The Best Monofilament Fishing Line for Your Use: Sincere Buying Guide and More

Undoubtedly, monofilament fishing line is one of the most essential and revolutionary fishing tools ever invented. Obviously, since humanity invented monofilament line, the fishing philosophy changed drastically. Today, there are multiple options on the market, so you have to learn to recognize the details that the best monofilament fishing line should have.

Without a mono line, there is no way to fish, because it is the basic tool where you attach your hook. The selection of the right mono is slightly complicated.

This article will talk about the most useful tips and parameters you should take into consideration before choosing a monofilament fishing line. Afterward, we compiled five ultimate mono fishing line reviews that could help you with your selection. Keep in mind that we based the article and the reviews both on scientific studies and expert fishing knowledge.

Some Basic Things You Should Know

Many years ago, people crafted fishing line using silk or linen threads and horsehair. Fortunately, as far as the fishing line is concerned, science took a significant step forward. Thus, manufacturers started with the construction of monofilament line and fluorocarbon line.

Some Basic Things You Should Know

Image source: Lee Fisher Fishing Supply

Monofilament fishing line is made of nylon. However, some of them are alloys of nylon and PVC. The construction is very simple as it is hollow inside. Imagine that it is an ultra-thin, hollow and long pipe.

Why use monofilament fishing line?

The question here is not why to use monofilaments line, but why not to use it! Now, we will mention two advantages of mono line and please draw your conclusion.

First and foremost, the mono line is suitable for all fishing reels. Obviously, you are going to load the line on the spool. It is scientifically proven that monofilament fishing line has great adaptability because it is highly elastic and flexible.

As a matter of fact, when you load a new monofilament fishing line on a spool it is practically impossible

to ruin the line. Otherwise, we did something wrong while spooling.


When you have to deal with big and strong fish, there is a great danger to lose the fish due to the bad fishing line. Especially if you have not enough experience or you have a reel with bad brakes. The fish bites, the line breaks and gone is the fish.

Fortunately, you can use monofilament fishing line which protects from abrupt strikes thanks to its elasticity. Imagine that a 30m mono line can reach even the length of 40m, once the fish bites.


Image source: Havalon Knives

That works as an advantage for you, as you have enough time to fight the fish. Keep in mind that your reel drag system plays an important role when it comes to line durability. You must have a reel that can tire on the fish.


Furthermore, the price plays a significant role when it comes to monofilament fishing line. Specifically, if you compare it with fluorocarbon or super line, you will immediately realize that monofilament is an “easy for the wallet” line. For this reason, you can load your reel with many meters of mono line.

Shock Absorbent

There is no doubt that monofilament line can absorb strong strike shocks. This will give you a smooth fishing experience. The braided fishing line may be stronger, but it is not shock absorbent.

When to use monofilament fishing line?

You can use monofilament fishing line for all fishing techniques. Whether you are going to load your spinning reel or trolling reel with mono line, there will be no problem.

When to use monofilament fishing line

Image source: Sport Fishing Magazine

However, several anglers would disagree because they suppose that fluorocarbon has the same characteristics and it is also transparent. Why should I not use fluorocarbon instead of monofilament?

The answer is obvious. Monofilament line is the most affordable solution. For instance, if you want to fill up your spool with mono, the average cost will be proximate 20$. However, if you choose fluorocarbon, the cost will be proximate 50-60$.

Tip #: It is a good idea to load the spool with monofilament line (main line) and add several meters of fluorocarbon line at the end (leader line). Just attach with a swivel a piece of fluorocarbon line at the end of the mono line.

Fluorocarbon will be invisible in the water.

Things to consider buying the best monofilament fishing line

Easy to Handle

The nylon material is slippery, and that makes it is to handle especially of you hold the line. Moreover, it glides smoothly through the rod eyes. Furthermore, you can make knots easily without facing any problems.

The hollow design makes it super easy to tie on hooks and swivels.

Floating or Sinking Monofilament?

There are two monofilament fishing line categories, sinking and floating. Floating monofilament lines are waterproof because they do not absorb water and they can float. These monolines are ideal for spinning with topwater fishing lures.


Image source: Hook, Line and Sinker – Guelph’s

On the other hand, sinking monofilament lines are hydrophilic, and that makes it heavy. Consequently, they can sink, and they are suitable for jigging, bottom fishing, and casting.

Sinking Monofilament

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Tip #: It is very important to choose the right monofilament. For example, if you are spinning with a popper lure and you have a sinking line, it could ruin the floatation. We suggest having two adjustable spools in your tackle box with sinking and floating mono line.


The diameter monofilament line scale starts from 0.15mm up to 1.50mm. However, the diameter is not an important fact you should take into consideration. The most important are the durability which will be the main fact to choose the right diameter.

If you are going to fish for largemouth bass of the weight of 1kg, you will not need a mono line diam. 1.50m. You should choose the diameter according to the fish you are after.

Moreover, it works as a disadvantage if you select a mono line with a big diameter as it will be visible in the water.  Please take a look at the table below. It explains exactly the right diameter of your line according to the weight.

Diameter mm Weight kg
0.15 3
0.15-0.20 5
0.20-0.25 8
0.25-0.35 12
0.35-0.50 17
0.50-0.70 35
0.70-0.90 50
0.90-1.10 70
1.10-1.30 90
1.30-1.50 130


Monofilament fishing lines come in various colors. The mono line color depends on the color of the water you are going to fish in.

1#: If you are going to use the spinning, casting, jigging or bottom bouncing technique it would be a good idea to select light color mono lines.

2#: Murky water with lush vegetation imply the use of dark color monolines (dark green).

3#: After searching and testing many monofilament lines, we figured out that for saltwater fishing you should choose a transparent mono line. However, if you are going to fish in water columns that exceed the depth of 30m, it would be ideal to use the red mono line.


Image source:

It is proven that saltwater can absorb the red color and make the line transparent.

5 best monofilament fishing line reviews

1.Stren High Impact Fishing Line

Undoubtedly, the Stren High Impact fishing line is not only really affordable but also provides a unique fishing performance. You can choose a size between 10lbs and 30lbs depending on the fish you are after. It is suitable both for freshwater and saltwater anglers.

Key Feature

  • Shock Absorbent: Every avid angler knows that the shocks during the fight could turn your fishing trip into a nightmare. Stren took by heart all modern fishing needs and incorporated all modern technological advancements in her fishing lines.

No shocks= smooth fishing experience

Specifications and Features

  • Durability: This line is extremely strong as it is designed to withstand the harshest fishing conditions. It is highly recommended for spinning and casting.
  • Color: You can use it even without a fluorocarbon leader because it is invisible in the water. Moreover, it comes in three other colors
Lbs. Yd.
10 1275
12 1000
15 860
20 650
25 490
30 400


  • Strong
  • Absorbs shocks
  • Many colors
  • Wide variety lbs.
  • Affordable


  • Many people claim that it twists easily
  • It is not easy to load on the spool

Final Verdict

If you have not used Stren lines before, we recommend giving it a try. There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the astonishing results. Especially if you pair it with a good spinning or trolling reel with high max drag, it will do wonders!

2.Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

Berkley lines are the most popular fishing lines all over the US and Canada. If you take a closer look on the spool, you will notice the words “big game.” True to its name, this line is designed to fight big game fish like amberjacks or even swordfish.

Key Feature

  • Durability: The mono line is abrasion resistant, and it is specially designed for waters with rocky bottoms. Whether you are a beginner or experienced angler, there is no problem. It will be able to survive even the hardest conditions.

Specifications and Features

  • Stretchy: Stretchy monolines are good for tough knots.
  • Breaking strength: The breaking strength is extremely high. For this reason, we recommend it for big game fishing enthusiasts.
  • Various Colors
  • Absorbs shocks


  • Affordable
  • Comes in various color for all water types
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • Ideal to fight big fish
  • High quality


  • Visible at night
  • Not suitable for casting

Final Verdict

Finally, toughness is the only word that could describe this Berkley mono line. If you are upset every time a fish drags the lure through rocks, you should try it. The pound test is very high for each mono line size.

3.KastKing Premium Monofilament Fishing Line

Are you a casting enthusiast? If the answer is yes, this KastKing line is designed for you. Surprisingly this mono line is not like the others. It utilizes extraordinary features you have never seen before.

Key Feature

  • Great Capacity: The mono line has low memory. In a few words, you can spool without worrying about line twists and loops. It features the parallel roll track technology designed by KastKing.

Specifications and Features

  • Super Strength: It can withstand even the biggest fish
  • Smoothness: The mono line is made of pure nylon which provides a nice fishing and casting experience.
  • Diameter:008-0.02in. Even the thickest diameter line will stay invisible in the water due to the high density of nylon fiber
Diameter inches Test lbs.
0.008 4
0.009 6
0.010 8
0.011 10
0.013 12
0.014 15
0.015 17
0.016 20
0.018 25
0.020 30


  • Low memory
  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Nice design
  • Many colors and sizes
  • Ideal for long and smooth casts


  • Could have some problems with knots

Final Verdict

Monofilament line should have high-density nylon. The KastKing premium incorporates all modern features a good line should have. It does not only eliminate the shocks but provides a high-quality casting performance. If you are going to get a mono line, you should not overlook this.

4.Hurricane Monofilament Saltwater Fishing Line

Do you seek for adventure? Do you want durable fishing tackle at a low price? Then you should look for the Hurricane Monofilament fishing line. These lines are made in Korea and manufacturers use the best quality materials to fulfill your fishing needs.

Key Feature

  • Invisible: Fish cannot notice this line. Most mono lines have the disadvantage to be visible by fish. This is a problem because it scares off the fish. Surprisingly, Hurricane solved this problem by making the line ultra-thin.

Specifications and Features

  • Suitable for Saltwater: It is abrasion resistant and can survive even after a strong bite. Many anglers would agree that saltwater and sharp fish teeth can destroy mono line completely. Fortunately, Hurricane mono line passed this test.
  • Color: Transparent-Clear
Yds. Pound Test
460 60
520 50
620 40
880 30
1100 25
1400 20
1750 15


  • Thin-small diameter
  • Suitable for saltwater
  • High Quality


  • Some people claim that it is not hard enough
  • Good for the main line but not for leader line

Final Verdict

Finally, it is very helpful in saltwater as it is quite visible. The durability will also surprise you. Compared to other monolines, this line has many features that many expensive lines would be jealous of.

5.Maxima Chameleon Leader Spool

True to its name, the chameleon monofilament fishing line is able to adapt to any environment! After testing this line, we can ensure you that it works great in freshwater especially for walleye or bass. Thus, you can figure out that it is compatible with baitcasting and fly reels.

Key Feature

  • Chameleon Phenomenon: This mono line can adapt to any environment. Whether you are fishing in clear waters or murky, it will stay invisible.

Specifications and Features

  • Strength: Maxima Chameleon combines great fishing line technology and high quality nylon. These two things ensure that your line will last a life time.
  • Great Leader: As it is invisible you can use it as a leader line. Furthermore, you can drag it through rocks and snug without worrying that it gets stuck.
  • Color: Dark Brown ideal for rivers and lakes


  • The color is ideal for many water conditions.
  • Incredible Strength
  • Affordable


  • Not good for fly fishing

Final Verdict

Summarizing, this mono line definitely deserves a position as the best monofilament fishing line. Maxima Chameleon launched this product in order to fulfill the demanding needs of every freshwater angler.


Finally, the key to success is not only your knowledge, but also good and high quality fishing tackle. If you combine those factors, you will definitely land some trophy fish. The selection of fishing line is not really difficult.

However, there are some details that make the difference. Hopefully, we were able to help you and we wish you good luck!

Thank you for reading and if you like the article, please share it or drop a comment in the comment box below!