How to Choose Timberland Boots

How to Choose Timberland Boots

Honestly, who don’t love high-quality boots? If you have heard about how to choose Timberland Boots before, this is the guide you need. Walking on rough terrain and wet ground conditions isn’t fun and customers require high-quality boots to protect their feet from getting hurt and wet. Manufacturers associate high-quality boots with great comfort, durability, and brand name.

Why Hunters Need Quality Boots

Why hunters need quality boots

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Let’s start with the basic thing first: why should we need quality boots?


While high-quality boots cost hundreds of dollar at least, the manufacturers make them with great materials that can last for many years, especially with proper maintenance.

You can save money in the long run for a good pair of boots than those made of an inferior material that you have to replace every (few) years. This is obviously a wiser spending strategy.

Well-Made with Craftsmanship

They produce most cheap boots in large factories with little attention to details.

The quality control process is nowhere as strict as in factories of reputable boot manufacturers.

Besides the fact that many companies use inferior materials, cheap boots tend to manufacture with much lower craftsmanship. It is quite common to see rubber soles glued poorly on these boots while they are firmly stitched in the traditional way in most high-quality boots.

The pride of reputable brands is clearly in each and every stitch. Each detail on a boot is there for a reason.

Good Hunting Boots Are Well-Made with Craftsmanship

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Provide Good Foot Support

High-quality boots are designed with foot comfort in mind. That is why many details are included to help avoid and reduce orthopedic and chiropractic problems.

These boots provide better insulation, breathability, flexibility, and waterproof ability.

On the other hand, you can easily experience pain when wearing rigid boots that trap your feet and their sweats inside. Everyone hates cold feet and the numb feeling in the foot toes.

Elegant and Stylish

Cheap boots can still look fashionable: it is true. They are even available in more color patterns than those made from companies that specialize in high-quality boots with a classic look.

However, high-quality boots beat cheap boots big time in terms of elegance. Even a small detail can make such boots much classier. Plus, their overall constructions are very good looking.

Symbol of Status

We tend to feel more confident when wearing high quality boots. Also, we are worth wearing high-quality and we know it. The problem is just whether we can afford them.

Hunters need all of these benefits above, even much than many other people, so make sure that their feet are not badly abused on hunting trips. Injuries or discomfort related to the feet can easily ruin a hunt.

Tips To Choose Timberland Boots

Meet Timberland Company – the leading American footwear manufacturer. Since 1952, this company has consistently provided high-quality footwear to the market. This is one of the top American manufacturers when it comes to footwear quality.

The company has been going strong, especially with the comeback of classic shoes in recent years.

Even with the presence of lots of heavy machines at its factories, Timberland Company still maintains the manual process for a surprising number of details.

For example, craftsmanship do leather cutting and defect checking manually. The company takes pride in waterproof leather and great comfort of its shoes/boots. It also commits to environmental protection.

If you ever buy hunting boots before, the factors for consideration are the same with Timberland boots. You also look for fit, comfort, waterproofness, breathability, so on. Here are a few things to note when buying Timberland hunting boots:


Buying footwear of right size is absolutely essential. If you buy men’s hunting boots, take note that they are available from size 6 to size 18, meaning Timberland Company provides many options to accommodate different foot sizes and shapes.


The company provides different types of boots for people who look to explore nature. Whether you need boots for trekking, hiking, or hunting, the company provides them all. Take a lot of these recommendations: Waterproof Field Boots (for all-terrain traction with padded collar), Leather Euro Hiker Boots (with a tough outsole and great ankle support), and Waterproof Chukka Boots (made of premium waterproof leather and with rustproof hardware).


There are different colors and color combinations to choose from. You can find such shades of brown as red brown, dark brown, and cooper. Typical hues for Timberland footwear are black, brown, khaki, and dark blue.

Brown Timberland Boot

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You can opt for customized boots with your choice of color, finish, material, and style

Last but not least, you should pay attention to some details to make sure that you get genuine Timberland boots, not online fake products:

  • The packaging: sturdy box with Timberland branding on the top and side.
  • Details mentioned in the boot box must match with the boots inside it (size, style, color, footprint)
  • Logo with trademark ®: on the outside of the boot (you can mostly find it in the heel)
  • Brand name and logo are on the sole.
  • Great finish and immaculate stitching quality.

Here is the end of this article. Hope that this article will help you much in choosing the best hunting boots.