Want your hunting gun to be safe? Consider these Best Pocket Holsters

You are the person who has already decided that you want to carry a concealed handgun as a part of your EDC? Well, in that case, you will be on the lookout for the most practical and comfortable way to carry your weapon. Fortunately, there are many different concealed carry options out there for you, from shoulder holsters to ankle holsters and IWB holsters. If you read this article thoroughly, I am sure that you can easily choose the best pocket holsters for yourself.

How do pocket holsters work?

It is obvious that pocket holsters are helpful for you to carry a handgun or any small weapon in the front jacket and trouser pocket. A well-designed pocket holster is very useful for you in different ways. For example, It provides a very safe way to carry your handgun and covering it thoroughly. Additionally, a good pocket holster is made to break up the outline of the user’s weapon, therefore, making it easily accessible.

Why use a pocket holster over the other types of holsters?

Now, the question is “Why do I need to use a pocket holster instead of another one like an IWB holster? Well, there are a couple of advantages of purchasing a pocket holster over an IWB holster.

Why use a pocket holster over the other types of holsters

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First, and maybe also the biggest advantage of a pocket holster over an IWB one is that you can use it much more easily. In fact, an IWB holster will require the user to clip the holster to the inside of his waistband. This means the user has to wear oversized clothing and therefore, it can be uncomfortable if he has to wear it all day long.

While an IWB holster requires tbeingstrapped to our waistband, a pocket holster slides into our pocket. That is the reason why users don’t have to be worried about purchasing large clothes in order to carry the weapon. Instead, they just have to put the weapon in their pocket. In my opinion, when compared to an IWB holster, this feature is what makes a pocket holster much more convenient and easier to use.

Benefits of Purchasing a Pocket Holster

  1. Comfort: You know, the weight and bulk of a handgun requires some adaptation, thus, a pocket holster will be comfortable than any other carry method.
  2. Convenience: If you are wearing clothes with adequate pockets, you can totally pocket carry things. Actually, you don’t need any cover garment, specialized belts and oversized clothes.
  3. Concealment: With a pocket holster, your weapon will be totally concealed in your pocket even when you are reaching or bending, or in a stiff wind.
  4. Retention: If the gun/pocket/holster combination is associated with sufficient care, the holster can provide positive retention against gun spillage while you’re doing some intense activity.
  5. Safety in holstering: When using pocket holster, your gun will be pointed in a very safe direction away from your body. Furthermore, you can visually guide your weapon into the holster as you can see any obstructions as well as other dangerous situations much more clearly.
  6. Pre-staging the draw: If something bad happens, an aware gun user can immediately surreptitiously place his hand on the handgun in a firing grip.
  7. Speed: Thanks to its simplicity, even a non-pre-staging draw can be less like to fail and much faster than a draw from other carry methods.

What do You Need in a Pocket Holster?


First, you need to invest in a well-designed pocket holster which can provide convenience and comfort when using the handgun without any hassles. It is very important to remember that a pocket holster comes with easy adjustment delivers both convenience and comfort.

In my experiences, I recommend that you purchase an open top holster associated with the trigger guard fully covered.

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In my experiences, I recommend that you purchase an open top holster associated with the trigger guard fully covered. In details, an open top holster is a type of a holster without straps over the grip or the rear of the weapon. That’s the reason why you can easily wrap a full grip around the gun without having to snap or push anything out of the way. With this type of pocket holsters, you are able to draw the weapon so much faster compared to other designs.

Furthermore, it’s also important for you to make sure that the trigger guard of the weapon is covered up thoroughly. The reason is that it will definitely be a real safety issue in case the trigger guard is not covered fully. You know, there is always something else in your own pocket which can totally press against the trigger and result in the gun going off.

Ability to cover a gun

Another essential feature to consider when choosing the right pocket holster is the ability to cover your weapon. Specifically, your pocket carry should not sprint. After all, what is the good of concealing the gun if everyone can see you have it?

However, the bad news is there is no pocket holster that will not completely print. Actually, how much a holster can print is all up to the person who is using it. Therefore, you need to purchase 2 or 3 pocket holsters so that you can test them out.

Ability to cover a gun

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Wear the holsters and try walking around and ask some of your family members whether they can see your holster in your pocket or not. Or you can totally look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself whether you can see the weapon in your own pocket. If you do that, I’m pretty sure sooner or later, you can buy the best pocket holsters which can meet your needs.


Last but not least, you should also pay attention to the material of the pocket holster you are going to buy. In practice, pocket holsters are commonly made out of nylon, leather, or Kydex materials. However, out of these common materials, nylon is the best and also the most common one.

Pocket holsters made out of nylon don’t have the attractiveness of those made out of leather and the rigidness of those made out of Kydex. Nonetheless, nylon pocket holsters can probably conform to your body the most effective. Actually, they can also give you the most comfort and convenience.


Image source: United States Concealed Carry Association

Other factors to consider when choosing pocket holsters

  1. Movement requirements: whether the users spend most of their time sitting in their cars, standing or doing vigorous activities really affects what carry methods suit them best.
  2. Dress requirements: while someone is dressing around a weapon, there are some practical limits to this depending on his profession as well as other factors.
  3. Security: Choose a pocket holster which can help your gun stay safe while you are doing intense physical activities.

Top 5 Best Pocket Holsters

Have you made your decision on which pocket holster to purchase yet? If not, just read the following reviews on 5 different products to choose the best pocket holsters for yourself.

1.BLACKHAWK! Inside-the-Pocket Holster

My first impression of this pocket holster is its unique design. You know, it is obvious that some handguns may have very sharp edges as well as contours which can make them uncomfortable to carry. Fortunately, Blackhawk was already aware of this problem so they decided to design this inside pocket holster.

In details, they installed a laminate construction on the product which will give the user extra cushioning against his leg and even reduces printing. This way, this product can protect our skin from the sharp edges and it can also give moisture barrier.


– It can easily fit small autos (.22-.25 cal)

– The low-profile laminate construction will provide a moisture barrier and protect your skin from the gun’s sharp edges.

– This is an open-top holster so it can provide grip-up positioning and effectively protect your gun.

– There is a non-slip band which can help keep this holster fixed in your pocket while you are drawing the gun.

– This is a comfortable and affordable pocket holster.


The only downside of this product is that this pocket holster is likely to pull out of the pocket when you draw the gun quickly. That’s the reason why you need to practice your draw many times with this one.

2.Crossfire Elite GRPSA1S-2 Grip Sub-Compact Ambidextrous Semi-Auto Holster, Left/Right Hand, Black

I used to experience this one when I still had my Shield 9mm. For me, I often tucked this holster inside my waist band appendix carry. To be honest, it could retain very well. However, the main reason why I bought this product is that it could help trigger fully covered as well as protect the finish from scratches. You know what, what I like the most about this Crossfire Elite semi-auto holster is that it is quite small and convenient. Trust me, this one will never let you down.


– This very low-profile pocket holster is quite small and convenient.

– It comes with rubber exterior fabric which grips the inside of your pocket and pant.

– Due to the closed-bottom design, lint and other small items can never get inside the barrel.

– With memory-type foam laminate material, the holster can mold to your gun, therefore, providing a custom fit.


Actually, there is only one problem with this product. Sometimes, I had difficulty in drawing my handgun because if I drew the gun fast, the holster would probably come out with the gun. I don’t know about you but for me, this is very annoying. To solve this problem, I figured out that if I lifted my knee a little bit while I was standing, then it could be much easier.

3.Desantis Ambi Nemesis Holster - N38BJ

This is the Desantis Ambi Nemesis holster, or you can call it the Nemesis. I bought this one a few months ago and honestly, it was an ambidextrous pocket holster. This one could boast a low friction liner material, therefore, reducing draw friction. That means when compared to many other holsters, it is much easier to draw your firearm without dragging the whole holster along with it.

Additionally, the Nemesis is filled with foam so that it can help blend the line of your gun as well as prevent printing. In details, the manufacturer provides enough foam in order to blend the lines, however, not too much. Hence, the holsters won’t have a bulky look in your pocket, instead, this product stays slim.


– This holster features rubberized outer liner so as to maximize pocket grip.

– It is packed with foam, thus, preventing printing.

– It is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

– This product also features low friction inner liner so that you are not likely to drag the entire holster while drawing the gun.

– Made out of nylon, this open-top inside-the-pocket holster can help protect your gun and cushion le


– Stitching can be easily seen with the naked eye.

– Its muzzle end is not stitched, therefore, allowing lint to get into your barrel.

4.Uncle Mike's Nylon Open-Top Inside-The-Pocket Holster

If you don’t know, Uncle Mike is one of the biggest names in the firearm accessories world. Uncle Mike has its own pocket holsters in the market. It is made out of nylon, that’s why it is well designed to protect your firearm as well as cushion your leg at the same time. In my experiences, you can totally use this pocket holster with baggy jeans, pants and any type of shorts, even including board shorts.

Additionally, there are also non-slip bands coming with this product. Thus, when you draw your gun, the holster will stay in your pocket. Besides, this is the best pocket holsters for your money. I mean, you will never buy any product with the same quality for this price.


– It can offer better protection to both gun and clothing.

– It can provide you grip-up positioning and also prevent movement of buttons, gun levers and catches common to lose the pocket holster.

– The anti-slip strip can help you retain the holster in your pocket all the time when you’re trying to draw the gun.


– It is a little bit tight when compared to other products in the same size.

– Sometimes, when you draw the gun very quickly, the non-slip band can’t retain the holster in your pocket.

5.Galco PH158 Front Pocket Horsehide

This is the most expensive and of course, highest quality product among these 5 pocket holsters. But trust me, it is worth the money to buy this one because it will definitely offer you unique advantages. In details, it can cover and conceal your gun fully. Also, you can casually place one hand on the gun in case the threat materializes. With the gun already in one hand like that, it is totally possible for you to draw it very quickly.

This premium horsehide pock holster features a special design which is for front pocket carry in a jacket or pants. It can help you keep the handgun in the same position. Thus, it’s easier to locate the grip in case you want to draw.

Additionally, it is also able to conceal the shape of your gun perfectly. Therefore, the outline is never printed through your pants. With smooth leather inside, it is pretty easy to release the gun and the rough side out against your pocket will make the retention simpler.


– It can perfectly cover and conceal your gun.

– The holster is made with rough leather outside and smooth leather inside. So, you can draw the gun easily without drawing the whole holster.

– The shape of the gun can be concealed perfectly, therefore, it is not printed through pants.


– The price is much higher than that of most other products in the market.

– The product limits the users to a relatively small firearm.

In conclusion

I have just covered everything necessary for you to choose the best pocket holsters. Maybe you think there are so many different things to consider. And it is very difficult to choose the right holster. However, but if you understand and remember what I mentioned, it’s totally possible. I hope you guys enjoyed my article and found the information helpful. Thus, you can find you what you are looking for.