What Accessories are needed for a Bow?

Not only the beginner but also the re-started players who are getting back after a bit long time away from this sport will get confuse of choosing the Bow Accessories. Because in the market, there are so many kinds and types with different sizes as well as materials of accessories. If you want some instructions and advices, let’s follow this article.

The most important parts that you must have when getting started:


Hunting Bow and Bow Accessories

Of course, this is a must-have item whether you use it for the purpose of hunting for practicing. There are some main elements that you need to keep in mind to choose the best bow: the material, your budget, warranty, the length, drawn weight,… Here are some best Recurve Bows:

Bow stringer

The most important factor while choosing is the material. A bow stringer is very momentous for any recurve bow accessories. Some best Bow Stringers:

  • SelwayLimbsaverRecurve Bow Stringer
  • NeetRecurve Bow Stringer
  • OMP Mountain Man Leather Longbow/Recurve Bow Stringer


These are the projectiles of a bow. For Crossbow accessories, they are quarrels or bolts. Of course, you cannot practice or hunt with just an arrow. At the store, they usually sell a pack of 6-8 arrows. Depending on the purpose of use, you choose the suitable length of arrows.

Best Archery Arrows

You can ask the bow technician to make right decision. Here are some recommends for you:

  • High Impact Hunting Arrow Shaft with Nock and Fletched ,ID2.44,straightness+-/0.003.
  • Wizard Archery 30″ Fiberglass Target Practice Arrows (1 Dozen)
  • Allen Company 30-Inch Adult Carbon Arrows (3 Pack)


This is another thing that you cannot forget about. It is what you aim for to cast the arrows. If you are on a budget, let’s make a target by yourself to practice shooting.

Nocking point

Crossbow Nocks

This creates a place on the bow string for the arrow to nock. This part is rather essential for hunting accessories as it helps you to shoot more exactly. Similarly, asking a bow technician for more advices. Recommended:

  • Mossy Oak String Nocking Points (5 Pieces)
  • Allen 540 Archery String Nock Set, 5-Ct.
  • Bohning Hunter String Nocks, Black, 6 Count

Optional Hunting Bow Accessories


It is a kind of container for arrows, bolts, or quarrels. On the previous article, we have introduce you concretely about how to choose and recommend some best quivers, you can consult here(coming soon).


Sight for a Recurve/Compound Bow and the Scope for a Crossbow, they are the devices which help the archer to aim your bow when shooting. For more information, you can read these series articles:

In reality, almost the recurve bows do not have this equipment as the hunter want to have more challenges. However, this tool is rather important in practicing, especially for the beginners

Bow string wax

Bowstring WaxIf take a look through a loop, you will find that bow stringer is made from many fibers. Without being lubricated, they will rub repeatedly together, which leads to be broken easily. In many cases, broken bow stringer causes some accidents to the archers.

Even though it is said that buying a bow string wax is not very necessary, to ensure safety, you should prepare it and have right lubrication.

Some bow string waxes that you may concern:

  • Allen Company Bow String Wax
  • Dead Down Wind Rail Lube/Bow Wax (3pack)
  • Bohning Tex-Tite Bow String Wax

Glove or finger tabs

Without this, you will find it hard to shoot for many times because your fingers will rub repeatedly to bow stringer and arrows, which may cause blisters and even make the slanted direction while shooting. If you have bit money to spend on, you can buy a leather gloves or finger tab for the beauty and sturdy. On the contrary, the good news is that you can make it by yourself.


  • Ultra Light Weight Archery Arm Guard, Forms to the Arm for a Great Fit
  • OMP Mountain Man 2-Strap Ventilated Leather Suede Arm Guard