Things To Consider When Choosing An Archery Range Finder

Things To Consider When Choosing An Archery Range Finder

So you are now looking for an archery range finder? You have a lot of questions in your mind: What are they used for? How much money can you spend on it? What specifics do you need to keep in mind when choosing the most suitable one for you? Size or weight, which one is more important? Does it need to be waterproof? So forth and so on. This article allows you to get the most essential information that you need to make your decision.

What is the archery range finder used for?

This is a worthy question as if you do not know its benefits, how can you choose the best one for you? Range finder is a tool that plays an important role among pieces of gear you need for a hunting-party (whether with rifle or bow).

It is used for calculating the distance from the tool to the target, which helps the hunters to get the quality target shooting from where they stand

BudgetHow about your budget?

On the market, there are plenty kinds of range finders with many different prices, from hundreds to thousands dollars. Most are under four hundred dollars, while some are under two hundred or above one thousand dollars.

It is rather momentous to choose which one is fitting to your budget but still satisfy your demand. Almost all range finders have the same outlook. Therefore, to find out whether it is good or not, you need to search for the inside details.

Things to consider when buying a range finder for hunting

Kinds of the range finders

Always, when getting started to purchase anything, you should determine your purpose firstly. With hunters, depending on the weapon they use to hunt, there are four basic kinds of range finders. They are: the rifle hunting range finder, the rifle shooting range finder, the archery range finder, and the dual-purpose range finder. Every different hunting style has its own requirements that results in the demand of a specialize range finder.

  • Rifle hunting range finder is used for hunting-party by rifles. This tool calls for a much larger range than bow hunting.
  • Rifle shooting range finder: similarly, this tool is used for rifle shooting, usually for practicing. It requires large distance because of the small targets.
  • Archery range finder: this equipment is used for bow hunting and usually requires for lightweight to carry conveniently.
  • Dual-purpose range finder: you can use this tool for not only bow hunting, but also rifle hunting, which is the most convenient range finder nowadays.

Therefore, for those who look for the archery range finders, you can choose the last two kinds. Also, bow hunters often choose the laser range finder for its modern and convenient.


For each type of hunting, there is a particular design. For both bow hunting and rifle hunting, a good range finder is the one that is able to offer the comfort and convenience for the hunters. With archery, they normally choose the vertical design as its weight is much lighter. Also, it is encouraged to choose the small design to carry easily. On the other side, for rifle hunters, it is better to choose the horizontal design for its stable and long-range.


It is up to the size of the game or the hunting-party and the surrounding environment that you need to choose which one is the most suitable. There are various choices of magnification:

  • Magnification4x magnification can give you the maximum range of 600 yards and the minimum of 10 yards
  • 6x and 7x magnification can provide the range from 1 yards to 1000 yards.
  • 8x magnification can offer the range from 10 yards to 1600 yards.

With the range finder for archery, 7x or 8x magnification is the best choice. The higher of the magnification is, the larger distance will be. This means you can have the best look at the object even though you are very far from it. However, it also reduces the field of view which makes you more difficult to have the quality target shooting.


It is better if you choose a reputable brand to purchase a new archery range finder for the warranty. Because of their exclusive technology, you can bring into play all of your effort in bow hunting. Some brand names you may consider like Nikon, Leupold, Bushnell… with some of their best seller products:

  • Leupold RX-1000i TBR with 6x magnification, providing the range of 5 – 1000 yards and high warranty.
  • Nikon Riflehunter 1000 with 6x magnification offering the range of 11-1000 yards and the light weight.
  • Bushnell Scout ARC 1000 with 6x magnification giving the range of 5-1000 yards and 100% waterproof.