The 5 Best Laser Bore Sighter Recommendations Every Hunter Should Consider

Are you a true hunter? If so, I’m sure you all had to go through an expensive and a timely process of shooting targets. A hunter has to practice lining up their scope a lot. They have to practice until the crosshairs narrow the gap between the point they think they are aiming and the point the bullet hits. Of course, there were early bore sighters which helped hunters simplify this task, but later innovations take hunting to the whole new level.

That is the reason why I’m here today to guide you to choose the best laser bore sighter for your hunt. However, before the moving onto how to choose the right laser bore sighter, I think we need to get started with the basics.

Comparison between traditional bore sighting & laser bore sighting

Traditional bore sighting

The term involves removing the bolt as well as sighting down the bore of the rifle to a specific point. While the gun is fixed in place, the irons or scope will be adjusted to aim at the distant object.

Laser bore sighting

Modern bore sighting makes use of a laser and actually, this is not a visual inspection for illuminating the distant point. This new method is preferred as it can allow more movement in your rifle when the laser dot doesn’t move relatively to the barrel. Besides, this method of bore sighting will not require you to detach the bolt, compared to the traditional one.

Benefits of laser bore sighting


Overall, laser bore sighting has some advantages over the traditional method. In details, it is much easier as well as more accurate as you don’t have to try to align your eye to look down a barrel anymore.


Image source: The DIY Hunter

Also, you can use the laser bore sighter for scopes and iron sights on your rifle and even pistol. Therefore, it is the easy way to make sure the sights are where they’re supposed to be during the hunt or even before the hunt.

Compatible with diverse guns

Compared to the traditional counterparts, you don’t have to detach the bolt anymore, making it pertinent with a lot of types of guns. Moreover, the laser dot will not shift even when you tilt the weapon a bit.

Easy to use

This type of sighting can be easily done only by putting the sighter in the chamber of the gun and closing the action. After that, the laser is discharged by the sighter from the gun’s the barrel, and it is projected onto the target. Then the hunter needs to adjust the scope against an animal from a certain separation that is usually about 50 yards away.

Benefits of laser bore sighting

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Time and ammo saving

One of the main purposes of the laser bore sighters is to save time and reduce the ammo needed to align the reticles to the inside.

Features to consider buying the best laser bore sighter

Now, you may ask: “How can I choose the best one?” Well, if you want to choose the best laser bore sighter for your next hunting trip, you will have to consider several things as follows:

1. Types of laser bore sights

In general, there are three different types of the laser bore sighters: cartridge lasers, muzzle-inserted lasers, and magnetic attachment.

Cartridge lasers

The first one is cartridge lasers. When you use them, you will figure out that there are some minor differences. I mean, even though they all function the same way, you may still prefer one above the others. It all comes down to your preference as well as your specific firearm.

Cartridge lasers

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This type of laser has gained a loyal following. These are specific calibers which are inserted into the chamber of your shotgun or rifle. Also, they are illuminated when the breech or bolt is closed. However, the downside of this type is that hunters who have a lot of firearms have to purchase one each shotgun gauge or caliber. Therefore, using this one can cost hunters a lot of money.

Muzzle-inserted lasers

The second type is muzzle-inserted lasers. Laser bore sighters which insert into the muzzle have either an arbor or a tapered body that is sized exactly for specific calibers. Bore sighters with a tapered body are adjustable to different calibers. Hunters just need to select the right O-ring for each firearm they want to use it with.

Muzzle-inserted lasers

Image source: SMT Tactical

However, you may find that the O-rings are quite small so they can come off sometimes while you remove them from the muzzle of the rifle. The O-ring is not going to damage the gun if it is unnoticed through the firing process. But you still need to get another O-ring before using it with the caliber again. In my experiences, to fix this problem, you need to check to make sure that the O-ring is still attached when removing the laser bore sighter.

Magnetic attachment

This is the last type of laser bore sighters. And the main advantage of this one is that it can fit any firearm from pistol to rifle and shotgun. Therefore, unlike the first type, you don’t have to worry about choosing one for each of your firearms in case you have many.

Magnetic attachment

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2. Performance

It is common knowledge that the more expensive products, the more features they have compared to the cheaper ones. However, this notion is not always true. The first thing you have to do is pay attention to the features of a laser bore sighter which you think is useful. Even though it is not uncommon, some expensive bore sighters may have unnecessary features that you will never need to use at all.

When it comes to performance, which one to choose should be based on the versatility or ability to fit a lot of gun barrels. In fact, with different rifles, there are different muzzles with various diameter sizes. That is the reason why it’s very important that the laser bore sighter you are going to purchase suit the model of your weapon.

3. Laser quality

This quality is all about the color and intensity of the laser beam. Regarding intensity, it is directly related to the life expectancy of the bore sighter’s battery. About colors, there are two main colors which are either green or red, and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Laser quality

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Specifically, the most common are the red ones, and actually, they are quite cheaper than the green ones. Additionally, it’s pretty easy for you to see red laser bore sighters in low light or even dark conditions. But, in daylight, it will be the reverse effect.

On the other hand, a green laser will be the perfect alternative if you intend to use a laser bore sighter in daylight. In the medium distance, green lasers are very visible. However, the green laser bore sighters are quite more expensive.

4. Battery life

How long a laser bore sighter lasts also a very important factor to take into consideration when choosing the best laser bore sighter. The reason is that all of these bore sighters run on batteries. If your laser bore sighter features a long battery life, you don’t have to be afraid of being bothered by warnings while sighting the scope.

Battery life

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5. Durability

I recommend you guys to get a bore sighter which is made of aluminum. Why? This is because aluminum can resist the impact of falling. Also, it has a nice aesthetic. In my experiences, a durable laser bore sighter must be a weatherproof one. Thus, it can last a very very long time.

Five best laser bore sighter reviews

1.Bushnell Professional Boresighter Kit with Case and .17-.45 Caliber Expandable Arbors

About firearm equipment, Bushnell is a powerhouse brand. This product caters to .22 to .45 caliber bore sizes for a lot of types of guns including rifles, muzzleloaders, and handguns.

Zeroing is good at 100 yards, and this bore sighter can give consistent results which save both ammo and time in the long run.

This laser bore sight features three expandable arbors which snugly fit the locking but of the arbor. First, you need to insert the arbor into the sighter and then screw it until it is tight enough. Remember to have the bore sighter in an upright position and push the other end of the arbor into the muzzle. This way, it can rest on the tapered section of the arbor.

Remember that the bore sighter has to be in an upright position first. After that, push the other end of the arbor into the muzzle until it rests on the tapered section of the arbor.


– This unit comes with quality optics with amazing HD clarity.

– There are no batteries needed.

– It is accurate up to even 100 yards

– It features a graduated grid sighting reticle.

– The product has a beautiful design and durability built to last very long.


– It is not for AR models.

2.Professional Laser Bore Sighter, Green

This professional laser bore sighter features a high-quality magnetic connection to the channel. It also has a high-powered daylight noticeable green laser. Therefore, it can provide hunters great quick accuracy.

This product works effectively with almost all firearms, including rifles, handguns, and shotguns. The magnetic connection will give more centering with the bore. That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the bore being destroyed, compared to the arbor style bore gadgets.

Additionally, this laser bore sighter comes with a machined aluminum body with a soft rubber over-molding. Each unit is hand tuned during the construction process with a very creative adjustment system. This provides hunters complete precision, therefore, guaranteeing the best possible optic/bore alignment. Once the precision alignment is carried out, the unit is afterward secured, thus, ensuring total performance as well as durability.


– The product features graduated network locating reticle.

– There are no batteries needed.

– Precise up to even 100 yards.

– Can be used with any caliber handgun or rifle.

– It features daylight visible green laser.


– It can’t be used with AR models.

3.SiteLite Ultra Mag Green Laser Professional Boresighter

This one can be used effectively with gauges ranging .22 to .50, and it can also be used with 20 gauge shotguns as well. What I like the most about this product is the versatility, this is exactly what makes it outstanding compared to other green laser bore sighters. A lot of gun users prefer this one. This unit depends on a red laser which has almost 2 hours’ battery life.


– This laser bore sighter is extremely accurate

– It can fit all calibers from .22 to .50 cal and 20 & 12 ga (shotguns).

-The SRL leveler makes it much easier and simpler for hunters to level the line of sight.


The only downside of this product is that the manual has to be improved.

4.Sightmark Rifle Boresights

This bore sighter is a general sighter, and it is widely known by gun handlers. Other laser bore sighters make use of diverse connectors for different chambers. However, it is not the case with this Sightmark rifle bore sighter. That means you just have to attach this unit to the chamber and the laser center can focus on the bore for you automatically.

Considering productivity and simplicity, this one is one of the best choices for you. You can simply use this unit for all of your guns and gauges, instead of using different connector heads. This Sightmark is more accurate and exact when compared to arbor-style bore sighters.

This product also has all the features, functionality and specs to outstand beyond other laser bore sighters in the market. This unit is not too difficult for you to operate and you are not likely to get into having any problem with this one. However, if there is any error, it is very easy for you to refer to the manual for instructions of the manufacturer.


– Rifle sighting is snappy.

– The green laser can work effectively even in changing weather condition.

– The unit is very tough

– The magnet is extremely durable, and it can provide quick attachment.


– The on/off control is sometimes unstable.

5.Aimshot KT-RIFLE Laser Bore Sight Kit for Major Calibers, Brass

This one is made of tough brass so that there is less chance of you scratching the chamber. With this product, you also don’t have to maintain close tolerances.

This kit has 223 lasers bore sight with external battery pack. The laser bore can be used with all 16 aim shot rifle arbors for more caliber bore sighting. When you buy this kit, there is zippered pouch so that it can hold bore sight, removal tool, and arbors.

Additionally, the external battery pack is efficient since it gives the bore sighter longer run time.


– The bore sighter can work for a long time, even up to 20 hours with the efficient battery pack.

– The laser bore can get the job done effectively.

– The maximum sighting range is about 100 yards.

– There is less chance of maintaining close tolerances and scratching the chamber.


– This laser bore sighter is not designed for range sighting.

– The laser bore is not as versatile as many other counterparts.

 Final thoughts

I know that this is quite complicated for all of you to find which laser bore sighter you need. As you can see, there are so many things for you to consider when choosing the best laser bore sighter for your hunt. However, if you have a certain knowledge of firearm equipment and bore sighting, I’m pretty sure you will know what to do. I hope you guys enjoyed my article and found all of my information helpful for you to buy the right product.