BowHunting Tips: Types of Bows

Archery is a sport when practicing the skill of using the bow might propel the arrows. But do you know all types of bows? In the past, it was not a well-known sport while another hunting gears like guns, grenade and nuclear race against each other. But now, archery plays an active role in our daily life. It is a recreational game to upgrade our patience and precision into higher level. It is a sport, so it is definitely played in competition. Besides, archery is utilized in bow fishing, such a surprising sport is that not many people might find out. Finally, archery is popular in its major role, hunting.

Because of many available advantages, archery gradually becomes a popular sport among various kinds of age from youngsters to elders. With a bow and arrows, you can start this amazing sport easily. What a lifetime sport, I can call that I guess.

Types of Bows

I’m make sure that everyone who have ever searched for bow knows about its importance in combat. But, you know what? The functions of bow is changing day by day. The better living standard, the higher demand about healthy life people require.

The bow has been a great tool which plays an important role not only in history, but also in our modern life. In the past, it proved its strength by becoming an efficient wood weapon for army. Then, its advanced feature nowadays is the unlimited ability for users. You can see there is a variety of bow shapes available on the marketplace. Thanks to its popularity, you could enjoy different great features of each types of bows.

Top 4 best types of bows nowadays include Recurve Bow, Compound Bow, Longbow and Crossbow. These names come from the difference on the shape of a bow which is viewed from one side. With different specific designs, you will have chance to take advantage of each type of bow shape. Let’s follow us to discover both strengths and weaknesses for each type of them. We hope that after you keep an eye on this review, choosing the best bowhunting suitable for you is not a difficult task anymore.

Bowhunting tips: types of bows


What is Longbow?

Longbow is a bow with long shape, which has appreciated length for users’ height. The material to make the longbow is wood. Longbow has the origin from Will and Maurice Thompson.

Many users choose longbow because of its various advantages. I can tell you that, with the longbow on your hands, you can shoot your target at any position. Even you are lying or standing, this is not a matter. Furthermore, it offers a quiet sound during the shooting process with the equipment of 4 shorter silencers. In addition, it is light enough for using in dark areas. Like other bow shapes, longbow has left some limitations. The disadvantage when using this tool is the hand shock you might meet when using this bow. It leads to the inaccuracy that you don’t expect to deal with in your shooting.

Additionally, in 19th century, longbow played an important role as a successful weapon in battles. However, in the modern life, it often has the aim of hunting animals. The average weight for a longbow with the target of hunting is 50 to 55 pounds. For each design, it will release different amount of arrows. The number of arrows can reach up to hundreds or thousands arrows within the distance of 20 yards. Therefore, depending on your requirements, check out the most suitable one for your need.

The structure of a long bow is almost similar to a re-curve bow. The only difference is that a re-curve bow has limbs with re-curve shape but a long bow’s limbs are straight. That difference leads to a unique shooting way of a long bow. When shooting with a re-curve, we usually hold a bow straight and perpendicularly to the target. That is not the way with a long bow. Because of its design, a long bow does not have an arrow rest to elevate the arrow and separate it from the bow. Therefore, we have to hold the bow at 45 degrees angle in order to make the arrow stays stably in the bow. After you have done this, the next step is exactly the same with a re-curve bow. Pull the string backward to your anchor point, aim and shoot. You’ve finished your first shot!

Top Brands and Reviews

Best Longbow for sale reviews

Now if you are on the market with the target to find the most perfect longbow, our suggestions will certainly help you. There are many brands available on bow market nowadays. We have analyzed top-rated longbow brands like Bear Archery, Martin, October Mountain and Mountain Man. All of them are trust-worthy names for anarchy.

  • For example, Bear Archery is a great corporation for the smooth shooting, durability, powerful strength and light-weight design for convenient moving and carrying. Bear is probably able to bring the high-quality products to users. Its name has many years of establishment.
  • Moreover, how can a professional Martin product be an exception? It is recognized owing to abilities to provide effective limps, deflexed design and helpful accessories, which leads to the result of less hand shocking in use.
  • Then, we ensure that October Mountain will make you happy. It has all features you need such as a sleek handle and hand shock decrease. The flashlight is a new invention which allows the tool for easy using at night.
  • About Mountain Man, its attractive outlook, high speed and powerfulness totally might satisfy many purchasers.. The strength supplying for arrow is equipped well. As a result, it is a great recommendation for hunting outside.


What is Crossbows?

Well, another popular bow nowadays is crossbow. The definition of a crossbow comes into many categories. All in all, according to Wikipedia, crossbow is “a projectile-shooting weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock.” It implies that this type of bow is designed in such a modern way that could satisfy customers and experts for many reasons.

There are something you might have to know: discussing about the benefits and drawbacks of crossbow, this type has a variety of features that make it out-standing from other rivals. Firstly, crossbow is awesome for the shooting accuracy. This great feature comes from the combination between scopes and laser sights in front of the bow. However, if you are looking for a quiet and light-weight bow, this type is not a great option. Crossbow is quite heavy and makes noise during the shooting process.

In the past, crossbow is a powerful weapon so that today, with the accurate feature, it applies effectively in hunting. It means although you are far away from the target, the crossbow allows you to shoot in a absolutely right way. The crossbow makes most of users satisfied with a very light-weight design for carrying. More specifically, plastic or composite appearance replaces wood for a lighter design.

Top Brands and Reviews

Best Crossbow for sale Reviews

On the other hand, you may be attracted by many sweet pitches from different reliable crossbow brands on the market. Therefore , you had better become a smart purchasers with the right decision in choosing the best one for you. Referring to the top well-known crossbows nowadays, the list includes Barnett, Arrow Precision, TenPoint and Excalibur:

  • Barnett is considered as the best recommendation in this range. With this type, you could hunt a big animal from a far distance of 40 yards to 100 yards. Besides, it offers a great warranty policy of 5 years limited. Feel free to contact to Barnett customer service to get your warranty in case you want to fix your product.
  • Arrow Precision: This brand covers the high-quality scope as well as other supportive accessories so that it makes the bow become one of the best-selling items in any events. It strongly proves that this type features all you need for your requirements.
  • If you use TenPoint bows, you could enjoy their durability and the pro scope. The pro scope is an important factor which allows you to shoot your animals from a far distance.
  • Last but not least, if you are a fan of Excalibur; perhaps you are familiar with the strength, which is ideal for professional hunters.


What is Recurve Bows?

Recurve bow is basically defined as a traditional bow with curve shape turning to be unstrung after long times using. This type of bow has the origin from Temujai. There are two main parts of the recurve bow, including the bow body and a string. Users will find it easy to use this kind of short bow because of many reasons.

The key benefits of a recurve bow are that it compact design, portability, and affordable price. You can see the average weight of a recurve bow often varies between 30 to 40 pounds, whereas its length is at 60 inches. It is easy to understand because this feature comes from the equipment of wood or plastic design. However, in comparison with other compound bows nowadays, recurve is evaluated to less powerful and accurate. Moreover, another limitation of this shape is that it would be in bad condition if this type of bow gets wet. Remember this point when using the bow.

Excepts from those advantages above, you also can use recurve bow for different targets. This type is commonly used in shooting competition. Furthermore, it is great for beginners to practice. Additionally, because of the less powerful strength than other bow shapes, shooters are likely to use this bow type to hunt for small animals. There are many factors which affect our purchase decisions on bow. For example, hunting requires high accuracy, durability and the suitable weight. If you choose the recurve bow for hunting, you had better pay attention to the minimum of 40 pounds of bow. This will create a higher power of the bow. Then, it can be said that the recurve bow has high application in our modern life for different responsibilities.

Like its name, a recurve bow has recurve parts and curve parts. Why people build a bow with shape like this? The answer is that the re-curve helps the bow gain more speed while the arrow comes out. It gives you the spring effect. This is what a straight bow cannot do. The structure of a recurve bow is very simple. It is built up with the main part, riser and connect with 2 limbs. An interesting thing is that the handle, the riser is made of wood. It is an advantage for beginners because you can change the poundage of your limbs so as to make it fit you.

As you can see in the picture, a riser contains a sight to aim the target, an arrow rest to elevate the arrow so it is separate from the bow, a clicker and a stabilizer thread. Okay, so that is our first impression of a recurve bow.

Top Brands and Reviews

best recurve bow for sale reviews

According to thousands of customer reviews, we have selected the most reliable names in recurve bow industry. More specifically, you could narrow down your decisions by just searching for Martin, Samick and PSE Razorback. They are top 3 best recurve bows brand on the market, which gain so much attention from customers and professionals. Now I will get you to the detail:

  • Martin promises to bring the high-quality products within affordable price. This type is awesome with the strong frame and shoots as well as portability for carrying. You totally could enjoy the accuracy, stability and quiet procedure of Martin products.
  • Samick has the compact design with smooth direction. It contains a number of high applications in hunting, and other activities. Samick has many years on the market for sturdy design, the ease of setting and efficient shooting even from far distance.
  • Excalibur is very easy to use. Therefore, even your children could use this bow for the target of entertainment or practice. Besides, it combines many out-standing features for hunting inside.


Best Compound Bow Reviews

The structure of a compound bow and a hybrid bow does not have many differences. The way to shoot of these two is exactly the same. The different thing is a compound bow has more attached part, which was upgraded than a hybrid. We have in here a nocking loop so as to put our trigger release. So we shoot with a trigger release in compound bow.

People nowadays use compound bow more and more because of its accuracy and efficiency. In fact, in bow hunting, compound bow shows its best ability that traditional bow cannot do. Like I said above, when shooting with a compound bow, you use release equipment in order to get a best shot. I will introduce to you 2 basic types nowadays: T-handle and wrist strap.

  Wrist strap T-handle
Structure surround your wrist and lock on

=> cannot lose when go to the jungle for hunting => more popular

hold in your hand

=> easy to lose

=> less popular

How to use – take the arrow out

– put the release onto the loop

– draw the string

– aim

– shoot

– take the arrow out

– hold it in your hand

– snap it onto the string

– aim

– push the trigger forward

– shoot

Another Great Bow: Hybird Bow

Hybird BowThe hybrid cam system features two asymmetrically elliptical cams: a control cam on the top, and a power cam on the bottom. The system is rigged with a single split-harness, a control cable, and a main string. It operates like a pulley system, so you can reduce the weight of the bow when pulling and holding. When you shoot, the power of the bow is transferred into the arrow more efficiently.


There are lots of bow shapes available on the market. They vary greatly in shapes, sizes, price, features, key customers, etc…Similarly, each type of top 4 types of bows above presents for the difference in designs as well as specific functions. Basing on your requirements of hunting or practicing, selecting the right bow is not a challenge. Although all of them are supportive weapons in combats, their functions effectively change time by time.

More specifically, in the modern life, Recurve Bow is the most popular type, which is used in hunting small animals or shooting competitions. Besides, you had better choose Longbow for the target of shooting objectives from a far distance. Finally, if you are professional hunters, Crossbow with the super high accuracy is your best recommendation. We hope that you make the right decision on picking out your most suitable hunting bow with our helpful guidance. Let’s try and enjoy!