Easily Choose the Best Gun Safe Doors With This Ultimate Guide

The most important part of any gun safe is its door. Gun safe doors prevent burglars from having access to the contents inside. It’s the part where the guns safe manufacturers pay the most attention to make sure nobody can try and break into it.

Shopping for a true gun safe can be challenging if you don’t have much understanding of how it works. To make it easier, you have to know and be sure of what you’re looking for in a gun safe. In today’s article, we’ll learn about what to look for when choosing the best gun safe doors.

For best gun safe doors, consider gun safe doors and door frame first

The thickness of the door doesn’t reflect its quality; it’s the material that does. With that being said, a composite gun safe door construction is the worst when it comes to this department. A solid outer steel sheet on the gun safe door is much better even it appears to be thinner.

You should check to see if there is any extra gusset or support by sticking your head in the gun safe. The majority of gun safes have just a sheet metal edge, but it’s still better than nothing.

Consider gun safe doors and door frame first

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Gun safe door gap

Door gap on gun safe doors is the space between the door jamb and the edge of the door outer plate.

If the gun safe has a huge gap, burglars can get a pry bar in it. Unfortunately, these gaps are even wider. Quality gun safes have very tiny door gaps to the point that you can’t even fit a credit card in it.

The smaller the door gap is, the more difficult it would be to pry the door. So make sure the door gap of the gun safe is as little as possible.

A gun safe with a recessed door will be ideal for this department. The small gap will prevent anyone from using a pry bar to break into your gun safe.

Gun safe door gap

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Gun safe door hinges

How secure a gun safe is has nothing to do with these. A properly made gun safe has to come with locking bolts (sometimes can be fixed) or a welded tongue on the side of the door that the hinges are located.

The locking bolts are designed to hold the gun safe doors shut on the hinge side. Gun safes that don’t have these bolts should not be taken into consideration.

Gun safe doors with internal hinges can only be opened 90 degrees at max. On gun safes like this, part of the fire lining will be cut out for the hinges to fit it when the gun safe door is shut on.

If you open the internally hinged door with a little too hard, the door jamb can be bent. Another thing about internally hinged doors is that they can’t be adjusted or removed.

Gun safe door hinges

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Reasons why you should get a gun safe with externally hinged doors:

  • Allow the gun safe doors to open 180 degrees, so you can see everything more easily and comfortably.
  • Gun safe doors with external hinges can be adjusted and removed which means, they’re serviceable. Because there will be a time when the door is out of alignment or sometimes, the gun safe can get racked.
  • Since external hinged doors can be removed, you can remove it to make the gun safe lighter when moving it. The weight of the door is significant as it’s the most secure side of the gun safe.

Even when all the hinges are cut off, which will take a lot of time, inexperienced thieves still can’t open the door thanks to the locking bolts inside the gun safe.

Gun safe door seal

A door seal in a gun safe helps the desiccant or dehumidifier inside keep it moisture free.

However,  moreover, cheaper gun safes come with no door sealing at all. So if you’re looking for a gun safe with proper fire protection, you might want to invest in a higher end gun safe.

A door seal is very useful during a fire as it keeps the water, hot gasses, fire, and smoke… from getting in the gun safe. Hot gasses can get 600 degrees in a fire in no time. They can get inside of the gun safe and destroy your contents and melt the composite stocks if it’s not on the door seal.

Gun safe doors with intumescent sealing will be very helpful in providing fire protection. The idea of the intumescent door seal is that it will expand when heated up to a certain point.

The best intumescent door seal for gun safes is the BASF brand Palusol. This material can expand to 7 times its original thickness when the temperature reaches 248 degrees. The expanded door seal will then seal the door from the water spray from firefighters, hot gasses, and smoke…

When shopping for a good gun safe for fire protection, make sure the Palusol seal covers the sealing face of the gun safe door entirely. Because even when the door is sealed with the best sealing material, it won’t help much if it’s not fully covered.

Final thought

Above are some aspects you should know about gun safe doors. There are four important areas of the gun safe door that you should look into closely. So consider these recommendations below for a good gun safe door. You should choose a gun safe that:

  • Have a solid outer steel sheet on the door.
  • Include a door gap as small as possible.
  • Have externally hinged door.
  • Fully sealed with Palusol on the door.

Hopefully, this article will help you find the best gun safe with the most reliable door construction. A gun safe with a good door will be helpful for not only theft protection but fire protection too.