What Gun Safe Size Do You Need

Gun safes keep your firearms safe from outside forces while allowing quick access to your firearms. There are many tough decisions to make when buying a gun safe: “What size of gun safe do you need?”, “Which type of lock is the best?” In this article, we’ll be talking about the gun safe size that works best for you.

Why many people are not happy with their gun safe purchases

How quick and easy your gun safe can be filled up

Many gun safe owners have regretted not realizing how quick and easy it is to fill up their gun safe.

Apart from your firearms, ammunition, and expensive optics…, you’d want to store your other equipment in there.

For example, your house papers, your jewelry or camera equipment. These things will fill up your gun safe quickly.

How the floors and stairs will hold up

One of the reasons why many people are concerned to go with a bigger gun safe size is safe owners. Many of them are concerned about the weight of the gun safe. It is because an average gun safe can weigh 800 pounds to 1,000 pounds varying from model to model.

How the floors and stairs will hold up

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However, it shouldn’t be an issue to be worried about, your stairs and floors will hold up just fine. The weight of the gun safe will be spread out over the area it consumes. Thus it shouldn’t be so different from having a refrigerator or a closet…

Which gun safe size do you need?

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t get yourself a gun safe size that’s a little bigger than what you’re going to need. You should purchase a gun safe that’s at least twice larger than what you think you’ll need or go with the best gun safe you can afford.

Which gun safe size do you need

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Why do we need a lot larger gun safe size? There are several reasons.

Give yourself a little leeway when it comes to choosing the interior capacity of a safe gun.

The number of places for guns

It doesn’t matter how many guns the gun safe can fit, but which type of guns it can fit. It may be designed with 22 places for long guns.

But it doesn’t mean it can fit 22 big to gigantic guns like an AR-type gun with slings, a bipod, and a big scope… In that case, those gun safes will be fine if your guns are small ones.

For example, the gun safe can fit 22 Remington’s easily and comfortably because they’re small.

But if you’re trying to store a Browning shotgun, the tip of the gun will hit the top shelf. Or if you’re trying to store the Mosin-Nagant, the handle of the gun will stick out cause it to be badly scratched.

What height of the gun safe should you go for

When it comes to the gun safe size, the standard height of gun safes is 60 inches; however, it’s up to you.

Keep in mind that taller gun safes offer extra room which is useful for smaller stuff. It’s even better because it doesn’t take up extra floor space.

What height of the gun safe should you go for

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For example, you can keep your handguns in pistol rugs on the top of the gun safe.

The attached front portion of the gun safe door

Some gun safes have a system that’s designed to hold some other smaller long guns in the front portion of the door without taking up the room. It allows you to close the door easily and comfortably.

Extra capacity

Buying a gun safe is what you only to do once in a lifetime. Gun safes are very durable and can hold up well. Since gun safes won’t break or wear out, you’ll probably pass it on to your next generations.

If you get a gun safe that’s too small, you’ll need another new gun safe to store your things once the current one is filled up.

Or the alternative is to replace your old things for you to fit other things into the current gun safe, which is very convenient.

Where to put the gun safe

It’s important to measure your doorways so that the gun safe will be through your doorways.

Firstly, make sure that your gun safe can fit all your firearms, ammunition, and your other equipment as well as papers and jewelry.

Then, you have to find a place to fit the gun safe in your house. Bigger gun safes will take up more rooms.

Also, make sure the safe gun dealer can deliver the gun safe to the right location in the house that you want. This is because if the gun safe is too heavy, it’ll be cumbersome to move an 800 pound or 1,000-pound gun safe through the stairs.


When it comes to purchasing a gun safe and considering the gun safe size, the bigger it is, the better it will be. Thus, the rule here is to purchase a gun safe as big as you could afford.

Everyone wants to save money. But you will have so many things to fill it up eventually: New documents, new jewelry, and new guns purchased…. And it’ll be a lot more expensive and inconvenient to purchase a new safe.

Hopefully, this article can help you somehow with purchasing your new gun safe. Good luck with your choices!