Longbows for Sale: Finding the good one!

Longbows for Sale Finding the good one!

In my knowledge, there are many reasons for us to play sport. Sports as football, badminton, tennis, volleyball or swimming…are more popular in the public… For example, some people want to play sport due to their own addiction that they always try their best to become a good player and the others like playing sport as a way of practice or entertainment. In my opinion, each sport has its own specialties and difficulties.

However, nowadays, some people are interested in some sports which differ from others. One of those is archery. When the players want to join this sport, having a bow is a must. As I know, there are many kinds of bow in the market which will be chosen according to player’s level such as recurve bow, long bow, compound bow or even Crossbows… In this article, I’m very glad to share with you some basic information related to long bows and some best longbows.

What’s long bow?

longbow diagram - best longbows for sale

Longbow is the oldest and most simple bow in history. It includes stick and one single string. A longbow is a type of bow that is tall and roughly equal to the height of the user. Its limbs are relatively narrow so that they are circular or D-shaped in cross section.

Longbows are made from various types of wood. The historical longbow was a simple bow made of wood, but modern longbows may also be made from modern materials or by gluing different pieces of timber together. Because the longbow can be made from a single piece of wood, it can be crafted relatively easily and quickly.

Thanks to the developing technology, the material and quality of longbows are better and better. Now let me show you my best choice when finding a Longbow suit my need:

Top 5 Best longbows for sale 2015

These are 5 best longbows on sale that I’ve found on internet. For me, at each range of price, I think it’s quite hard to find better products than these 5 below.

1. Nomad

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Xpectre provides the more high-quality longbows than others in it’s price range, to be more precise, Nomad. Its quality is not only simple but also solid. This bow is suitable for a new archer and an ambidextrous person. The bow weight is too heavy to wield. If you find using the string uncomfortable, this is a small tip which T. Clarke commented on amazon’s website: replacing the string with one 2 inches shorter, this pulls the limb together and extends the distance between the rest and the string which is known as the brace height.

One thing that may bother you is the arrow which comes with the bow. Because it is like a gift when purchasing a Long bow, its quality is not great. It maybe affects the process of shooting.

2. Longbowmaker Hungarian

Our Rating: 4.7 / 5
Longbow Marker Hungarian is the best-seller at this range. I am sure to say that this Long bow completely meets the customer’s need with the attractive appearance, especially having half of it covered in leather; high quality; and reasonable price.

The downside of it is string. It is not quite good because when shooting more than three times, the string of the lower limb may become loose. That not only may affect the direction of the arrow, but may as well shorten the duration of the string. It is hard to have it reserved since some strings may be made in unconventional way, in that situation, you should either change a new string or even buy a new bow.

3. Ozark Hunter 68 inch

Our Rating: 3.8 / 5
At this price, Ozark Hunter 68” longbow is the good choice. The surface and edge of the bow is smooth enough to carry it. The factory which produces these Long bows focuses on its quality more. Although, the cost of this bow is much higher than two products above, its appearance is more attractive and the direction of this bow is also far more exact than others.

One considerable problem about this bow is that when you buy it, it will not come with the string like two products above. In addition, this product limits the age of player. People who are 18 or older can purchase this bow.

4. Mountain Man Sierra

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Beside Ozark Hunter 68” Longbow, one of the best choices in this range is Mountain Man Sierra. Its structure is so beautiful. With a smooth draw, this bow is designed to combine high performance. Virtually, there has no complaint about it. Whereas, the archers is so interested in this product because of its appearance and quality that they can accept this price to get it.

5. Bear Archery Montana

Our Rating: 5 / 5

One of the upper prices is Montana longbow. The higher its cost is, the better its quality is. Almost people are attracted by the nice appearance and quality of this bow, so anyone wants to own this product. Thanks to the smooth draw, the process of shooting is so good. It is easier for us to bring it because its weight is lighter than others which I have mentioned above.

Providing the developing technology, the quality of this bow is more and more perfect. The trouble of this bow does not have anymore. Only complain about its wrap page is not great. Having a comment of customer is that the handle wrapping like a thin black foam sheet, stuck or glued on.

How to choose the right Long bows?

In the market, nowadays, there are many long bows. Therefore, there are also many questions about it such as “How can I choose the Longbow being suitable for my level”? , “What is the best long bow?” or “A new archer should choose which bow?”….And then I will give you the following steps to choose the right bow:

  • Due to the different purpose of archers, they will choose any bow which matches with their own target. If you want to buy the bow so as to hunt, you can consider using a light long bow which will help you not to get tired of carrying when getting it through forest. On the other hand, if your goal is shooting, you can choose a heavier bow whose extra weight will help to stabilize the weapon.
  • Every bow has not only many kinds of long bows but also its own style. No matter when archers want to choose the right longbow, there are some factors which can affect for their choice is like age; draw length; and especially height. Therefore, select the right length of bow which should be within three or four inches of your height.
  • Draw length (the length form the front of the bow to your archer point when you bring the bow to full draw) will depend on your physical condition, the other name of which is proper draw length. Therefore, you should measure your draw length before starting field. It is a compulsory factor for archery. There are 2 basic steps to measure the draw length:
  • First step: Keep the body as comfortable as possible, and then span the arm length.
  • Second step: Divide this number by 2.5.
bow length

Also choose the right Arrows

  • Determining carefully the Long bow’s brace height whose meaning is the distance between the riser or bow handle makes bowstring have a comfortable distance for you
  • Select a draw weight (the peak amount of weight an archer will pull while drawing the bow). One advice for a new archer is that you will be able to pull about 10 pounds more weight with a few weeks of regular practice as previous little used muscles gain strength.

longbow draw weight

How to setup and shoot a long bow

One of the most exciting times for a shooter us setting up a new longbow. This is also the first step to be ready for the shooting line. The process of making of the bow has something to note:

  • Before shooting, you have to install an arrow rest and arrow plate. This makes the soft and smooth which will occur not only the surface of arrow but also the edge of it.
  • Use a commercial bow stringer when stringing and unstringing any bow.
  • Measure the brace height to set the right one which is suitable for your bow.
  • Install the arrow which is also related to the nocking point. Having the nocking point approximately ½ inch above the shelf and attaching your nocking point ½ inch high mean that the bottom of the brass nock is ½ inch above the arrow shelf. And then place it on the string under the brass nock.

The following basic steps will help you have a success shooting field:

  1. Stance before shooting the bow: stand upright with feet shoulder width apart, and feet at 90 degrees to the target.
  2. Keep a relaxed grip on the Long bow handle.
  3. Place the arrow on the bow: put the bow horizontally which is facing upward, then take arrow and lock it on string with the cock (odd colored feather). Bring the bow back to vertical.
  4. Finger position: put the fingers on the string with the index finger above the arrow and two fingers below it. The string should sit in the last crease of your fingers
  5. Hold your bow firm and pull back with you finger.
  6. Use your dominant eye.
  7. Relax your finger. After shooting, maintain your body position.

You can watch this Video Guide to clearly understand what i’m talking about:


To sum up, there are various types of Hunting Gears, Longbows is one of them and each may have its own pros and cons that are different from others’. Depending on how skillful you are and what kind you can afford, you can get one for your own via some of the recommendations above. And if you ever want to purchase one, find a Longbows for sale to save your budget, and don’t hesitate to contact us, we will then provide sufficient information of any bow you like.