Buck Knives – Buck 110 BRS Folding Hunter Knife

Our Rating: 4.8 / 5
When purchasing a hunting knife, people often have to put into their account several important factors such as skinning game type, sharpness, brand, price, etc… This is the reason why we gladly recommend Buck Knives – Buck 110 BRS Folding Hunter Knife as one of the best purchasing option for completing this task. For knife lovers, this model becomes a perfect choice for outdoor activities thanks to beautiful design and effectiveness. The folding knife deserves to rank 5 out of 5 stars for its remarkable contribution to human life. Keep on reading and decide whether this tool is suitable for you or not.


Because of the classic design, Buck 110 BRS from Buck Knives inherits traditional features of previous design styles. The most out-standing traditional characteristic of this model is the slightly heavier weight than other products in the same category. Some people will find 7.2 ounces of weight is quite heavy for using and carrying. However, this is a great option for completing specific tasks such as chopping fruits or vegetables.

A great benefit of using this knife is that it is designed in such an elegant way that attracts most of customer eyes. Wow, make your style cool with the nice polished wooden handles and sleek blade. Besides, another wonderful thing about this model is that it attempts to equip Kydex sheath, more durable than traditional leather ones.


Find out all you need when going to hunt, picnics or camping with Buck 110. It strongly proves that the model features all you need for doing multi-functional tasks, including both simple and more complicated types. Top 3 main parts of the folding knife include blade, handle and sheath. Although each of them plays specific roles, they combine well together for boosting the knife effectiveness. Quickly order it now and enjoy all of its gorgeous features.

The first important element you had better bear into your mind when using this knife is its surprising sharpness. You could find it easy to chop onions or split wood. Coming with 3 to 3/4 inches of blade, it also has high suitability with punching holes. As you know, the blade is covered with stainless steel, which not only creates the knife strength, but also enhances its durability. It is a great option to efficiently avoid corrosion during a long time of usage.

Diamond wood handle is right choice for people who love the unique appearance of the folding knife. This great feature results from smooth edges and polished brass. You should avoid wet hands when holding the handle because it may cause to slipping.

Talking about the sheath of Buck Knives 110, it not only comes with attractive design, but also creates the portability for carrying. Wear the sheath on your wrists and you could find it convenient to bring the knife everywhere you want.


  • Unique and clip point design
  • Great balance
  • Kydex leather sheath
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durability
  • Sharpness
  • Fast delivery
  • Full accessories
  • Diamond wood handle


  • Slightly heavy weight

Things to consider about Buck 110

There are several important factors you should bare into your mind when purchasing a folding knife. For example, it is advisable for you to select suitable length of blade to meet your specific needs and demands. Lock is another necessary factor that contributes so much in the knife efficiency.


In general, if you are on the market and looking for an efficient folding hunting knife, let’s start with Buck 110 BRS from Buck Knives. Within the affordable price, the model comes with top high-end features which satisfy customer types in many aspects. It is ideal for hunting different game targets. Thousands of people are happy with this model, what about you?

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