What Is The Best Fishing Line For Spinning Reels

When you have a fishing reel, the next important thing that you need to have is a suitable Fishing Line For Spinning Reels. Just like choices of spinning reels themselves, there is no best fishing line for a spinning reel. You need to consider many things such as types of fishing line and many other options such as weight and color.

In case you are looking for the best fishing line for your spinning reel, read on to learn more about what options you have on the market as well as their own pros and cons.

Let’s consider different types of fishing lines on the market, which are monofilament, braided and fluorocarbon fishing line.

Best Fishing Line on Budget – Monofilament

This is the most common type of fishing line which is actually used for all types of reels. The most significant characteristic of this line is that it can stretch easily, helping you to catch strong fish easily. It also comes with a variety of colors and fishing knots. It can help to adapt to many different kinds of fishing.

However, it is also the most vulnerable and requires a lot of good care and attention. You need to readjust the drag system frequently. Thus, you can make sure it doesn’t break in the middle of a fight with the fish.

Best Fishing Line for Budget - Monofilament

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Another drawback of this fishing line when you use it for spinning reels is that it contains a lot of memory. It can cause you some serious problems when you want to spool it onto the spinning reel. If you are not carefully, the line will be twisted and tangled. As a consequence, you need to spend a lot of time fixing it.

This line cannot last for a long time as well. Many factors such as water, salt and UV rays can deteriorate its quality. Nevertheless, it is the cheapest type of fishing line. So, anyone who wants to try on fishing for the first time and anglers on a tight budget should consider this.

Verdict: You can buy this fishing line to use on your spinning reel if you are a beginning angler who wants to try different types of fishing type or simply an angler who is on budget. It stretches and is easy to tie knots. However it is not as durable as other types of fishing line and contains memory. You need to trade off for the ease of use and cheap price.

Braided Fishing Line

Braided fishing line is stronger and more durable than a monofilament line. Since it is stronger, it will have smaller diameter in comparison with the diameter of a monofilament fishing line. To cope with many big fish, this type of fishing line is the best. It can sink into a deep bottom at a quick rate, making it suitable for all types of fishing.

Braided Fishing Line

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It is worth mentioning that braided fishing line has no memory. Therefore, when you spool it into the reel, you will encounter no difficulty or troubles such as line twist.

In addition, a braided fishing line is very durable as it can stand well against many harmful elements such as UV rays, heat and moisture.

Although it has a lot of advantages, it also comes with certain drawbacks. For example, it is quite visible to fish, especially when you go fishing in a clear area. In addition, you might find it hard to tie various fishing knots with this fishing line.

Nevertheless, I still think that the benefits of this type of fishing line overweight the drawbacks of it. It might be not so transparent but it is strong, durable and contains no memory, which contributes to your fishing performance.

In general, braided fishing line is my favorite type of fishing line to use on a spinning reel.

Verdict: If you want to have the best fishing line which is versatile and adapts easily to all models of fishing reels when a braided fishing line is your choice. In case you want to catch big fish and go saltwater fishing, this type of fishing line is also the best choice you can have on the market.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

This fishing line is the most recent and innovative type of fishing line.

If you want a clear transparent fishing line then this is your choice. A fluorocarbon fishing line can offer the best clarity and nearly invisibility. When you go fishing on a clear day and in the areas where the water is also clear, you can use this fishing line.

Although the line is very smooth, it is very strong and durable. Besides, it has a very decent strong knot while maintaining a small diameter.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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However, this type of fishing line is not the optimal choice for a spinning reel. It contains strong memory, which will then make it harder for you to spool it into the reel. Like the case of monofilament fishing line, if you reel it very quickly, it will be tangled.

Verdict: You need transparency and want to trick a line wary fish to catch your bait. It is stronger and more durable than a monofilament fishing line. And if you are willing to pay a higher amount of money, you would be able to have a line that can be used for a long time in the future.


In my opinion, after carefully considering all of the choices I have, my best bet would be braided fishing line. Because it contains no memory, making you spooling it into the reel quickly and easily. However, other types of fishing line also have their pros and cons. Thus, you need to evaluate based on your own preferences and needs.

There is no single best fishing line for all purposes and occasions. You will learn which one is the best after many trails and errors but they are part of the fun. I hope with all of the information I provide here, you can have better knowledge on how to choose the best fishing line for spinning reels.