Prescription fishing sunglasses: How to choose the best ones?

Needless to say, prescription fishing sunglasses are a good choice to maximize safety and improve your vision when you’re fishing. There will come a time when the sun is up high in the sky. Then you realize that you need a pair of sunglasses that can really protect your eyes from all of these effects. That’s when prescription sunglasses come to your mind.

It can be a daunting and costly task to find the most suitable pair of prescription sunglasses for you. At first, the high price may scare you off and make you reconsider your choice. Then, the overwhelming features and choices like materials, lens tints, frame, colors can make you tired. But, trust me, those glasses are really worth the price. We will help you to choose the right ones for yourself.

Advantages Of Prescription Sunglasses


Of course, the difference between prescription sunglasses and a pair of ordinary sunglasses is that they offer you maximum protection. When fishing, many things can happen to you. And as a fisherman, it is your own responsibility to put on prescription fishing sunglasses.

Advantages Of Prescription Sunglasses

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When you’re sitting on the boat at a high speed, the winds can make your eyes salty and turn red. Additionally, while fishing, you have to work  near sharp objects all the time like the hooks, the fish and parts of the boat. Obviously, you don’t want those things to touch your eyes especially when the sea is wavy.

Remember that fishing requires you to sit at one spot being patient and it would be impossible to do so if the sun keeps on blinding your eyes.

However, the good thing is that all of these problems can be solved by just putting on a good pair of prescription fishing sunglasses.

All in one

Many people have trouble with their vision. This is what prescription glasses are made for. They improve your vision if you can’t look far into distance. For some people, they won’t have to squint their eyes anymore if they need to read a book or a magazine.

Additionally, prescription sunglasses can be worn on many occasions, not just fishing. Whether you want to have a day out at the beach or going on a trip, those glasses are there to help you. Even when you’re driving, being able to see things clearly is the minimum requirement. In fact, ordinary sunglasses wouldn’t be able to help you in such circumstances if you have problems with your vision.

Some people buy a pair of prescription glasses and a pair of normal sunglasses to use for different purposes. This looks like a cost-saving option at first but wearing glasses which are not compatible for your eyes can further worsen the damage to your eyes.

Still many options and styles

Many have the misconception that prescription sunglasses are expensive and are ugly. However, this is not true since prescription sunglasses can have different models just like fashion sunglasses. The difference lies in the lens. That’s why prescription sunglasses are more expensive than ordinary sunglasses. Of course, getting an item customized to fit your needs means that you have to pay more for it.


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Prescription glasses can also be wraparound sunglasses, thus, they can be swimming goggles or reading glasses.

If you want to have a fashionable pair, choose a good-looking frame and ask the manufacturer to make the lens according to your needs (polarized, scratch-resistant, UV protection).

Where to Start When Looking for Prescription Fishing Sunglasses

When it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses, people will choose their glasses according to their preference. It is recommended that you do some research online before actually coming to the store and buy them.

You should also talk to your seller about the purpose of using the sunglasses. If it’s only for fishing, sport sunglasses are the best. This is because they usually have nose pads which increase the grip so that the glasses won’t accidentally drop down.

What to Look for in a Prescription Sunglass Frame for Fishing

Choosing a pair of sunglasses for fishing can be a different story. There are certain minimum requirements for a good pair of prescription fishing sunglasses.

Wraparound frame

As you will be sitting on your boat all day long where the sun can shine you in all directions. Wraparound frames will allow you to fish without getting distracted by the sunlight. This is because you don’t want to be flashed when you’re standing up and retrieving the prey.

Wraparound frame

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Plastic lenses

Plastic lens will float above the water surface if you accidentally drop them but it’s goodbye if you use glass lens. Also, if something accidentally hit your glasses, plastic lens will cause less damage compared to glass lens.


This feature is just as important as a wraparound frame. The original purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun and avoid glares. If your sunglasses can’t do so, then it will be a bad choice. Not until you retrieve the fish that takes the bait will you realize the importance of polarized sunglasses.


If you have trouble reading without your bifocals, then you will certainly have trouble tying your bait and the rope. Some models of prescription glasses have a bifocal at the bottom of the lens so that you can use them if needed.


The choice of colors plays an important role in fishing. The color of the sunglasses lens can affect the process and outcome of a fishing trip. For instance, if you’re fishing in the early morning, late in the afternoon or when it’s dark, it’s recommended to choose yellow or rose lens. They can improve your vision in the dark as they absorb more light.


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For your trip out to the ocean, blue is the best color since it helps you to look deep down the water without having to strain your eyes too much. Remember to avoid black since they make it harder to see and can demotivate you when you’re waiting for a fish.

Choosing a pair of prescription fishing sunglasses is not complicated. But it definitely requires time and prior knowledge about glasses. To be honest, you are not expected to get your ideal pair of glasses at the first attempt. If you don’t like any pair of glasses at that shop, just switch to another. You need to be completely satisfied rather than buying a pair because there is no other choice.