Which Camping Tent Materials Should You Choose? Find Out!

You are about to buy a camping tent for the upcoming picnic, but the camping tent materials make you confused.

I know, choosing a tent might be a difficult task if you do not have much experience on it. Choosing a tent is all about selecting the tent materials.

A good tent with good materials can provide you a stable and strong campsite no matter how the weather is. Hence it is necessary for you to acknowledge tent materials so that sellers will not make you fool.

To Choose Camping Tent Materials, Know About Tent Fabrics First

Tents always have two layers, an inner layer for our sleeping and an outer layer as flysheet. For an inner layer, you will not have a choice because manufacturers make it the same. But for an outer layer, there are many different materials for flysheet:

1.      Polyester

About 70% of the tents available in the market are usually made of polyester. Polyester is similar to nylon, but it has less the effect of sunlight.

Because polyester tents are cheaper than the other materials, if you go camping sometimes, I recommend an affordable tent to save money.


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Polyester tents are lightweight. From small to a larger camping tent, these tents are much lighter as well as less bulky than the other materials. Thus, even a  teenager can carry it easily.

Besides, those who don’t have time to take good care for your tent should pick this. It requires less maintenance, easily dry out and can stand mildew and rips.

However, be sure you know these things before deciding to buy a polyester camping tent:

  • Insulate poorly
  • Do not breathe naturally
  • Easily lose color
  • Might be a bit noisy in the breeze

2.      Cotton

In the past, most of the tent fabrics were made from cotton. As you can see from advertisements TENT FROM CANVAS FABRIC, actually it means cotton fabric.

Cotton is the most wonderful and desired fabric for the tent because it is a good insulator, which keeps you warm in winter and remains you cool in summer.


Image source: AliExpress.com

In contrast to polyester, cotton is breathable and can absorb water well. This characteristic is like a double-edged sword. On the good side, you won’t worry about any issue with condensation. But on the contrary, it can leak in the rain. Thus, if you decide to buy this tent, you should ‘weather’ it before use. Or before putting it away, you need to wait until it dries out. If you don’t take good care for it, mildew will ruin the tent.

Cotton is heavy and bulky. You might take much effort and time to carry it from your car to the campsite. But in charge, you can sleep well without being bothered at midnight because of the noise.

This fabric lasts long, can stand UV rays and bonus a better smell than those chemical materials.

Tent poles

1.      Fiberglass poles

Fiberglass poles are very popular for tent poles because it is cheap to manufacture and to provide affordable price, lightweight and bend easily. It is easy to use even you are new campers.  When fiberglass poles become bad, you can change or repair them without hesitation.

Fiberglass poles

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2.      Aluminum alloy poles

small poles are metal poles; it can bend easily as well as fiberglass pole. The wonderful things from them are that they can be used for many seasons even lasting for many years. Also, you can bend them back or forth.

Aluminum alloy poles

Image source: AliExpress.com

3.      Steel poles

Steel poles are quite stronger and heavier than the other two poles. So you can easily find them in large tents. If you have a big group in the campsite, and you need your tent to be strong and durable, so steel poles are your decision.


Image source: AliExpress.com

So Which one?

Fiberglass poles are lighter, cheaper but not durable. Easy to bend means that they will not be stable when the heavy wind picks up.

Aluminum alloy poles are more durable and flexible, easy to prepare and do not break out under pressure of the strong wind.

They are made to suit with large tents and last longer than other poles.

Like tent fabrics, it also depends on your needs and budget. By analyzing the feature of poles, you can decide which one is suitable for you.

It’s time to make a choice

Choosing camping tent materials is all about selecting fabric and poles for your tents. It will be a challenging task if you do not know anything about tents. Hopefully, this small topic can help you out of confusion. We wish you find out your most suitable tents with good materials. Thanks