Casting Spin cast Reel: Read Here For The Most Ultimate Guide

Casting Spin cast Reel:

Casting spin cast reel is a common and basic technique that you need to learn at first to move on to other ones. Once you can do this properly with the right position, you will find learning other things much easier.

In case you are new to angling, you can start to learn how to cast with a spin cast rod in your backyard now. All you need is your casting rod without a hook and you are set. Here is the ultimate instruction on how to cast spin cast reel for you.

Start with the right body position

Having the right body position is the key factors if you want your cast to be powerful without paying a lot of effort. Also, keep in mind that this body position applies to other advanced casting techniques you might learn in the future.

Therefore, first of all, you need to make sure your feet are open so that they are in the same line with your shoulder. The toes of both of your feet need to be pointing towards. This will help you to stay focused and straightforward when you swing the rod.

When you practice tossing the rod and casting, remember not to swing your back from side to side. Instead, you need to keep it straight and square.

Get familiar with your spin cast rod

When you have a spin cast or any fishing rod, you need to understand its mechanism. Also, understand how it works to make the best out of it.

With a spin cast, you need to know how to release the line from the reel with the correct timing you set on your mind.

You can start by reeling up the line and pressing the release button down when the bobber is about 10 inches from the rod tip. In case you don’t have a bobber attached to the line, you should reel the line until the bait is about 6 to 12 inches.

Next, use your hand to grip the rod from behind the reel. Then, use another hand to lift the rod up. Thus, the tip of the rod, as well as the handle, is pointing upwards.

After that, press the button and hold it firmly to keep the line in track. If the line drops instead of staying in its place. It means that you don’t hold he button strongly enough. In this case, you need to reel the lineup and try to do it one more time.

Casting Spin cast Reel

To start casting, you need to raise the spin cast rod slightly backward to form a 30-degree angle with the horizon. Then, swing the rod forward until it reaches your eye level.

Release the button to let the line land on the targeted area. If the line does not land on the area that you want, you should analyze your mistake and try to do it again. If it lands too far, you need to release the button later. Andin case it lands too close, you should release the button sooner.

Remember to keep practicing until you can hit the target area with almost no mistake.

Please notice some mistakes you can make below

  • When you let go of the button too soon, the lure can go so high. But then it falls short on the surface.
  • When you let go of the button too late. It will make the lure go too low. It also makes it fall short and sometimes, the lure may fall right in front of you.
  • Also, if you don’t hold the button firmly enough, the line will drop to a further distance than what you project.

Further tips on making the best spin cast casting

  • Make sure you don’t lift the rod too high as it may cause more pressure on your hands and less accuracy to your cast.
  • Do a safety check whenever you start spin cast casting in a new area. Check the surrounding around and above you to make sure there is no obstacle. For examples trees and brushes as well as people around you.
  • While you reel the line at first, you can prevent tangles and loops by pressing the line with your thumb and reeling slowly. So, you don’t hurt your finger.

In conclusion, casting Spincast is one of the most basic techniques. Every beginning angler needs to master before they move on to other advanced techniques. Luckily, this technique is not so hard to learn. And, you can pay attention at first and follow the instructions carefully.

I hope that with all of the effort and time you spend on practicing casting with your spin cast, you would be able to master this technique soon. Furthermore, I hope you will have a better and enhanced experience with your fishing session.