The Only Best Hammock Strap Buying Guide You Ever Need To Read

Have you ever experienced the feeling of suddenly falling on the ground while sleeping peacefully in your lovely high-quality hammock? Well, in this case, the only reason is the straps. Maybe, it is not durable enough or strong enough to hold the hammock for a long time. Therefore, it’s very important the buy the best hammock strap for your hammock.

You know, it’s kind of weird when you have a very expensive and high-quality hammock but a terrible pair of straps. In fact, to get the most out of a hammock, you have to own a good pair of straps.

Features to look for in a set of hammock straps

Nowadays, hammocks have taken comfort and relaxation up to a whole new level. They are more versatile and durable than ever before. However, without a good pair of straps, an expensive hammock is just a big waste of money. This suspension system will help you attach both ends of the hammock to two supporting objects to keep you off the ground.

This is why I’m here today, showing you some important features you need to look for in hammock straps. Let’s get started:


First, when you buy a pair of hammock straps, it’s important to make sure that they are strong and durable enough. Everyone wants the hammocks traps to last through a lot of days of use without tearing or stretching. Additionally, durability and strength are especially important if you are a frequent traveler or camper.


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In details, Polyester webbing is the best material for straps. It is extremely strong and will not stretch even if you use it often or in bad weather conditions. Besides, the stitching is also important, thus, look for a pair of straps which features double or triple-stitched seams. This way, you can make sure that the straps will not tear or unravel while you’re using the hammock.


This is another important factor you need to consider when choosing hammock straps. Remember that a hammock is not only to serve as a bed on a camping trip but also to be used at home. You can use a hammock to spend a relaxing evening reading your favorite books or watching the sunset.

Hammocks which are used outdoors are constructed with a durable material which can withstand the effects of weather without mildewing or fading. However, a lot of people have problems figuring out where to hang the hammocks. Well, the specific objects you attach your hammock change depending on your location.


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This is the reason why a pair of straps which can be easily attached to many different objects is a good choice. With these versatile straps, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right place to hang the hammock. Therefore, remember to choose a suspension system which works as hammock tree straps. It will allow you to attach the hammock to any object easily.


When choosing the best hammock strap, you also need to consider the weight of the suspension system. This is especially important when it comes to camping or any other type of portable hammocks.

In fact, the lightweight strap is a perfect choice if you are going to backpack, hike, snowshoe or ski with your favorite hammock. The more lightweight and smaller your straps, the better. Trust me; you never want the straps to take much room in your backpack, weighing you down on a camping trip.

Also, you may want to add heaps of extra load on your pack on your trip. In fact, hammocks manufactured by reputed brands provide some items which are not only lightweight but very durable. Therefore, they are both easy to carry and strong enough to support a great amount of weight. You can buy double hammock straps which are strong enough for two people to lie in but weigh less than 2 lbs.


Maybe you think you just need a few feet of the strap to hang your hammock, but you’re wrong. Sometimes, we have no idea where the trees or any anchor points are.


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In my experiences, you should choose straps which have more than enough length to hang the hammock easily. Thus, it’s crucial to choose straps which are about 10 feet long.


Keep in mind that a high-quality pair of straps must be tree-friend because you don’t want to hurt nature, do you? The thicker, the better because thick straps will put a little strain on the tree you hang the hammock from. That’s why you need to make sure the straps are about 1 inch thick or more.

Best hammock strap reviews

1.Eagles Nest Outfitters - Atlas Hammock Suspension System

Even though this product is light weight, these straps feature 30 adjustments if they are used together. Specifically, they are 9 feet long each. Therefore, they will be perfect even when you wrap them around thick trees. As this suspension system is made of poly-filament webbing, they are not only good for your hammock but also tree-friendly. Then, you don’t have to worry about them damaging the bark.

Besides, the daisy chain design will allow for any customization needed while you set up your hammock, no matter where you hang it. Each of the straps is so strong that it can hold up to 200 lbs in total. That means if they are used together, they can easily hold 400 lbs. Also, they are quite easy to set up, to take down, and to adjust.

Furthermore, you can also attach these straps to roof racks, boat masts, rocks or whatever other supports needed. Although they are intended for ENO’s hammocks, you can use them with a lot of other hammock brands out there. Moreover, there is a storage bag included which comes in various colors.

Good for: anyone who wants to use hammocks at home, camping, backpacking.


  • Polyester straps
  • Stainless steel carabiners
  • Carry pouch included
  • Lightweight
  • Long
  • High weight capacity
  • Compatible with many different hammocks


  • Notches are likely to tear part if after several uses

2.Winner outfitters Hammock Hanging Straps

Are you looking for the best hammock strap? If so, then it is not a bad idea for you to go for these Winner outfitters Hammock straps. The first thing which impressed me about this product is that even though the straps are lightweight, they can even hold 700 lbs. They are so strong and durable even if they are used by a heavy rambunctious kid thinking of the hammock as a swing set.

Each of these straps has 16 loops. Therefore, no matter how far the trees are from each other, it won’t be a big problem when you want to hang the hammock at the proper height. There are no S-hooks or carabiners included so if the hammock doesn’t come with them; it’s necessary to buy them separately.

Whether used with posts, trees or even car racks, the straps can work very effectively. That’s why it can keep you off the ground at the proper height during the whole night. And if you find it too low for you, you can adjust the height in no time.

Besides, this suspension system will never stretch, even when it is raining. Furthermore, they won’t damage or slip the tree bark. Especially, this product is compatible with all hammocks available out there, no matter which your hammock’s brand is. Additionally, when you have to pack up, you just need to roll up these straps and then put them in your handy travel bag. Sounds pretty easy, huh?

Good for: Camping, hiking, backyard and backpacking use


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy polyester material
  • Long
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Easy to setup and pack up.
  • Tree-friendly


  • No S-hooks or carabiners included

3.Widened tree Hammock Straps

This pair of Fnova Widened Hammock straps is made out of sturdy polyester. This durable material is what keeps your hammock firmly in place when you hang it on posts, tress, boat masts or anything in range. No matter what type of weather it is, it will never stretch.

These strong straps can hold up to even a total of 1320 pounds when used together. That means it can hold a few adults at the same time. Besides, this product also offers you guys two included carabiners so you can hang your hammock in no time.

When you find that the hammock is not at the proper height, you won’t need to start over because of the daisy chain system. Instead, you can unclip the hammock and adjust the height without having to remove both the straps from the posts. Additionally, it is possible for you to hang your hammock on supports over 20 feet apart with 10 feet of strap on each side. Therefore, you will have more options as compared to a shorter pair of straps.

Because the width of these straps is 2 inches, they are much more friendly to nature than any thin straps or ropes. Hence, you don’t have to worry about them damaging the trees.

Good for: Backpacking, Backyard camping, fishing and hiking even with the whole family.


  • Long
  • Heavyweight capacity
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Carabiners included
  • Daisy chain system allowing for easy height adjustment
  • Tree-friendly
  • Polyester straps with triple stitched seams.


  • Some complaints about the real weight capacity which is not as heavy as stated by the manufacturer.

Final thoughts

Have you made your own decision whether to buy any pair of hammock straps yet? To be honest, choosing good hammock straps is not as difficult as choosing a good hammock. Therefore, you just need to read this article carefully, and I believe that you can choose a good product for your personal use.