on the exterior is also provided. Besides these beneficial aspects, there are a few drawbacks of this backpack as well. It is over-sized and side pockets are also missing. Nevertheless, there is plenty room for all your fishing tackles, supplies and clothes.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended for those who walk long distances, as it contains a water bladder holder, so you can stay hydrated. It has much space for your fishing tackle, supplies and other things.


  • Waterproof material
  • Considered as a whole, it has much space
  • Water bladder Holder
  • Boot storage area so you do not have to put dirty, wet boots on the storage area with your fishing tackle and supplies


  • 8 pounds could be a little heavy for your back
  • It does not have many side pockets so you have to dig in the main storage area to find something

Tips If you are planning a more than one day fishing trip that would be the best choice. There is plenty of space for your tackle, supplies, sleeping bag and clothes.



Fishing Backpack

Waterproof Big Main Storage Area Comfort

Easy access

Wild River


No Yes


Phantom Aquatics

Yes Yes Yes


Fiblink Waterproof


No No


Shelure Shoulder Bag


No No


Glacier Glove All-in-One


Yes Yes


Final thoughts

A fishing backpack can help us to store all our gear and can keep our equipment both easy to access and protected. Every good angler should have such a backpack. They are not very expensive if you think how useful they are. According to this guide, you can now find the best fishing backpack for you. Moreover, take a look at the fishing backpack reviews.

Good luck my fishing friends.

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