Best Pocket Knives In 2019 – Ultimate Guide and Reviews

I am sure that your life would be easier if you have one of the best pocket knives on the market. When you go out camping or taking part in any activities, you will need to use a blade or handy tool at a certain time.

Read the article below to see what you need to consider before choosing a pocket knife. There is also a review about the best pocket knives you can have in 2019 for your consideration in the end.

Why Carry a Pocket Knife

So, what is a pocket knife? A pocket knife can be jack knife or pen knife consisting of various blades. Or it can be a multi-purpose knife having both of blades and other tools. Regardless of types, a pocket knife is designed for you to carry inside a pocket, hence the name.

A pocket knife will come in handy in many situations that you might never think about before. There are some tasks which a pocket knife can help you include opening a box, cutting strings and slicing fruit. Sometimes, a pocket knife can be used as an effective weapon.

Why Carry a Pocket Knife

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If you are a type of person who wants to fix mechanical problems of your household’s appliances by yourself. Or if you are a frequent hunters or campers, you will need to have a pocket knife to handle various tasks. Sometimes, a pocket knife can become a survival tool for you in the wilderness.

A pocket knife helps to save a lot of money you might have to pay for separate tools. Also, it saves space on your backpack when you go hunting or camping.

With all of that said, a pocket knife will surely make your life easier. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not have one readily available in your pocket.

Before buying a good pocket knife, ask yourself these questions

How will you use the knife

It is important that you know what you need your pocket knife for. This way, you will be able to select the right type of knives as well as the right type of blades.

If you are a frequent hunter or camper, a multi-purpose knife is your best choice. This is because you would never be able to fully predict what you might have to handle in the wood. The knife you are going to choose should also be capable of performing heavy-duty and delicate task.

How will you use the knife

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On the other hand, what if you are an officer and need to have a pocket knife on your work desk? In that case, you can choose some knives with simple functions including cutting or slicing. You might not need to pay for a knife which can do heavy tasks such as chopping in this case.

How will you carry it

Being able to answer this question will help you determine the size of the pocket knife that you should buy.

If you have a lot of big pockets, you can easily choose knife of any size. However, if you have limited space for it in your pocket, you might need to consider the size carefully. Thus, you would be able to feel comfortable carrying it around.

How will you carry it

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Which style of the knife do you like

In general, there are two main designs you can find in the market for pocket knives, which are classic style and tactical style. The classical style knife often has raw wood or bone handle with no pocket clip.

On the other hand, the tactical style knife has a blade lock, a pocket clip and a handle. In details, the handle is made from metal or composite to bring a more modern look for the knife.

Which style of the knife do you like

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Top features to consider buying the best pocket knife

Opening system

There are three main types of opening system that you can find in a pocket knife including manual open, automatic open and assisted open. With manual open, you need to use 1 or 2 hands to open the blade of the knife. Automatic open means that you can press a button to release the blade. And assisted open is the combination of the two former systems.

Opening system

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Most single-bladed pocket knives on the market feature spring loaded opening systems- which is a type of the assisted open systems.

The choice of opening system depends much on your preferences. However, it is worth noting that in some states, using a pocket knife with the automatic open is prohibited by law.

Locking system

When a pocket knife has a locking system and the blade is opened completely, the blade will be locked,-just like a fixed bladed knife. You can choose whether to have a pocket knife with a locking system or not.

The most traditional locking system is the lock back system. With this system, you can unlock the blade by pressing down a lever lying at the back of the handle of the knife. This is one of the safest systems which many campers and hunters use for their heavy-duty tasks. You can find this locking system in the single blade pocket knife.

Locking system

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You can also choose the frame lock and liner lock knife. Both of which are much more modern and secure than the lock back system. They are also cheaper for manufacturers to make.

Number of blades and functions

There are three types of pocket knives in general, which are the jackknife, the pen knife, and the multi-purpose knife. The jack knife has more than one blade in 1 end of the knife. On the other hand, the pen knife has more than two blades at both ends.

Besides blades, several functions come with a pocket knife, which is the multi-purpose type. The most common functions offered to you are can opener, scissors, tweezers, and screwdrivers.

Number of blades and functions

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How many blades and functions you need to have in your pocket knife depends on your requirements and needs. A single blade pocket knife can offer you a strong and sturdy blade, but it surely lacks versatility.

A multi-blade pocket knife offers you more options and variety of tasks it can perform. However, it would not be as durable as a single blade pocket.

The most famous and commonly called off a multi-purpose knife is the Swiss army knife. You will need a lot of blades and functions when you need to repair something or when you go camping. However, if you are not  handy and only need a knife for cutting, don’t choose this one. This is because you will realize that this type of pocket knife causes more troubles than benefits.

Blade size

There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a blade. First, you need to determine whether you need a small, medium or large blade. A small blade is easy to carry around and great for the delicate task. Plus, it is legal everywhere.

A large blade of more than 4 inches can handle heavy duty task effectively. However, it is bigger and might not give you enough control on a small task.

A medium blade from 2.75 inches to 4 inches would give you anything in between. Therefore, it allows you to perform both heavy-duty and delicate tasks with the knife.

Knife handle considerations

The material of knife handles can determine how comfortable you can feel when you carry your knife. For example, if a knife’s handle is made from wood; it is very tough and durable. Thus, it would not become slippery when it gets wet. However, since it is tough, you might not have enough cushions when you hold it.

On the other hand, a rubber handle is softer when you grip but it can become slippery when it gets wet. It is also prone to corrosion and is not as durable as other types of materials you can find on the handle.

Knife handle considerations

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The price of a pocket knife can tell you a lot about its quality. You can find a knife which is as cheap as 30 dollars or less. You can also find an expensive knife for more than 100 dollars.

In my opinion, you should never go for any pocket knife under 20 dollars. This is because it will break soon, not to mention that it is not safe for you to use.

In case you want a knife with an entry level or budget price, you can choose a knife from 30 to 50 dollars. You are able to find high-quality knife within this price range.

Besides, what  if you have a lot of money to spare and want to buy a knife which lasts forever and of high quality? If so, you can buy a pocket knife with the price ranging from 60 to more than 100 dollars.

Trusted Brands

Here are some brands which are known for their quality in their products and their Excellency in customer services: Benchmade, Kershaw, Schrade, Boker and Victorinox.

3 Best Pocket Knives In 2019

There is definitely no single best pocket knife, but there would be quite a few of good pocket knives that you can find on the market.

Three knives below are the best among their types and purposes- whether you need a jack knife for heavy duty or a multi-purpose pocket knife. Take a look at them for your consideration.

1. Benchmade Knife 585 Mini Barrage Plain Satin Blade

Benchmade is one of the largest knife manufacturers in the US that has been in the establishment for over three decades.

In any review about the best pocket knives on the market, you can certainly find one or more products coming from this company.

Needless to say, this product is also one of the best pocket knives from the company in specific and the market.

In general, it has the length of 8.35 inches in total and 3.6 inches in the blade. It weighs 5.2 ounces.


  • The handle is made from high-quality Valox material to be very stiff, strong and offer you enough balance when you grip on it.
  • This knife also features the innovative axis mechanism for easier control of the knife when you open and close the blade.
  • With the weight of only 3.4 oz, this is one of the lightest knives when compared to other knives of the same sizes on the market.


  • It is also quite long, making it less compact and suitable for a small pocket.

In case you are seeking a pocket knife which can help you do both heavy duty tasks and small tasks, you can consider this knife.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife

Victorinox is a company located in Swiss with its main best seller knife- the Swiss Army Knife.

In a day, the company can sell up to ten thousand pieces of this product worldwide. The product is well known for its high quality and durable material as well as a solid construction.

As a common characteristic of a Swiss Army knife, this knife offers a huge range of functions.  33 of them including scissors, bottle opener with large screwdriver, pliers, and corkscrew.

The total length of the knife is 3.58 inches with the weight of 6.5 oz. All of the blades are made from stainless steel with polished translucent sapphire ABS scale.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel to be very strong and sharp. Also, they cannot be corroded easily as well.
  • Have a lifetime warranty.


  • Quite expensive
  • Too many functions from the knife to use all

In case you are seeking one of the highest quality and most popular Swiss Army knife, this is what you should well consider. This is the best use for your daily tasks and small delicate tasks.

3. Kershaw Leek Knife

This knife is a jack knife with only a blade at one end. The shape of a Leek Knife’s blade is flat on the edge with no curve.

Here are some key specifications of the knife. The overall length of this knife is 7 inches and the length of the blades is 3 inches. It weighs only 3 ounces.

The blade is made from Sandvik 14 C28N, and the handle is made from stainless steel. It features the frame lock locking system.


  • The blade is made of high-quality material. Therefore, it can stay sharp for a long time and is very strong against corrosion.
  • This knife is very lightweight with easy to grip handle, giving you an overall effective control over the knife.
  • The knife is made with the special SpeedSafe assistant system for you to open and close effortlessly.
  • It is certainly not cheaply made, but the price is very reasonable.


  • The tip of the blade is quite thin. Thus, it is quite weak and can be broken if you apply a moderate amount of pressure.
  • The handle can be quite slippery when it is wet.

If you are searching for a pocket knife on a budget, this is one of the best options in the low-priced range that you can choose from. This knife is also most effective when you use it for small daily tasks.


As you can see, there are thousands of models and brands of pocket knives you can find on the market. To choose a suitable pocket knife for your budget and your preferences, you should do many types of research. And don’t forget to carefully look at all of the essential features of a pocket knife.

I hope that with all of the tips I’ve provided above, you would be able to find the most suitable pocket knife that meets all of your needs.