Cold Steel Espada

Cold Steel Espada

Espada has been known to be synonym with high quality and great service in knife industry. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Cold Steel Espada Knife is one of the most out-standing recommendations for outdoorsman, hikers and more. The knife is very awesome for its remarkable effectiveness and beautiful design. For the excellent performance, it deserves to rank 4.5 out of 5 stars. Keep on reading and we are telling you the reason why this model becomes a popular option in this day and age.


In addition to eye-catching design, the tool also makes impressive by its surprising portability. Most of users feel happy with the polished aluminum feature, which attracts admirable eyes at the first glance. It comes with ergonomic design and small size which matches the target of camping or survival activities. For instance, Steel Espada with Polished G10 Handle equips 5 ½ inch blade, 4 mm blade thickness and 12 ¼ inch of overall length. These specific dimensions are ideal for a pocket size. Coming with the smooth opening and closing feature, it leads to the easy accessing the knife every time you want. Users will find it convenient to hold the knife on their hands without any discomfort. The model fits different hand sizes well.


Our Rating: 4.6 / 5

Discover all gorgeous features of Cold Steel Espada in a comprehensive way. It strongly proves that the model could do multi-functional purposes, including both simple and complicated tasks.

Power and sharpness are two most important factors that you had better put into your consideration before purchasing a folding knife. It is amazing that the compact knife could have powerful strength in slashing, cutting or piercing. For the demands of cutting thicker materials, let’s get benefit from a large clip blade. There is no difficulty in cutting onions or harder items such as ice. A question raised in our mind is what makes the knife out-standing from other rivals? This great function results from good balance and 5.5 inches of Japanese AUS 8A stainless blade. It not only creates accurate sharpness, but also enhances long-lasting usability for years. More specifically, the tool is effectively used under all weather conditions such as rains or water.

Another great benefit of using the tool is that it offers surprising ease of use thanks to appropriate handle. The knife handle is designed in such a modern way that delivers high stability for holding. It equips finger grooves and long grip for better efficiency. Besides, polished G-10 with polished 7075 aluminum bolster and frame is a big plus of the handle design. This allows both light-weight appearance and high durability for years. Quickly order the model now and enjoy its fabulous characteristics.

On the other hand, Tri-Ad Lock proves its safety when the knife is not in use. It helps stabilize the blade in an efficient way.


  • Extremely light-weight design
  • Easy to use
  • High sharpness
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • High quality materials
  • Fast delivery
  • Smooth closing and opening
  • Beautiful appearance


  • Slightly high price

Things to consider about Cold Steel Espada

There are several important things you had better bear into your mind when purchasing a folding knife. They vary greatly into many aspects; including the number of blades, blade length, steel and types, handle materials, opening/ locking function, popular brands and more. These factors contribute to your last decisions of choosing the best products.


To sum up, it is hard to decide which one is best among tons of purchasing options. With Cold Steel Espada, you could be rest assured about its quality and customer service. The knife is not only eye-catching, but also remarkably sharp for different tasks.

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Cold Steel Espada
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