Best Flying Waders Of 2019

Have you ever heard about flying waders? You surely have if you are a frequent angler or just a person starting to prepare for his fishing trip for the first time. The best flying waders will help you to get into the water, hence, come closer to the fish of your target. It definitely helps you to experience the water better and enjoy your trip in a great deal.

This ultimate guide below will walk you through some of the benefits of owning a flying waders and features that you need to think about in order to choose the most suitable pair of flying waders. In the end of the article, there are the reviews of the best picks for you to have a quick look and hence, have some ideas of the best models you can have on the market.

Who Need Flying Waders? And Why Do They Need Them?

Fly Fishing Anglers

The first type of people who would need a pair of flying waders is any angler who use fly fishing as their technique to catch a fish. You can obviously get this idea from the name of this item.

A pair of flying waders can support anglers when they catch their flight to a fish. Flying techniques, especially when you go fishing near a bank with a lot of bushes and coves, is hard for you to cast. Hence, you need to get out of these bushy areas and go into the river.

In addition, when you go fishing in areas with shallow bottoms, you should need to go further to get closer to where the fish are, hence the need for a pair of flying waders.

Fly Fishing Anglers

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Anglers Who Wants To Get Into Water

As I mentioned above, a pair of flying waders is suitable for an angler who wants to get into the water in order to catch fish. There are a lot of reasons why you should want to get into the water. You can get closer to the fish to have a more precise cast. It also enhances your experience of going fishing as now you can get into the world of your target. For many people, being able to walk out into the further areas of water is so much fun.

Any Angler Who Seek Comfort During A Fishing Trip

Why you can easily get into the water with a pair of flying waders you might ask. Well, a pair of flying waders will be able to keep your feet dry and warm when your feet are in the water. Some types of flying waders can even protect your upper leg and your chest. In addition, when you walk on the bottom of the area, you might encounter rocks, logs, and other things. A pair of flying waders will protect your feet from these things.

Most importantly, a pair of flying waders would be able to keep your feet and leg warm, especially when you go fishing in the cold days in the autumn and winter.

Not only can a pair of flying waders protect your feet when they are underwater, it also protects your feet when they are above the water. Anything such as the wind, snow or rain would not cause damage to your feet at all.

So in case you are looking for an extra layer of protection, a pair of flying waders is a crucial item for your next fishing trip.


Features To Consider When Choosing A Flying Waders

There are literally thousands of models of flying waders that you can find on the market. They are varied in styles, designs, materials, and quality. You can find a pair of flying waders as cheap as about 50 dollars or as expensive as about 500 dollars. The 500 dollar pair might not be the best one if it doesn’t meet what you need. Take a look at these features below to see what you need to consider for your best flying waders.


There are 2 main types of construction including the booted flying waders and stockingfoot waders.

Booted flying waders

Booted flying waders

Image source: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

A pair of bootfood or booted flying waders refers to a wader which is attached to the boot. You can also have waders that go up to the chest. This type of flying wader is easy to use. And you don’t have to think about purchasing an extra pair of boot.

However, it is a little bit inconvenient for you to both wearing the booted flying waders and walking on a slippery surface. These waders in general, are quite soft and couldn’t be able to support your ankle. In case you are going fishing in an area with a lot of small rocks, you shouldn’t use this type of flying waders.

Stockingfoot cruising waders

A pair of stocking foot waders only comes with a neoprene With this type of waders, you can enjoy changing different types of boots when you go fishing. If you often go fishing in different areas of water with different conditions, you should consider buying a pair of stockingfoot flying waders. You have much more versatility with this type of flying waders.

Stockingfoot cruising waders

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There are several options for materials which you can find among different models of flying waders.

Neoprene: This material is spongy, thick and highly waterproof. There are several benefits that you can get from this type of material. First of all, the neoprene is thick and insulated to keep your feet warm when it is cold outside. Second, it is one of the most durable types of material that you can find on the market. However, this material also comes with some drawbacks. Since it is thick, it is not so well ventilated. In addition, it is quite bulky, making it heavier, and hence, harder to move around different areas of water.

GORE-TEX: Here is another type of material that you can consider. It is one of the most premium materials on the market with a great breathability and durability. However, it is quite expensive.


The breathability of a pair of flying wader is the feature that you would need if you want your feet and your legs to stay cool all of the time, especially during the hot summer days. After all, a good pair of flying waders should be able to keep the water out while allowing the moisture to get through.

The breathability of any flying pair of waders depends on the material of such product. Any cheaper material such as rubber or neoprene is not so well ventilated. On the other hand, more expensive materials such as GORE-TEX will be more breathable.

However, keep in mind that some types of breathable material are thinner than the less well-ventilated materials such as neoprene. They are thinner and hence, will not be durable and warm enough for you during the much winter days.


As I mentioned above, the prices of a pair of flying waders vary a great deal, from about 50 dollars to even more than 500 dollars. Normally, a 500 dollar pair of flying waders would be tougher and more durable. You should consider investing a huge sum of money into a pair of flying waders if you consider using this for a lot of times. And if you are going fishing into rough water in severe weather, you should definitely invest in a premium pair of flying waders.

On the other hand, if you only go fishing several times per year, an affordable pair of flying waders would be just as good.

Other Options

There are other options that you can consider when choosing a pair of flying waders. Some add-in features will make the waders more expensive. However, it is not always that case that you should pay extra money for the extra features.

For example, you don’t need to buy a pair of insulated flying waders if you only go fishing in the summer. Unless where you go is super cold, a breathable pair of flying waders is what you need to pay attention to.

Other Options

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Another feature that you should pay attention to is the pockets that come with a pair of waders. In this case, this is totally your personal preference. If you want to have a lot of pockets for your personal belongings then go for it.

Some manufacturers might claim that a camo coded wader is the best. However, the color of the wader will have no effect on how productive and quickly you can catch a fish. Nevertheless, if you not only go fishing but also duck hunting, you might consider a camo coded pair of waders just in case.

Reviews Of The Best Flying Waders

Here are our best picks of the most popular and well-rated flying waders that you can find on the market:

1.Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon and PVC Cleated Bootfoot Chest Fishing Waders

Its Main Features: These flying waders are made of nylon and PVC material. It features the cleated bootfoot design with cover for the chest area. They are available in brown color with sizes ranging from size 7 to size 13.


  • This pair of flying waders is made of premium material, which is lightweight and breathable. Nylon and PVC materials are 35 % lighter than rubber of the same style and design.
  • In addition, these waders are durable and waterproof.
  • And thanks to the innovative Sonic technology and double sonic welded seams, they are capable of protecting you well from various harmful elements of the natures such as the wind and rain.
  • The suspenders and internal pockets of these waders can be easily adjusted to make sure you have the best fit and comfort when wearing these waders for a long time.
  • They have cleated boots to make sure you have a good grip. As a result, you can walk on a slippery surface with a lot of support for your ankle.
  • There are both external and internal pockets for you to store your personal belongings.


  • It is a little bit bulky.

2.Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders

Its Main Features: This pair of flying waders features the hip wader design with 2-ply upper construction. They are available in dark brown color with sizes ranging from size 7 to size 13.


  • This pair of bootfoot hip waders is lightweight and waterproof to keep your body dry and well ventilated all of the time. This pair can wick moisture away effectively even in the hottest summer days.
  • In addition, the cleated boots of these hip waders are also very durable and sturdy, supporting your feet and ankle when you have to walk for a long time on the tough
  • Not only does the material of this pair of hip waders protect your foot and legs from the wind and the rain, it also provides a lot of flexibility for your movements.
  • The sole of the boot comes with great traction to prevent you from falling easily when you walk on the slippery
  • Along with the belt loop and take-up strap, this pair of flying waders could fit snuggly on almo all types of bodies of different anglers.


  • They are not insulated; hence, they might not be warm enough for you in the late fishing seasons.
  • There are no internal or external pockets.

3.Caddis Men's Attractive 2-Tone Tauped Deluxe Breathable Stocking Foot Wader

Its Main Features: This product is a pair of stockingfoot wader with 2-tone taupe stocking foot features double knee adjustable deluxe suspenders. The material of these waders is polyester.


  • This is one of the most versatile products which are warm and breathable in all kinds of conditions of weather. It is also suitable for all body’s shapes including ones from youth, women and men.
  • The material of these waders is of high quality which is breathable, lightweight and durable. Along with the premium material, the CaddisDry technology is capable of ventilating air and keeping moisture away effective.
  • The feet of these waders are double toped glued and then stitched to make sure that your feet are kept warm and dry.
  • They are supportive, especially for your ankle when you walk on various types of surfaces. With good traction, you can easily walk on slippery surfaces without the fear of falling.
  • There are other features of this stocking foot wader including the suspenders, new Quad pockets and attached gravel guards to enhance your fishing experience.


  • This pair of stockingfoot wader runs a little bit larger than other types of stockingfoot waders of the same size.

4.Oakiwear Toddler & Childrens' Neoprene Waterproof Fishing Waders

 Its Main Features: This pair of fishing waders is especially to meet the needs of the toddlers and children when they go fishing.  These waders are made from Neoprene material along with attached rubber boots. With the partnership with Realtree, the manufacturer of these flying waders can use the popular and highly rated Max-5 Camo design for this pair of waders.


  • This pair of rubber boots comes with good tread. This allows your toddlers and children to put the waders on and off without any help from adults.
  • These waders are neoprene lined. Hence, they are capable of keeping your kids warm and dry even in the cool water.
  • All of the lines are double stitched to make sure this pair of fishing waders can survive several hunting seasons.
  • The shoulder straps can be adjusted easily. It is a good deal as your kids can continue to use this pair of waders when they grow up.
  • The straps and buckle belts of this pair of fishing waders are made with fine condition and solid enough to last for several seasons.
  • If you are looking for camo fishing and hunting items, this one has the camo color that you are looking for.


  • There is a big discrepancy between the shoe size and body size as the body size tends to be a little bit smaller.


5.Frogg Toggs Cascades 2-Ply Rubber Bootfoot Cleated Chest Wader

Its Main Features: These booted waders are made of 2 ply 300 Denier poly mixed with rubber. It features inside security pocket. All of the seams are stitched, taped and vulcanized. They are available in dark green color. They come with a non-insulated rubber boot.


  • These waders are waterproof and breathable to keep you dry from chest to toe.
  • It features a classic chest design along with an adjustable H back suspender, quick release buckles and chest drawcord to make sure you have a lot of flexibility for all of your movements.
  • They are made with vulcanized rubber technology with tough and premium material to make these waders more durable. In addition, the rubber is not sticky at all under water, helping you to feel comfortable underwater for a long time.
  • These waders are resistant to chemicals and other harmful elements from the nature such as the rain or wind.
  • Last but not least, it is easy to clean these waders.


  • While this pair of chest waders comes with an internal pocket, there is no external pocket.
  • This product is not as durable as other types of waders made from different materials.


You need to prepare a lot of things for your next fishing trip. The definitely must have items including your fishing rod, line, and reel. And while you can be totally fine when you go fishing with or without a pair of flying waders, they can surely enhance your fishing experience. If you are a fly fishing angler or any angler who chooses to go fishing in bushy or shallow areas, flying waders is the essential item.

There are quite a few factors that you need to consider when you choose a suitable pair of flying waders including types, materials, and construction. Make sure that you choose a pair of flying waders which is the most suitable for all of your personal needs and requirements. I hope that with the information above, you will quickly find the best flying waders in a short amount of time.