Must-remember Family Camping Equipment Checklist

What will happen to a family camping trip without any equipment checklist? I think before you continue to read this article, we should make it clear that why a camping equipment checklist is essential.

Benefits of having a camping equipment checklist

Create connection among family member

By making a checklist, you can have a chance for the family gathering, helping each other, creating excitement and connecting family member for a great adventure.

Easily set up your mind

You will feel more relaxed, less tension as you know what should you bring, what is not necessary. Your things, camping gears, other tiny but essential stuff, everything is in black and white to check easily at any time needed.

Besides, a checklist helps to settle down your mind quickly. You do not need to remember everything in your mind. It also gives you experience on planning a family camping trip. For the next camping, you can be more confident to decide your whole plan of camping.

Let’s see what we need in our family camping equipment checklist

Common necessary equipment first

–    Tent: you cannot camp without tent which includes inner and outer tent, a ground sheet, guy ropes, pegs…(everything relates to tent package so take with you)

–    Mattresses: to have comfortable sleeping nights, it is necessary to have a mattress. Because you need a good relax and enough sleeping to gain your energy for the next adventure day.

–    Pillows: you cannot sleep on the floor without pillows. Pillows give you a feeling as you stay at home.

–    Flashlight with batteries: this is important on camping especially at night.

–    Cooking and meal utensils

–    Washing dishes soap. Washing powder.

–    Clothesline: you need to wash your clothes for long days of camping.

–    Towels: Everyone usually remember to bring towels for bathing, but forget about cleaning after a meal. I used to!

–    Toilet buckets: if you camp in the remote areas, a toilet bucket is necessary.

–    First aid medical care: Panadol, diarrhea tablets, bandages…

–    Plastic bags for trashes or dirty clothes.

–    Toilet paper

Common necessary equipment first

Image source: Intentional Travelers

And personal equipment checklist, of course

–    Phone charger with power bank charger: you will love to save your best moment or connect with your friend. Hence your phone needs full of batteries.

–    A camera, camera memory card, and its charger.

–    A notebook: in case you want to write your experience on camping days.

–    Hair brush, towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

–    Clothes, swimwear, jacket, caps or umbrella…

–    A small mirror

–    A backpack (to put all personal things in)

Don’t forget food in back up

In the case of staying in the remote area where you could not find any super stores, the following list can help you:

–    Eggs and bread

–    Tea and coffee

–    Sugar, salt, pepper, oil.

–    Cookies

–    Powder milk

–    Fruit jam

–    Sausages

–    Tomatoes and cucumbers

–    Cheese and butter

–    Potato snacks

–    Fruit

It’s time to create a camping checklist

To sum up, to go for camping is an interesting activity for the whole family, a checklist can help your family get more relaxed and convenient. You will not be frustrated and blame on each other due to lacking equipment while camping. Wish you have best camping trips.