Things to Consider When Buying a Binocular Case

One of the best ways to maintain a proper care of your binoculars as well as their optics and internal components is to store them in a binocular case.

You might be surprised to know that there are many types of binoculars cases for you to choose. It depends on the types of your binoculars and the level of protection you want for your binoculars, to name just a few.

Important things that you need to consider when buying a binocular case:

The Type of Binocular Cases

You can have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the type for your binocular case. Different types have different designs and characteristics.

Binocular Wraps

Binocular Wraps

Image source: Op/Tech USA

With this type of binocular case, you would be able to take your binoculars out with ease. And thanks to the main material – neoprene- this case is very elastic. It can provide enough cushioning for your valuable binoculars. It has the basic level of protection against normal bumps and shaking. This material is also water resistant so you can bring it outside under the light rain.

Another advantage of the binocular wrap is that it is quite cheap to buy one.

Binocular Pouches

Binocular Pouches

Image source: the on point resource

Binocular pouches allow you to have quick access to your binoculars with a flap on top. So, you can easily fold back after use.

Just like a binocular wrap, binocular pouches can protect your binoculars from normal bumps and away from scratches and dust.

Binocular Bags

Binocular Bags

Image source: Etsy

For a binocular bag, you can have a quite large room inside to store bigger binoculars. Not to mention that it might come with separate compartments for you to store other belongings. In addition, it also offers a higher level of protection.

This type of binocular case is quite sturdy and durable.

Hard Binocular Case

As the name suggests, the hard binocular case is the hardest and sturdiest among all types of binoculars. It can offer a very high protection as well.

It is the most common types of cases you can find on the market. So, you can easily find many brands with different colors and patterns for you to choose from, with the wide range of prices as well.

The Material

You also have a lot of options for the material of a binocular case to choose from.

Nylon: This material is quite durable and water resistant. You also don’t need to pay a lot of good care for the cover.

Leather: This type of material can offer you a good and stylish look for the cover. Nevertheless, it will require you to pay a lot of attention to it. Because it tends to wear out and get marks and scratches easily.

When you buy a leather binocular case, make sure you store it in a dry place. This prevents mold from happening on the cover.

In addition, avoid direct sun light all the time or it will become heated and the binoculars will be damaged as well.

Hard Plastic: It is tough and durable which can provide you a moderate protection for your binoculars. Make sure you choose this material along with extra cushioning to avoid effects of bumps and shocks well.

Metal: This material is the least common type of material. It could make the binocular case very sturdy but at the same time make it more prone to scratches and rust.

If you want to have a metal binocular case, make sure there are enough cushioning and padding to protect your binoculars from the inside as well.


It is common sense that the binocular case needs to fit your binoculars. The size of the case needs to be bigger than your binoculars. Thus, you can put them in and take them out without any difficulty. Make sure you measure all of the dimensions including the length, width and height of the pair.

Your Budget

As I mention above, different types of binocular case will have different range of price.  A binocular wrap and pouches would be less expensive than hard binocular case.

In addition, brands and materials also contribute to the price of the case.

Choose a binocular case suitable for your budget

Image source: Iconfinder

You can make your decision based purely on your needs and preference. If you want to use the case for a long time, make sure you buy it from a trusted brand with longer durability. It will be more expensive but in the long run, it will become cheaper for each use.

And in case you want to try different brands and designs, you are free to choose whichever prices you can afford.

However, you should make sure that you should not opt for a really cheap case. As it will not be able to protect your binoculars, even in a short time, which is a waste of money.

Other Features

In case you are searching for a binocular case to bring along when you go birdwatching or wildlife seeing, there are some additional features that you can consider as well.

For example, you should choose the case that has silent magnetic fasteners. So anytime you open it, you will not cause any noise to alert the wildlife animals around you.

In addition, you should choose the colors and patterns of the case that match the colors of the surrounding natures.

Before you search for a pair, both online and in physical stores, you should note all of the features that you consider important to you. Bring the list with you so you will not forget anything.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you buy a binocular case such as your budget. The level of comfort the case is when you carry it and the material of the product.

If you are able to find the one that suits you and your binoculars the most, your binoculars will have a good protection against potential damages such as rain and dust. In addition, you will feel more comfortable carrying your binocular around.

Therefore, it is all worth your effort and money on the search for the best binocular cover.