Buying fit over fishing sunglasses what you should know?

When you are fishing, having sunglasses not really protect your eyes is essential. For that reason, many people use a pair of fit over fishing sunglasses. If you wear a pair of fit over fishing sunglasses for a better look, you’re out of luck. But speaking about the functionality, they are the best for fishers.

Fit over Fishing Sunglasses: How to choose the best ones

Buying a pair of fit-over fishing sunglasses is never an easy job. There are certain elements for you to consider. Here are the three most important ones: the chassis, the temples, and the lens system. These three elements determine the quality and functionality of the glasses how you would feel when wearing them. Whether you are buying your glasses at a drug store or an optical grade model, you should always pay attention to these elements.

The cost

Now, remember that you’re basically getting what you pay for (at least in a same store). This means that in a store, if a pair of glasses cost more than another, it should have higher quality. You can’t expect a $10 pair of fit-over sunglasses to have all the features of $50 ones. Just to make it simple for you, here are what you can expect when buying a pair of sunglasses in the following price range:

The cost

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Below $10

If you are someone who loves your eyes and want them to stay healthy, you should never buy a pair of sunglasses that worth less than $10. Most of them (if not all) are made of cheap plastic that will ruin your eyes. They are of course not UV protective and the scratches on the lens will damage your vision and cause optical issues. You can find these glasses at gas stations. Still, we don’t recommend you to consider buying them.


These sunglasses generally lack quality and features. But if the weather is mild and you’re someone who loses their sunglasses all the time, buy these ones. It’s fine to put these on half an hour a day.

These fit over fishing sunglasses can be found at drug stores, gas stations, souvenir shops. If you’re lucky, you might find one with real quality and it can protect your eyes. But, in general, you shouldn’t put any expectation on these glasses. In fact, you should find yourself lucky if they don’t break the first few times you use them.

Also, since they are made of cheap plastic, it’s hard to find any comfort while wearing these glasses. Again, these glasses are good for those who rarely wear them and usually lose their glasses.


$20 Fit over sunglassess are good for fishermen, drivers, travelers

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Now, we’re talking. These fit over fishing sunglasses are often polarized and they are a basic requirement when you’re fishing or driving. In details, they help you to face toward the sun without getting flashed. If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that can protect your eyes against the sunlight, start from $20 and above.

In details, they help you to face toward the sun without getting flashed. If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that can protect your eyes against the sunlight, start from $20 and above.

They are good for fishermen, drivers, travelers. Although they lack of comfort and quality. They are something that you can keep in your car or in the pocket of your shirt and ready to use.


These are mid-range fit over fishing sunglasses, and they are polarized. A security case and extra accessories should be included in the package when you buy them. You can find most of these sunglasses in a sunglass shop, sometimes at drug stores.

When buying these sunglasses, there should be some kind of warranty bundled in the package. Sport stores do sell these sunglasses too. The eye pads are comfortable and adjustable so that the glasses can sit on your nose. The quality of these glasses is good. If you’re spending a lot of time behind your sunglasses every day, buy these ones.


They are high-end sunglasses for professional and dedicated fishermen or drivers. These sunglasses will ensure that your eyes are protected well all the time behind the lens. As they are polarized, the sun won’t stand a chance of getting to you. All of them are nearly 100% UV protective. Additionally, the frame of the glasses is made of high-quality materials so that they are durable and the lens are scratch-resistant.

You can find these glasses in glass shops, retailers, professional eyecares. They come in many sizes and can be customized so that they fit you more snuggly.

$50 and above

They are ultimate fit over fishing sunglasses. Most of the times, these sunglasses can be customized according to the wearers so that they can fit snuggly. Overall, they come with all kind of cases, microfiber cloths and lens cleaning liquid. There are a variety of lens colors and styles for you to choose from. Furthermore, the glasses have a lifetime warranty.

If possible, you should buy these sunglasses. One good pair of sunglasses is worth 10 pair of cheap sunglasses. Not only they fit you, comfort and quality will be ensured. You shall forget that you’re wearing those sunglasses after just a few minutes.

Cheap sunglasses can damage your vision due to the low-quality lens but this is not true for a good pair of sunglasses. The polarized and scratch-resistant lens will take care of the work. You can fish in the shade all day without worrying of your eyes getting flashed when you need to retrieve the fish that takes the bait.

Measuring the glasses

It is obvious that any kind of glasses should fit you. Therefore, never wear an over-sized pair of sunglasses or those that are too small for your face.

Measuring the glasses

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Most of the times, the sellers and doctors will carry out the measurement for you. But in case you want to know what it’s like, here are a few simple steps to measure your sunglasses.

1: Measure the lens from the outside left to the outside right (the widest part)

2: Measure the distance between the lowest point and the highest point of the lens.

3: Those measurements above should not be wider than the width of your face (from the end of one eye to another). Also, they should not exceed the distance between your eyebrows and your cheek bones.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of wearing glasses is to protect your eyes from the sunlight and dust. Therefore, this is extremely important when you’re intending to buy a pair of fit over fishing sunglasses. In short, they are something to be invested decently with money and selection.