5 Tips for You to Choose the Best Fishing Rod Accessories

In any subjects, we have to buy specified tools for use and fishing is not the exception. To get good results when fishing, you should prepare full fishing rod accessories. They vary in material, category, size, and design.

Considering your purpose, location, and the condition of the environment, weather or water when fishing, you can choose the suitable ones. Therefore, if you don’t have any knowledge of this equipment, it is easy to get confused and don’t know what you need to choose.

Discern the manual fishing rod and machine fishing rod

Depending on the way of fishing, there are always suitable rods. Each of such fishing rods has a different size or shape as well. There are machine fishing rods and manual fishing rods.

Manual fishing rod

You can create manual fishing rod by yourself; it is very easy! You do not need to buy costly as long as you have certain handiness.

Besides, if you own a bucked fishing rod, you would use it for many years, until it is damaged and needs a replacement. People mostly make manual fishing rods from bamboo stems, and their prices are low also.

People mostly make manual fishing rods from bamboo stems

Image source: Out Your Backdoor

Machine fishing rods

But people use machine fishing rods to catch the big fishes that live in the large and deep ponds and lakes. When you go fishing at sea or river, you also need to use machine fishing rods. Of course, it is not easy to create the machine fishing rod by yourself.

Buy it at a fishing rod accessory store. Many types of machine fishing rods are available there, from many countries. For examples France, USA, Japan, Australia, China, and Canada.

The most well-known brands are Penn, Pioneer, and Berkley. Their prices are also inexpensive, range from 25 USD to 150 USD depending on category and quality.

Machine fishing rods come in many different sizes ranging from 2 meters to more than 4 meters. Although it is so long, when you move far, you still can shorten it very neatly as an antenna of the radio receiver.

Machine fishing rods

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Also, you won’t lose lots of energy if you use a machine fishing rod. You can throw the prey into the middle of the river which can be further than 30 meters from the bank. At the far and deep water area, most big fishes will look for the prey, such as bream, catfish,…

Know types of fishing rods are available on the market nowadays so well

People usually produce fishing rods from some certain basic material. They include natural material like wood and synthetic material like fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite or boron.

The material used to make rods will decide their power, with levels from lightest to heaviest. Besides, types of material will have an impact on other features of the rod such as bending force, speed or position.

Know types of fishing rods are available on the market nowadays so well

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In general, on the market nowadays, there are commonly four types of rods:

  • Freshwater spin and bait casting rod
  • Fly fishing rod
  • Saltwater surf fishing rod
  • Deep sea fishing rod

If you want to hold a spin-casting reel, then choose a freshwater spin and bait casting rod. But in the case of a fly reel, you need to set it in front of the handle of a fly fishing rod.  And the saltwater surf fishing rod is a spin and bait casting as well as a fly fishing rod with the bigger size. Of course, when you are going to catch a super big fish, a deep sea fishing rod is the best tool for you.

How about fishing string and hook

Today, you no longer have to worry about the fishing string. There is always a variety of big and small, long and short type of fishing strings.

Fishing string

Image source: Sensible Survival

Those come from many European and Asia countries, with popular manufacturers, for examples Stren, PLINE, Suffix, Yo-Zuri, and Akamoto.

There are full of sizes with the price ranges from 1.5 USD to 2 USD for a roll of 100 meters.

The fishes have many sizes, the same as hooks so you must use the suitable hook for each of fishes.

In the past, they bent the hooks manually, i.e. they bent each of them with rudimentary tools such as pliers, filing … At that time, no matter how small or large the hooks were, people would bend them by brass.

Fishing hook

Image source: LiveOutdoors

But now, they use the steel to bend the hooks and also don’t bend in a manual way, or they buy it at the shop instead.

Know how to repair the damaged rod before decide to throw it away

When the rod gets damaged, you should see whether you can repair or not.

In fact, there are two popular ways to repair a rod: replacing the tip and repair the handle. You can buy a kit to repair the tip which includes some new tips with different sizes. Additionally, you should buy some other tools to do a simple repair such as a tube, glue…

Also, after a long time, your use will make the handle gouged or ruptured. Just use a sleeve made from cork or other flexible synthetic material. It is suitable for the holder of the handle together with a butt cap.

Know how to repair the damaged rod before decide to throw it away

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Moreover, to repair the damaged rod easily, you need to prepare some fishing rod accessories such as rod thread, razor wands, small paint brushes, rod tape…

Buy fishing rod accessories at a believable store

Nowadays, it is very simple to buy these instruments in a store or online.  They are always sporting products, fishing supply or any retail stores for you to choose. These products are diverse with acceptable prices.

Buy fishing rod accessories at a believable store

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Thus, looking for fishing rod accessories isn’t hard. But to buy exactly what you need, you must consider the options carefully. Last but not least, don’t forget to examine the sellers and consider the policy for a customer of them before buying.


Just spend a little time to read this article, and you will know what to do when you want to buy fishing rod accessories. It is useful for you not only to start a new hobby but also to replace or repair the fishing tools when they get broken.