Choose the right Hunting Boots for Colorado Elk Hunting

Choose the right Hunting Boots for Colorado Elk Hunting

Colorado is a favorites place of hunters. If you are looking for suitable hunting footwear then read our “Colorado: Choose Right Hunting Boots” article.

I love hunting.

For the last 15 years, it has been my hobbies and I have traveled to various states of the America to hunt. I had many wonderful hunting trips in such places like Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Colorado.

Oh, talking about Colorado, I have done elk hunting there several times. The first time, it ended badly because I brought the wrong boots. Then, I learned my lessons and was better prepared for the challenge.

So, in this port, I would like to share my experience for choosing the right boots if you want to hunt in Colorado.

An experienced hunter should study the weather and terrain of the hunting location, I know, I know. The first time I have been to Colorado, I did not expect the weather to change that rapidly within just the day; that is why I brought the wrong boots with me.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about the weather in Colorado from my experience and from what I can gather online.

Weather in Colorado

Weather in Colorado

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The climate in this state is quite complex. The area mostly has mountains (in the Northeast and west), high plains and foothill (in the southern Colorado), hence the diverse climate.


Oh, and there are desert lands also in the Northwest.

My friend in Colorado told me how he experienced all weather conditions throughout the year. It is mostly always cool in the mountain regions but in general, the weather can change drastically just over a day.

Even in summer, a thunderstorm can cause a big drip of temperature in 15-30 minutes before you can realize it. With the presence of deserts, you see less moisture and lots of sunny days as a result. But mind you, it can be really windy in this state.
You should be ready to encounter thunderstorm, lightning, and an even tornado warning in the summer.


I was surprised to learn that Colorado has snows basically in every month. It snows mainly from late October to late April, especially in the mountain where snow really sticks around for a long time.

In June, you can still see much of the snow melt, which makes it hard to pass through certain high mountain trails.

Be aware when you walk through snow in the spring because it is really heavy and wet; it is easier in the winter, in fact.

I remember going to Colorado for the first time in September because I learned that it is the best time to go archery elk hunting in this state.

OK, I have rambled quite a lot about the climate there, right? Now let’s move on to talking about hunting boots.

Before you want to find the right boots for hunting Colorado, you must make sure the boots satisfy several common requirements first, like fit, comfort, and insulation

Colorado: Choose Right Hunting Boots

Some General Considerations for Hunting Boots

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My father, who taught me hunting, told me about the importance of getting the right hunting boots.

Hunters use boots every day on hunting trips; they probably rank only after hunting weapons.

Without good protection and insulation from the boots, it is so hard to endure a long hunting trip, especially in extreme weather.

Trust me: I got my fair share of sufferings from wearing the wrong boots and quite a number of times i have to cut short my trips due to foot injuries. Of course, it did not prevent me from continue hunting but I then learned to invest in hunting boots wisely.

Here are a number of factors I care most about:


I bought my boots online twice but ended up returning them all.

The best way to avoid this hassle is trying on the boots before buying to make sure they fit. Put on your hunting socks, lace up properly, and walk around for a while to see gauge how comfortable the boots are.

And, remember to try at least several pairs. With proper lacing technique and snug-fit boots, you can avoid blistering.

For boots that fit, you should choose no break-in period. Still, you should walk for several miles to get used to the boots before you put them on for hunting.


Here, I want to refer to the boot materials.

I love leather: this classic material never gets old even with the appearance of advanced materials like Gore-Tex.

Honestly, leather is not 100% waterproof like in advertisement: my feet eventually got wet after traveling in cold snow for hours. Still, nothing beats leather in terms of comfort, in my opinion.

I use boots with rubber lower part and leather upper part to get the best of both worlds (rubber is totally waterproof, by the way). But that is just me, so do your research to get the boots that are lightweight and waterproof or water-resistant.

Height and Ankle Support

 I really prefer good ankle support, so most of the boots I have are seven to eight inches long. These boots are very useful for walking through snow or crossing streams.

Of course, you should choose to depend on the terrain where you most likely to hunt because long boots can be a little bit heavier and less flexible.


It is obviously important, right? I hate cold feet and I bet you are too. The leather material really keeps your feet warm, just saying.

Some Recommendation about Boots for Hunting in Colorado

Some Recommendation about Boots for Hunting in Colorado

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In this small, I want to give you some recommendations about what type of hunting boots that hunters should use for elk and deer hunting in Colorado.

Like I said, the best month for elk hunting in Colorado is September – it is the archery season, actually. In September, you can experience big temperature swings. But the temperature is generally not very low and it can get warmer during the day. So that, you do not really need insulated boots; remember to choose lightweight boots because you have to walk for long.

It snows regularly during the rifle reasons (Oct-Dec), especially during the second rifle and third rifle, so insulated boots are a must.  The temperature can even drop to below zero, so it is best that you bring two pairs of boots: a pair of leather or Gore-Tex boots and a pair of Pac boots. Do not forget quality rain gear too.