What is the Best Tasting Freshwater Fish? Know it Here!

Are you ready to dive into the world of catching freshwater fish? Let me tell you, there is a lot of information out there, and a lot of fish too. If this is your first ever experience with freshwater fish, then this article is going to be the best possible starting point. I have conjured up a list of best tasting freshwater fish that are perfect for both beginners, and advanced fish explorers alike.

The list I’m going to show you consists of types of fish that are regarded best by connoisseurs of food that I have met and me. If you do not agree, I totally understand. Your favorite fish may not appear in this list because of difference in appetite, conservation process and culinary skills.

Anyways, let’s take a look!

Catfish – One of The Best Tasting Freshwater Fish

The catfish has long been famous for its tastiness.  I can tell catfish meat is plain, mildly white, and a moist, juicy and succulent texture. When eating it, you can feel the meat gradually melts in your mouth with a sense of sweet lingering. You are going to love it!


Image sourcE: Game & Fish

Not only does catfish meat taste good, but it is also beneficial for your health. It contains low calories and saturated fat, while carrying large amount of healthy fats such as omega-3,6,9. It’s also an abundant source of protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus and many other nutrients.

There are many types of catfish such as channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish, barbell catfish, etc. which can be easily caught in American rivers. Blue catfish are usually found in the East and some places in California. Channel catfish can be found all across the country. Flathead catfish frequently live in central U.S in small streams, from small to large rivers…

Depending on your appetites, you can cook catfish in various ways. However, from my viewpoint, catfish taste best when fried, grilled and steamed.


Crappie is a member of sunfish family. They produce white, flaky and sweet meat that is perfect for fillet. They are very popular in Southern America and considered one of the best tasting freshwater fish (and excellent sport fish, too!)

This fish contains omega-3, which can protect you from many degenerative diseases, such as breast cancer. This fish also helps curbing the risk of weakening eyesight and memory loss.


Image source: Scout.com

Crappie fish also have other names such as strawberry bass, speck, perch, moonfish, etc. The fish is often found American lakes. White crappie fish like to live in still creeks, lakes, streams and ponds. Black crappie fish meanwhile prefer to live in deeper water. The fish is sold everywhere in America (of course except some isolated places).

There are many delicious recipes for crappie. You can fry (most commonly), bake or grill. Also, you can make fish pancake, a beautiful Southwest grilled crappie with some help of butter, or cornflake crappie as an appetizer.


Walleye’s meat is considered the chicken meat of the sea, with a little sense of sweetness after tasting. Walleyes live in many states in the U.S, usually in muddy water due to its sensitivity to light. They can be prepared in many ways, most commonly frying and baking. Some yummy recipes are cakes, delicate pecan-crusted walleye, salsa walleye, honey fried walleye…


Image source: Wikipedia

Freshwater drum

The fish’s meat when cooked is stocky and delicately flavored. Some people assume that this kind of fish is inedible because they usually live in bad water. However, some people say their meat is like redfish’s.

Freshwater drums contain a lot of protein and an abundant amount of vitamin B-12 (199% daily value per fillet). Besides, they have similar health benefits as catfish or bluegills.

Freshwater Drums are also called sheepsheads. They inhabit in river mouths, bays or tidal creeks.

The fish is suitable for grilling, broiling, baking, frying, smoking or being made into chowder or bouillabaisse. You can make fish tacos, fish kebabs, teriyaki… Remember to immediately store the fish in ice cover after catching them because their meat can spoil quickly.


Bluegills are very popular in the U.S and regarded as one of the starting fish for children. The bluegill is known for its stocky and flaky white meat. Its meat is pleasing to palate with pleasant aroma, a well-bodied context and a pleasurable after-taste. Its context is similar to sea bass, so if you like sea bass, you’ll like bluegills too.


Image source: American Expedition

Not only the taste that makes bluegills popular, but its health benefits also contribute. Its nutrient contents are low in carbohydrate and low in calories as well. This kind of fish allows you to eat with pleasure but still remain the low-carb diet at the same time. Additionally, Bluegills are a sustainable source of protein and iron, just like catfish.

The fish can be found in almost every lake, pond or any still water. They love shallow water.

For cooking, they are perfect for roasting, baking, BBQ, sashimi and all other culinary methods. My favorite way to tackle bluegills is to flour, fry and serve them with a lemon butter drizzle and steamed samphire. Bluegills also taste good when stir-fried with onions and mushrooms.


Sometimes people mistaken trout with salmon. Salmon is a part of trout family, but I will just mention freshwater trout, such as rainbow trout, steelhead, browns and brooks.


Image source: Aquaponics Wiki – Wikia

Freshwater trout can give you an unique experience, with its amazing taste and texture. Their meat is usually white, pink, or orange with a mild, fresh and a little fatty flavor. The taste is not as strong as salmon’s. Trout as flesh color of red or orange are the tastiest.

Freshwater trout is very beneficial for health. Although more fats are found in freshwater trout than other kinds of fish, they are not saturated fats, and have been confirmed to be heart-healthy. Many people like the fatty taste of trout meat, and rank it as the best tasting freshwater fish.  What makes trout better than other freshwater fish is that it contains lower cholesterol content, and more vitamin B.

Trout meat can be cooked in various ways without losing the original flavor: broiling, baking, smoking, steaming. I always enjoy trout pizza (It tastes REALLY good!) and fried trout with lemon juice squeezed a little bit on the flesh.

White bass

White bass meat has the oceanic flavor in it, though it’s a freshwater fish. It has a strong taste, mostly because of a dark red string on the back. If you do not want your meal to be too fishy, remove it. The white meat of the fish has a mild flavor and succulent texture.

White bass

Image source: Roughfish.com

White bass fish often live in rivers and lakes in Northern America.

White bass, just like sea bass, is low in calories and high protein and omega-3 contents. Also, white bass meat contains high vitamin B-6 and B-12. However, it can contain mercury which entails limited eating. You should only consume six to seven serves a month.

White bass is usually baked or broiled, but you can apply other kitchen methods for it.


There you go! I cannot recommend more, because that’s all I’ve got. Now go to the supermarket, get some fish in this list, search for your favorite recipes, cook carefully and enjoy the meal! Remember to give me your opinions.