Best Time to Hunt Deer

It’s going to happen to you! Don’t even think it’s not! You will run up against some hard-running conditions. And just stop asking for the best time to hunt deer as truth be told, it doesn’t exist.

Of course, there are unsafe times to hunt because of the weather conditions, which means hunters we should stay sheltered until it gets better.

But, for the rest of the time, this feature doesn’t impact much on our ability or the result of your hunting party. It just depends on your skill and strategies. Thus, exactly in this article, I will share you the best tips on the best time to hunt deer to get biggest rewards in each different time of the year.

Best time to hunt deer

Say no hunting in warm weather

Say no hunting in warm weather

Image source: Grand View Outdoors

I personally stay away from or don’t hunt when it’s low pressure, the climate is warm and the humidity is high. You know, the deer don’t like to move as they are miserable just like us.

If I walk outside and it’s miserable, hot and yucky, the deer feel the same way.

A lot of times they got that winter coat so their movement is extremely suppressed. Little food flocks you can hunt the edges of your good spots. Just get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

Moon Phases

In terms of moon phases, for sure, I won’t tell you to be on a tree at 10 am to 2 am on a full moon; You definitely see deer patterns change as the moon changes up there. But it’s too common. It doesn’t affect them.

Morning or afternoon?


It’s the best to hunt in the morning during fall and winter (or late season) as the temperature is cooler, clean and fresh air and importantly, mature bucks like such kind of weather.

In such time, the deer tend to move from their bedding areas to the food plot. To that end, in my opinion, and experience, standing in the transition area is the best choice.

Hunting Deer in the Morning

Image source: Legendary Whitetails Blog


Always, afternoon hunting is my favorite in the early season. You could hunt morning but I pretty much don’t enjoy hunting many mornings during such time. Why? Because if you get further than a year and you start getting close to that pre-rut things start changing and those deer on their feet. However, when those deer in the early season feed patterns, they are feeding late in the evening or at night.

You can catch some in the morning, it happens all the time but on my best spot, I don’t like to walk in there at daylight or right before. The reason for this is it’s a good chance for you to bump deer out of that going around. Thus, I’d rather go in the early afternoon before they get up start moving to my better spot.

Prepare for change with the condition

Be flexible

For instance, when I’m up in a tree stand and I don’t see a deer pattern near me but, I see one off and beyond in the woods. That’s when I hit the ground. If I have a window, the deer are veiled behind some cover and the wind is in my favor, I’ll leave that tree stand. Then make a move and set up on the ground.

Be flexible when hunting deer

Image source: Bowhunter Magazine

Or, if possible, I will bring the tree stand with me and set up a new stand right there on the spot. Now, that sounds like something you may not want to do in the middle of the day or the hunt. However, it’s something that you may have to do. Toss that tradition out of the window and go after those deer in more aggressive manner.

Have a certain tactic

A deer on the move that doesn’t know you’re after him, you need to cut him off at the pass. You’ve got to see how you can get in front of him without him seeing you first.

The more pressure they feel, the smaller their safe area becomes, the less they are going to move. As soon as they feel any kind of hunting pressure or human pressure, they shut down most of their daily activities.

Now, that doesn’t mean these deer all act the same, they will follow similar patterns. But different areas of the country depending on the terrains where they live can affect their movements.

If you’ve got a tactic that you really enjoy, don’t leave it at home when you do to some different parts of the country.

Plan for the hunt

If you’ve never been to an out-of-state hunt, much less than a ton of country hunt, pack for the unexpected. I think the biggest thing is organization if you’re going to travel. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling in your pickup truck or you’re flying. You need to be organized.

Planning a hunt for a different region is all about weather and terrain. What type of boots, types of camouflage and type of gears you need extra – they are all factors on how to plan for your hunt.

Understand the deer

This is the most basic thing you should equip yourself – understanding the deer, such as their habitat, favorite food, etc.

For example, in Anacostia, during November to December, the whitetails like Western Big-game migrate. Now, where are they going? They are moving to the coast as this is their favorite place. The reason is very simple, coastlines are more temperate and they will actually eat the seaweed that washes up on shore as part of their nutritional value for the winter.

But the real fun is the if it’s doesn’t snow, the deer won’t migrate. They will wait until January to migrate to the ocean.

If you understand and research carefully the intending hunting place as well as the deer habitat, chances are you will get to have bigger rewards or basically, a funnier game.

In a word, the weather is one of the elements affecting on our hunting game’s result, but it does play a small role. The major thing is our preparation, knowledge, and tactics. I hope that through this article on the best time to hunt deer providing my personal tips and experience, you will have more information to get the best rewards. Have fun!