Hunting Boots Buying Guide

Hunting Boots Buying Guide

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hunter, there is a fact that nobody can deny, a pair of high-quality hunting boots is one of the essential gears for a hunting party. Nobody is perfect, even when you have already had experience. Thus, there will be a few mistakes showing up sometimes, especially in choosing best hunting boots.

Another point, there is a wide range of boots for hunting available in the market nowadays with a different level of quality. It depends on higher demand of customers. You may get confused and waste your money on wrong ones.

To avoid those bad cases, in this article, I will give you the top Hunting Boot reviews as well as buying guide to picking up the right hunting boots.

Quality Hunting Boots: More than Just an Afterthought

Either you are such a kind of person, who is ready to spend hours of your hunting time just to hide quietly in a tree stand or going everywhere with your hunting dogs to look for a trophy buck, the final concern is the quality, the durability as well as the comfort of your hunting boots.

To get a good pair of hunting boots, you should not base on how famous and liable the manufacturer is or how well the shoemakers make them, but also the seasons.


It is like when you go out with your favorite sandals for personal purposes, maybe to buy snacks or have a walk with your lovely puppy. It is not really a matter until you catch out in a rain and have to return fast to your house or car for a heat in your feet. Select the wrong type of footwear never gives you good memory or experience not except hunting boots.

Like the sword of horsemen, these hunting boots play an essential role in success of your hunting party, to turn your nightmare into a sweet dream or on the contrary.

Yet, to choose a good pair of hunting boots is not easy. There are a lot of situations we cannot expect will happen during the hunting party and no boots that can afford all requirements.

From that point, you need to understand your circumstance to choose the most suitable ones.

Things to consider choosing good hunting boots

Consider these factors to help you get along the way.

1. Material


Canvas boots are considered to be old-fashioned but they are still being used widely. This material is very breathable, slightly lightweight and can dry out quickly if it got wet. You also can seal the canvas to increase its waterproof capabilities.

The best part is they are more affordable than the other counterparts.

Canvas is considered as a good material for the best hunting boots

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This is also a classic boots material. Leather offers excellent protection from moist and its stiffness provides feet unique support. But as it prevents moist, leather is not very breathable.

Although they are durable from time to time, you should consider the heavy weight of these boots and seal the material yearly to prevent leather-rotting.


Typically, this is a good choice for damps, creeks, and marshes. They provide 100% waterproof, keeps your feet warm and supported. Most rubber boots nowadays have steel toes.

So that, it can protect your toe if you drop a heavy piece of burning wood on your feet and snake proof construction built. It means that it cannot be penetrated by fangs or sharp object. You should consider the low flexibility of these boots and they can be quite hot inside when going for long walks.

You need to store rubber boots in cool and dry place to prevent deterioration and bonding.

Nylon mesh

One of the newest mixed-material in the market, nylon boots come with an affordable price.

They create comfort by providing excellent airflow, flexibility when moving around and weight as light as 2 pounds. These boots are mostly used to catch bird’s uphill, where many miles are walked each day.

One downside for nylon is that it can be quite chilly in cold weather because of its good airflow.

Other materials

Apart from these commonly used materials, there are others with unique use such as Suede, Closed-Cell Foam, Neoprene, Gore-Tex, and so on. Give them a try if you have the opportunity.

2. Waterproof

Every hunter should have a pair of waterproof boots ready for them.

They are mostly used for hunting in swampy areas and places in which you cannot hunt comfortably with wet feet and socks at all. When going out for an early hunt in the morning, the heavy dew on grass you step on can quickly soak your leather or fabric boots up and sends you right back to the van.

Water Proof Boots

Check whether it is the wet season before choosing the boots. The more waterproof your boots are, the less breathable your feet will be. If your journey requires constant walking and the weather is slightly humid, use boots with high heels.

So that, you can step on the low wet area without getting the upper mesh wet.

If you need both waterproof and breathability to hunt in a cold winter, consider Gore- Tex. The advanced textile inherits the waterproof and flexibility from Nylon but completely more insulated aka warmer.

Gore- Tex boots usually have fully taped seams up to the ankle, so that your feet can be waterproof even from the top.

3. Height

Choosing the height of your boots depends on how much hiking you need to do on a hunt. With a long distance walk, pick the boots which are slightly over your ankle for maximum flexibility and comfort.

If you are carrying a large backpack or a heavy load on your back, boots that are over the ankle can provide you great stability for the walk.

They are also a great supporter for your back and feet, plus higher boots mean keeping your feet high and dry.

Also keep in mind that boots with higher heels can give you more protection and the height of those boots ranges from 6 inches to 18 inches.

4. Soles & lacing

Soles are just as important when choosing the right boots. The inner and outer soles work together to support your feet and to give a firm stand for hiking with a heavy backpack. If you plan on a hunt with a light backpack, use the thinner sole which will enhance your flexibility to a different level.

Generally, boots have a lacing system that goes just over your ankle. This enables you with moderate support without too many restrictions. Rubber and leather boots are often laced up to your calf.

This adds much more support and stiffness to your feet. Higher – laced boots also protect the wearer from an ankle injury when hiking along, undiscovered terrain.

5. Designs & styles

There are different styles of boots but they come in three basic categories:

–  Upland boots: for lightweight walking comfort only, these boots comes with soil shredding soles. Upland bird hunters mostly wear these for a long hike and the lightweight assures more flexibility as they do not care much about backpacks or belongings.

The terrain they take is moderate so little traction and supports for upper body are needed.

Upland boots

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– Multi-purpose: These boots are the most common in the three categories. Designed for all-around use, they are durable, long-lasting, and provide excellent traction on various surfaces.

Their upper mesh also comes with a variety of insulation level, matching with all your need, whether it is warm or freezing outside. Generally speaking, these boots gives more support than upland boots and their soles are heavier.

– High country: If a hunter is running for big hunts located in steep terrains, he must choose this category. These boots fully support the feet and extreme traction from sole, enable hunter from tripping or twisting an ankle.

While going for bull hunting on a steep mountain, there is no time for changing another pair of boots. This one meets all the need of extreme durability and support for a long, tiring but rewarding hunt.

6. Other factors

Insulation is the key factor affecting the warmth of your boots. If you are going on a hunt that requires minimal physical activity in 10-degree weather, choose one with high insulation level. The higher the insulation level is, the less flexible your boots can provide.

Break-in time indicates the period needed for you to run or hike comfortably in your boots. More supportive boots need more break-in time, so do not try on your boots for a hunt immediately the day after purchase!

Socks: when purchasing a new pair of boots, take the socks that you would go hunting with to try on and ensure proper fit. Some people tends to wear thicker socks in hunts than at home. So that, make sure you take the most comfortable boots and socks with you, give them a nice long walk and get ready for the hunt.

Perfect fit: it is typical for every footwear brand that the size varies. Do not hesitate to exchange for another pair of boots if you are not comfortable with the same size you used with your old boots brand.

Top 8 Best Hunting Boots Reviews

1. LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 18

Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot has two kinds: for men and for women. In generally, there are almost no huge differences between them, except sizes and materials. While LaCrosse Alphaburly Boots for men are made from leather, the ones for women are made from rubber which is much lighter and create the best comfort for users.

A small talk about size, in my and many other customers’ opinions, they are a bit bigger than the real size.

However, a small roomy space in your toes will be better to make them comfortable and isolated. If you cannot get acquainted with this, wearing a pair of shock can help much.

As these boots are well-made with cushioned EVA midsole, it creates the best comfort all day long to save hunters from pain. Besides, the waterproof feature has got you from dirt, mud, so on and protects your feet from rocks, sharp objects, so on.

However, in turns, you should change your socks usually because of sweating. You will feel a bit unpleasant in your feet if those socks are unchanged but it is not really a matter.

2. Northside Men’s Insulated Hunting Boot

Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

Right from its name, we can guess a bit about some features. And yes, this pair of hunting boots is isolated and waterproof with synthetic sole to use in the toughest terrains like mud, dirt or on rainy days.

Besides, leather is the major material of this kind to create the best durability and protection from the external.

In addition, it keeps warmth well and very suitable to wear in cold days or winter.

Unlike the LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot, this Northside has topical spray along with breathable membrane. It helps your feet feel free from sweat and always in comfortable condition.

One more plus point about this brand is their excellent customer service. I mean if there are any mistakes belong to the product or the ones you get are not in the right size after unpacking, you can return them for a new pair.

On the other hand, there are three choices for you in color: Tan Camo, Dark Brown, and Brown Camo. 800-gram weight is good for lightweight hunting boots. With such low price, these benefits are absolutely great and reasonable.

3. Kamik Men’s Camo Hunting Boot

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Like almost hunting boots, this Kamik Men’s Camo has rubber sole. It also has the ability to water resistant, keeps your boots against water and dirt that will be cleaning easily.

Wearing those shoes and you can feel free of sweating, thanks to the Moisture-wicking lining. Cushioned footbed and Padded collar helps you feel comfortable and keeps warm all day.

The most impressive feature is the ability to suffer the temperature range from -40 to 40 degree Fahrenheit, allowing you to move in even the hardest weather and condition. With more than 100 year history, you can place your trust in this brand.

The same price range with Northside Men’s Insulated Hunting Boot, these boots do not cost much in addition to the super lightweight feature. For those who usually combine hiking and hunting, this kind of shoes can work well in both sports, which saves you much money.

4. Bogs Men's Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

If you want to find a good pair of boots for hunting, it is not easy, to beat the price is much harder. Yet, this is considered as the best choice to meet both requirements.

Not only can you use it in almost kinds of weather thanks to its material – rubber, but Bogs is very durable and work well in cold weather, as its name has told.

If you are at the same time, a fisherman and a hunter, looking for a pair of shoes to have such requirements of these two sports, this is really the best choice.

Besides, unlike those boots above, the size range of Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot is a little bit smaller than usual.

Moisture-wicking sock liner is the highlight of these shoes. It plays an essential role in reducing heat and odor as much as possible, saves your feet from some common diseases as well as keeps them comfortable.

Non-slip outsole does much help in anti-slippery. 5 pounds are considered as the ideal weight for a pair of hunting boots.

5. Danner Men's Pronghorn 8 Inch Hunting Boot

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Danner Men’s Pronghorn is one of the rare boots that will not make your feet hurt right from the first day wearing. This is the 4th generation that not only keeps learning from the elders but also nonstop improving all the drawbacks.

In this very new version, there are a lot of advances; typically is more streamlined, lighter weight in addition to heel cap and all-leather toe. The toe box is also opened to make wearers feel more comfortable and fitted.

Thanks to the 1000 Denier nylon and full-grain CamoHide leather that those boots can resist from water, so that you can keep the feet always dry even on rainy days. Another advance is the comfort level manufacturer creation – triple layer cushioning plus Ortholite footbed.

Again, when buying this Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8 Inch Hunting Boot, they will a bit bigger than your size, so that do not forget to pick extra thick socks to fix this matter.

Its dimensions are 12-inch long x 8-inch wide x 4-inch high

6. Guide Gear Men's Insulated Monolithic Hunting Boots

Our Rating: 4.4 / 5

You are suffering from your cold feet after a hard hunting day then this boot will save them, even in the hardest weather. Thinsulate Ultra Insulation is a life saver to be a good heater for your feet and help you focus on hunting.

Besides, 100 bucks for a great boot is not expensive at all. Unlike the unpleasant feelings when you wear a pair of rubber hunting boots, this is totally comfortable.

About the size, I advise you to choose your real size to get the best fit because they do not run big. So that, do not choose thick socks to wear, casual ones will be better.

Besides, the Mossy Oak nylon uppers keep those boots waterproof but still breathable. In addition to using them for a hunt, many other outdoor activities are fine.

7. The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

Our Rating: 4.4 / 5

I love them for multiple choices in color, including MOBU, MOBU camo, and Hoser Mid Black. Besides, if you usually hunt in jungles or “snake country”, take these and they will save you.

The Original MuckBoots is made from thick rubber, so that they can deflect bites from snakes, even the camo portion.

Another plus point is that those shoes do not run big; you do not have to take time for consideration which size will fit the best on your feet. Just choose the actual one, a pair of socks will be perfect to keep them comfortable and feel warm but not overheat all day. Even you stand a long time in water or walking in cold weather, they are still fine.

Even though the Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boots do not choose leather as the others, rubber and fabric are good to support your feet and resist from water well.

8. Baffin Men's Hunter Waterproof Boot

Our Rating: 4.2 / 5

Rubber makes those boots water-resistant and lightweight to walk and run all day, limit maximum the pain in the arch and sole.

Besides, it helps Baffin to compete highly in price with the others. If you worry about them, there are no shoes to fit your large feet then relax, this Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot can afford very large sizes.

As we recommend above, choose a smaller size to feel the best comfort and fit in addition to a pair of socks. And as the material of the inner liner is fabric, your feet will be dry and breathable and you can remove them for a wash or replacement.

Thick sole padding makes the boots keep warmth well, even in minus degree; you do not lose your toes. Besides, when moving in muddy areas, do not worry that you can slip as the treads are slippery resistance well.

Types of hunting boots

A hunting session requires much concentration and preparation beforehand.

First, you must get a grip on what you are hunting, the terrain, and ultimately the weather of the field. Choosing the boots to fit your intention best is hard but they will give you a huge amount of support for the journey.

Have a look at these types of hunting boots available on the market:

Based on Season

One key point to remember when choosing the right boots is the time of the year. Plan ahead the weather you will be hunting in order to find the insulation and waterproof level matching the condition.

A pair of boots for hunting in the early season differs completely from that of a freezing hunting season day.

Early season

The early season ranges from late summer to early fall. Hunters should look for boots that offer the best heat relief. Also, they help you to walk comfortably to match the period. Hunting trips on this season often require lightweight backpacking and uphill hiking, so you should consider breathable boots.

Be ready for humid weather in this season. If the weather is humid and wet out there, choose a pair of waterproof boots.

For instance, boots with Gore-Tex, Dry plus, rubber or nylon upper can keep your feet high and dry for the hunt.

In contrast, choose a product with a ventilated, hiking style for flexibility if there is not too much moisture on the hunting ground.

For this season you ought to check for boots with low insulation. Uninsulated or insulated up to 200 grams boots are best hunting boots for spring summer and early fall. The lighter your boots are, the better you can chase muleys, bull elk, and hunt upland. Keep an eye out for snake country as you have to use boots with the ability to save you from snake bites.


Boots that are in this category have insulation degrees covering almost hunting situation in fall. Select Midseason hunting boots if you are looking for footwear that matches various weather conditions. They are insulated from 400 to 800 grams; this is also an ideal level for hunting in early season at high attitude or in cold places.

The insulation in these boots is just warm enough for your long walk in cold early morning. Then they can still make your feet comfortable when the temperature heats up later. Using them in active cold hunting situations is also an excellent choice.

Midseason hunting boots are mostly waterproof against snow, rain, or early morning dew.

Moreover, you can raise their versatility in cold condition by inserting heavyweight socks when hunting.

Late season

You know it is late season when the temperature drops to the bottom and snow start to fall. Choosing a pair of boots for the late season means one with extra protection against the cold weather.

Boots in this category are often heavily insulated with 1000 grams or higher. As they guard your feet from the snow, late season boots are perfect for hunting in winter and most sedentary activities.

Hunting boots for Late season

Image source:

Once it comes to standing and you start hunting parties in low or even minus temperature, these boots need to be heavily insulated. Pac boots are a typical option. It saves your feet against cold weather with warmth-trapping liners and thick insulation for your best hunting experience.

Remember that the thicker these boots are, the harder it is for you to travel long distance. Use those boots weighing 800 – 1200 grams insulation level for an alternative approach.

Based on hunting style

You can tell your hunting style from what you are hunting:

  • If you are planning for plenty of walking, active hunting boots can provide premium features including special footbeds and sole. They provide good traction along with enhanced support for your feet.
  • In rugged and unexplored terrain that can often cause trouble for your feet, choose custom-fit rugged boots or ones that have nylon upper.
  • Over boots are exceptionally useful in cold conditions; therefore they are a good choice for sedentary hunters.
  • Choose a pair of boots that provide mobility when hunting in early season; in this case, hiking boots are good choice. Beware of snake country as you need to find snake-proof boots.

Sum up

Through this article, I hope you have enjoyed these best hunting boots reviews and buying guide about hunting boots. Whether you take time trudging knee through freeze snow or soaking under cold water, it is essential to understand which types of boots fit you best.

And do not forget: As for hunters U.S, wisdom is more essential than boots or weapons. Have a good hunting!