Compound Bow vs Crossbow – Which one is The Best in Hunting?

Compound Bow vs Crossbow: Both of them has been two of the most popular types of weapon in hunting for a long time. So have you ever thought that which one of them is better for a hunting party? This article will give you the concrete information about these weapons.

Compound Bow vs Crossbow


  • Compound bow: The most basic parts of a Compound Bow are bow and arrows. Its bow has a flexion shape and when unstrung, it curves away from the archer. In comparison with bow that has straight limb, this kind is much better in shooting as it stores much more energy to deliver when shooting than the straight. Thus, it releases the arrow at a faster speed and more energy. Also, the Compound Bow has the shorter form which is used more popularly in hunting party as the long weapon can be a nuisance while carrying through brush or forest terrain, as well as while riding the horses.
  • Crossbow: This invention is based on the Recurve Bow. In reality, the Crossbow is a recurve bow that is mounted on a stick with a mechanism to hold the drawn bow string. With the Recurve or Compound Bow, you have to use both hands to shoot and when stringing the bow, it requires much energy from your arms that makes the bow unstable. With Crossbow, you just need one hand to shoot as the mechanism has held the bow string for you. While the Recurve or Compound bow uses the arrow, the Crossbow uses the quarrels or bolts.

These bolts are much shorter than the Compound Bow arrows in particular and the ordinary bow’s arrow in general speaking. Of course, they are a little bit less efficient at releasing energy than the Compound Bow.

Modern use: Compound Bow vs Crossbow

Compound Bow: Nowadays, this kind of weapon is not used for hunting any more but usually used in the Olympics or many other competitive events. Therefore, it needs the advanced technologies and materials. Fiberglass and carbon are used more and more popular instead of using wood as in the past.

Besides, the Compound Bow is popular the most in Europe and Asia recently. Moreover, unlike the one-piece bow in the past, today, there are more awesome designs allowing the archer to detach the limb from the riser, which leads to easy moving from one place to the others as well as store conveniently.

Crossbow: Crossbow is not only used as a shooting sport like the Compound/Recurve bow but also a weapon for hunting. Moreover, it is used for scientific research as well as modern military and paramilitary. The reason why this kind of weapon is used for hunting and modern military while the Recurve Bow is not, is the noise resistance ability. While the Recurve Bow creates much noise when shooting, the crossbow is on the contrary.

Hunting Crossbow

On the other side, in modern military, it is used for some particular tactical situation and soldiers are trained to use it with rope to create the zip-line if they have to face with difficult terrain. Also, it is used for mines and booby traps initialization which can up to 50 meters far away as well as used as a solution to solve mines. In fact, there are many countries all over the world that equips the soldiers with crossbow.

For example: the Peruvian Army in the America, the Jungle Warfare Training Center in Brazil, the SAA International Ltd in the United States specialized in providing the crossbows that serve for U.S. Army as the military purpose. Even in Cambodia and Bosnia, they are very popular.

Bow Sight and Crossbow Scope

Compound BowsIn the previous articles which are:

We have mentioned about how to choose these two tools as well as the use of them. So do you think that there are any differences between them or which one is better?

In the semantics, the sight is the synonym of the Scope. They have the same meaning of the equipment that is used in aiming a target and the user look through them to determine the target and get the exact shooting.

However, technically, the scope is more modern than the sight. While the Bow Sight is only able to see with the ability of the naked eye, the crossbow scope allows the hunters to view fully the sight in breadth, depth and zoom to reach the subjects.

In another word, when we compare Compound Bow vs Crossbow, the Scope offers you the larger and deeper overview of the framework as well as the targets, which helps to shoot more exactly than the Bow Sight.