Buying a Used Kayak, Why Not? Just Give It A Try!

For those who are new at this leisure activity, you should not spend any money on a brand new boat that you may not know how to use. Also, you shouldn’t buy it if you are not sure whether this is a permanent hobby. Instead, buying a used kayak is a smart choice. It does not matter what type of kayak you choose, buying a used boat allows you to experience this wonderful sport without spending too much money.

Currently on the market there are many kinds of used kayaks with good quality and variety of designs to meet the need of each customer. Knowing all information about a used kayak will help you choose the one that fits your style best.

You can find used boats on the internet such as,, or … Because, sometimes, kayak stores that sale used ones are not always near you or easy to find. So if you feel that choosing a good used kayak is not easy as you think, then just read on. The following will show you the differences between each type of kayak that are available.

Recreational Kayaks

First of all, it is the recreation kayaks. Recreational kayaks are large, light weight and stable, and they are for kayakers to paddle easily in calm water. In details, there are different materials, but mostly from plastic or fiberglass, or a combination of both to increase durability and reduce weight.

Recreational Kayaks

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In addition, recreational kayaks have wide and open cockpits so you can get in and out without any difficulty. This type of boat has many versions, including solo, tandem and tri-kayak. A used recreational kayak is often cheaper than fishing kayak, but the price is also drastically various. Remember that the depreciation of the boat is also dependent on who sell it to you.

Fishing Kayaks

Overall, many people think of buying a used kayak because they want a fishing kayak, however, they are quite heavy and costly. Fishing kayak is kayak designed to integrate with the fishing gear like rod, reel or GPS device, with large and stable hull. A professional fishing kayak is even more expensive as it has more features than other types.

Additionally, this type of boat is made from the lightest material, which costs a great deal. So if you want to buy a more advanced kayak with hard shell, durable and multifunctional, then you should buy a used one. Actually, this is an effective way to save money.

Fishing Kayaks

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Because it is made exclusively for fishing, sometimes, the price of a used fishing kayak is very high, even although there are cheaper options. Furthermore, owners often want to use all the functions out of the boat so the depreciation is also higher.

Inflatable Kayaks

Among used kayaks, inflatable kayak is the cheapest. Inflatable kayaks are the favorite of both amateur and professional kayakers because they are easy to store, transport, and paddle.

This kayak is strong and solid constructure that helps support the hull. It takes within 20 minutes to inflate the kayak by using a foot pump. Although inflatable kayak is not as durable as others, it is still very simple and easy to use. Before buying, make sure that you check the hull carefully. This is because it is very susceptible to depreciation and may have been patched a few times by the previous owner.

Inflatable Kayaks

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Therefore, trying it on the water to ensure there are no holes is important. Besides, inflatable kayaks are suitable for travel, particularly for those who have small vehicles.

In short, a used inflatable kayak is much cheaper than other used ones. However, high depreciation is a big concern.

What to look for when buying a used kayak?

While you can easily find ton of information and reviews about kayaks on the internet, you also should look up about the used ones. However, before buying anything, refer following tips to find the best kayak for you.

Knowing your using purpose

When you are considering buying a used kayak, besides understanding the different types of kayaks, you need to know their functions, what they are used for. For example, if you want to play sports, just select the type of boat with rigid frame and functionality, or not, pick an inflatable one. Therefore, remember to determine if you want to go fishing, get out for adventure or just for fun. In fact, there will be different types of kayaks for different purposes for you to choose.

Online purchasing

The best place to find a used kayak is to look up on the internet. The internet is full of information about kayaks from many manufacturers and dealers. Thus, you can compare different types of kayaks and their prices easily. Furthermore, there are some web sites where kayak enthusiasts discuss about this outdoor activity, exchange boats, or even better, sale their boats.

Online purchasing

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More specifically, the highest chance for buying a used kayak is on eBay. You will find a wide list of kayaks where many sellers posting their products up. When you visit the website, just type “used kayaks” in the search bar and a list of products related to the keyword will show up. Then click on any attractive titles to read a complete description of the product. The site also provides you with information of the seller.

If you are intending to buy from a seller, click on the name to access their personal page. This can help you see the feedback of the provider or even contact with the seller to ask for more information.

Boat checking

Hull material not only affects the price, but also has an impact on the stability, durability and efficiency of the kayak. Common materials used to make sea kayak are plastic or fiberglass. Although composite kayaks are more expensive, they are lightweight, sturdy and high aesthetic.

Another thing to consider is the bottom. Kayaks with flat bottom give more stability than the rounded bottom. On the other hand, round-bottomed kayaks help keep the boat from turning over in water, which is an advantage when you want a recreational kayak.


If you are considering a kayaking trip with your friends or family, then a tandem kayak is a great choice. Buying used kayaks help you enjoy the excitement of this leisure activity and save money at the same time. But, buying a used tandem kayak helps you save even more. This is because you will have two seats. It also has two cockpits for two persons to control the boat, which means higher stability and faster paddling.