How to choose a Spinning Reel Size

How to Choose a Spinning Reel Size

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One of the most important features you need to consider when you choose a fishing spinning reel is the spinning reel size. Size matters a lot in this case because it plays an important role in determining the success of your fishing experience.

In case you don’t know what you should look for and what size of the spinning reel is the most suitable for you, read on to learn more about these features and what you need to consider before coming up with the ideal spinning reel size.

Spinning Reel Size – How to read it

When you go searching for a spinning reel, you might be surprised to know that different spinning reel manufacturers have different sizing chart. You might see a spinning reel size of 2000 and a different model from a different manufacturer with the size of 20. It does not mean that the former is 100 times bigger than the latter. In fact, these 2 sizing numbers I mention above can both represent the same length.

Therefore, you need to have a look at the sizing chart of each manufacturer in general. In the chart, the smaller number will present the smaller reel.

Types of Spinning Reels

Basically, we can group the spinning reels into 4 different categories based on their sizes. They are classified into small, medium and large spinning reels.

The small spinning sizes range from 1000 or 10 to 3500 or 35. Medium spinning sizes are from 4000 or 40 to 5000 or 50. Further along the line, we have bigger spinning sizes such as 6000 or 60 to 16000 or 160. In addition, we have super large sized spinning reels, which range from 10000 or 1000 to 10500.

Factors that determine your choice of the spinning reel size

Where you are going to use the reel

You have a huge variety of options when it comes to the places where you can go fishing. You can fish by the river or the lake. In addition, you can go on a boat to go fishing off shore in saltwater.

Where you are going to use the reel

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When you go fishing in different types of water, you need to consider different sizes for your spinning reel as it will affect your fishing experience significantly.

  • When you go fishing in fresh water areas such as lakes, rivers or streams, you should go for small type of spinning reel.
  • In case you want to go further besides fishing on bays and harbors, you need to use a bigger size rather than the normal small size of spinning reel. Medium size spinning reels are suitable for a short boat trip offshore to go fishing.
  • If you want to go fishing in a boat to off shore fishing or go rock fishing, you should have a large sized spinning reel and super large sized spinning reel.

The Type of Fish You Aim For

The fish you aim to catch is lightweight and small such as bream, bass, flathead, tarwhine or trout fish. In such case, you can consider going for small spinning size.

If you go further off coats, you are able to catch more types of fish. For examples cod fish, snapper fish, tailor, mowing and bone fish.  These types of fish are also heavier than bream or trout fish. So you will need a bigger medium spinning reel (from at least size 4000) to catch them.

The Type of Fish You intend to fish

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With a bigger spinning reel, you would be able to catch heavy weighted and big fish. For examples salmon fish, tuna and king fish.

And with an even bigger spinning reel, you are able to catch bigger types of fish. So if you aim to catch bigger fish like big mackerel, tuna and even sharks, you should purchase an extra-large spinning reel.

NB: Keep in mind that extra-large spinning reel will make it more difficult for you to cast. So you also need to think carefully about your skills before you decide on your final decision. In addition, extra-large spinning reel is more suitable for boat fishing

Some notes on fishing line

The spinning reel size needs to be compatible with your fishing line and fishing rod.

Some notes on fishing line

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Provided that your spinning reel size is between 1000 and 3500, you can use a rod which is about 6 to 8 feet long. In addition, the fishing line should have a class rating of about 1 to 7 kg.

When you buy a medium sized spinning reel, it is better if you can use a fishing rod from 6 to 10 feet long and a fishing line with class rating from 3 to 10 kg.

With a large spinning reel, you will need a fishing line with a class rating from 6kg to 20 kg. Different types of rod will have different requirement to be compatible with a large spinning reel. With boat fishing type, the rod should be from 5 to 10 feet long. A general spinning rod should be from 8 to 15 feet long. And a rock fishing rod should be about 10 to 15 feet long.

The fishing lines going well with an extra-large sized spinning reel. They need to be able to take up weights of more than 10 to 25 kg. The length of the rod should be at least 10 feet long.


After all, the fishing experiences and requirements of each individual are different. All of the options and ideas I mention above are just for general uses and appliances. There are various different ways you can use your reel and hence need different sizes of reel. Are you unsure what size of a spinning reel is the most suitable for you? In this case, you should ask some people working in the fishing shop for more information and advice.

I hope that from reading the materials in this article, you would be able to find the best and most suitable spinning reel for your needs and preferences.