Best saltwater trolling motor reviews 2019

It is undeniable that trolling motor is the soul of a boat. Without this machine, you would miss all the fun you are supposed to have in the water. Just like that, saltwater trolling motors are very essential. They are heavy duty units and specifically used for anti-corrosive nature of the salt water. Additionally, they are also designed for rough handling and usage in saline water. However, there are so many different products out there which may be confusing for you. That’s why I’m here today to help you choose the best saltwater trolling motor.

How do saltwater trolling motors work?

Before we move on to the main part of this article, let’s take a quick look at how saltwater trolling motors work.

From the outside, these motors seem to be normal ones, but what sets them apart from other motors is their body. In general, they just work the same as other trolling motors. When installing and connecting them to a battery, you can control the throttle by foot control or handle.

The battery will power the motor, rotating the shaft. This is the common functioning of a motor. Specifically, a saltwater motor has better resistance to salt, compared to other models. Besides, its head is perfectly sealed, therefore, indestructible.


As you all know, a salt water motor has a lot of features, and these outstanding features are very beneficial for your boating. Let’s get into details of the main benefits.


This is the most important factor that makes saltwater motors special. Specifically, as compared to other types of motors, they have longer life expectancy. The main reason is that all working parts of these motors are made up of industrial grade material.

These parts are made of aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. Therefore, they are the perfect combination of strength and durability. They are the most durable trolling motors available in the market. Hence, if you intend to travel far away on a boat, it’s a good idea to choose a saltwater trolling motor.


I’m pretty sure you all know that a saltwater motor can perform much better than other motor types. This is because they feature good thrust level compared to ordinary models. Honestly, they can perform very well in every aspect so why not use them while they can provide such good construction. Besides, all manufacturers want to install motors with good thrust. Furthermore, almost all saltwater motors coming with performance accessories and well-designed impellers which help fully transfer the power.


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Thanks to the indestructible parts, these motors do not require much care, therefore, reducing the cost of maintenance. All you have to do is add oil to all the working parts and get your boat ready so that you can put it into the water. Usually, the lock mechanism is likely to get broken because of negligence while installing the motor.

However, most of the saltwater motors coming with bracket lock mechanism that is very strong for rough handling. Therefore, a saltwater motor is considered a one-time investment. I mean you don’t have to spend extra money on anything, of course, apart from the battery.

Cost effective

In fact, buying a saltwater motor is a good choice for your money since it has featured at low cost and also performs very well. As compared to normal motors, you can see these motors have better construction and material. Besides, the warranty period will also be longer than other motors.

Ultimate Guide to choosing the best saltwater trolling motor

In general, there are the same factors to consider when choosing the saltwater motor as when choosing a normal one. Here are they:

Boat size and weight

Remember that your boat’s size will determine which type of motors you want to put on your boat. For examples, a 12-volt motor will be a good choice if you have a 16-foot aluminum boat. Some fishermen prefer 24-volt motors on big boats.

However, small motors can run out of battery before you finish your fishing, particularly in tough conditions as such strong currents or big winds. Overall, trolling motors come in 12-volt, 24-volt, and 36-volt units, and the higher the voltage, the more powerful it is. Thus, a saltwater trolling motor with more thrust is required if you have a big boat.

Besides the size, the weight of your boat is very important. This also determines the thrust required from the trolling motor. In reality, the weight of your boat even plays a more important part. However, a common problem is that many of you guys are not sure of the weight of your boats, particularly if they are new.

Boat size and weight

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Available space

As you already know, there are 12-volt, 24-volt, and 36-volt motors for you to choose from. Therefore, you may need 1,2 or 3 12-volt marine batteries to power these motors.

In a perfect world, you can rely on the size and weight of your boat. However, many boats don’t have enough space for three batteries. That is the main problem, and therefore, you need to rethink the chosen trolling motor.

If your boat is right on the line, then both a large and small voltage motor is fine. However, if a 36-volt motor is needed, then you should reconfigure the battery space to choose the right number of batteries.

Where to mount the trolling motor

Overall, there are two main types of trolling motors: transom mount and bow mount. Depending on your boating style and your boat, you can determine which is more suitable.

Specifically, a transom mounted model is, of course, mounted on the back transom of your boat. You can operate this type by hand with a twist handle. Transom mounted motors can work effectively for small boats and boats with a flat back. Furthermore, you can easily operate this type of motors while sitting.

Besides, these are also much cheaper than the other type. The downside of this type is that they steer from the back. Hence, it is less precise to position the boat compared to the other type.

Bow mounted motors are quite more expensive, but they come with many features and benefits. You can operate these by hand as the other type. Furthermore, you can also control them with a foot pedal or wirelessly.

Where to mount the trolling motor

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Saltwater trolling motor reviews

1.Motorguide saltwater trolling motor

Motorguide saltwater trolling motor is one of the best salt water trolling motors you should consider. You can easily control this one by hand to undergo any tough saltwater condition. This product is a perfect choice for competitive anglers around the world. It has a peak thrust of 82 pounds, and it is a 24-volt motor.

This product is epoxy-sealed, and it also features specially-formulated coatings as well as stainless steel shaft. Therefore, it is very durable and can last for a long time. With this ‘bad boy,’ you can easily go faster, shallower, and quieter due to the all-new tapered hub with 3-blade, weed-free prop. I like this one because I can twist the handle forward or backward instead of pulling out for reverse like other motors.

Besides, this motor also features digital variable speed control, so that you can minimize amp draw and maximize your time on the water. Furthermore, it is lightweight and compact lower unit, thus, very durable. All the stainless steel shaft, control cables, and fasteners combined with anodized aluminum components can help prevent corrosion.

However, the downside of this product is that the plastic clam shell cover of the control head is improperly installed. This cover, therefore, is not likely to seal the electrical components of the whole unit.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Digital variable speed control
  • Dual saltwater anodes for extra corrosion protection
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Durable with die-cast, marine-grade aluminum.


  • Some complaints about the control head improperly installed.

2.Newport Vessels 86lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor Saltwater

This trolling motor is one of the best options for you when you want to head out into saltwater with a fishing boat, kayak or canoe. One thing I love the most about this product is that it has 86-pound thrust. It provides you more than enough power to undergo harsh conditions such as big winds and strong waves. Also, with three blade propellers, this one can perform very effectively.

It also features a 40-inch composite fiberglass shaft coming with heavy duty nylon mount, making this product very strong and durable. There are eight-speed variations for you to choose: 5 forward and three backward. This motor has twice the power of a 45-lb thrust unit, so it scoots. It is also very quiet for such as powerful unit. The control is very easy to use and to be honest, it looks pretty nice in white.

Additionally, this product has an aluminum head with 6-inch telescoping handle. The motor can run with two 12-volt deep cycle batteries. Another thing that makes this special for saltwater use is stainless steel and zinc hardware.

However, the downside is that the thrust is too heavy on the first gear. In fact, it is like 90% of the thrust is in the first gear and the other 10% is in the other seven gears.


  • Powerful with 86lb thrust
  • 40-inch composite fiberglass strong shaft
  • 8-speed variations


  • Usual maintenance required
  • Durable aluminum head
  • Stainless and zinc hardware
  • Thrust is too heavy

3.Minn Kota saltwater trolling motor

This is another motor specially designed for anglers who are looking to head out into saltwater to fish. It has a solid body and seawater compatible. The motor provides the thrust of 30 pounds, which is pushy enough for your boat.

Also, there is a tilt twist tiller and a 6-inch telescoping handle for better steering as well as speed control. Furthermore, this product also features a lever lock bracket offering a very solid mount. Cool, quiet power can help maximize the battery life, and it will never spook fish.

Like most other products out there, this one features 6-speed variations: 5 forward and three backward. Therefore, you will have maximum control of this motor. Another thing I also like about this model is that it has an indestructible composite shaft ensuring a lifetime warranty. The blade is also durable so it can withstand heavy rocks and flows.

However, as I remember, the top cover is likely to get very hot if you use it continuously for hours. When it gets that hot, I am sure that you can’t put your hands on it anymore. The only thing you can do is shut it down immediately and paddle back.


  • Black solid body
  • 8-speed variations
  • Cool, quiet power
  • Reputed brand
  • Indestructible shaft


  • Likely to get hot if continuously used

Final thoughts

Those are everything you need when it comes to choosing a motor for fishing saltwater. Once you are familiar with trolling motors, then it’s not that hard to choose a saltwater trolling motor. Hope you guys enjoyed my article and found my guide helpful for your next boating.