The differences between a Hunting and Survival Knife

The differences between a Hunting and Survival Knife

Hunting knives and survival knives are the most popular kinds of knives to use in the wild life. Therefore, people often compare them to find out which kind is better. In the same topic, this article will give you some useful information.

The Differences between a Hunting and Survival Knife

Differences between a Huning and Survival Knife

Situation to Use

Hunting knife: this kind is used for skinning animals and cutting meat after they have been already hunted. It makes much difference to hunting dagger, which is used for killing animals during the hunting party. Technical speaking, this kind of knife only has this function. But in the reality, it is also used as machetes or hatchets in camping.

Survival knife: Survival Knife has much more functions than hunting knife to serve many purposes of using and to help you survive in wilderness environment. For example, if your career requires you to experience and live for a rather long time in a forest or a mountain or you get lost in these places, unavoidably you will find this kind of knife very essential to become a really good partner to help you exit on these situation. Survival knife has much more functions than hunting knife:

  • Digging: a good survival knife can serve the use as a shovel to do many jobs such as digging the dirt for plants cultivation, collecting edible tubers, digging hole for camping fire, and settling your waste.
  • Weapon: It is also used as a weapon to oppose the wild beast like bear or lion alongside using fire. Also, if you know how to use, it will be a perfect weapon to get food such as catching fish or hunting small animals as well as skinning dead animals for trap.
  • Fire – making tool: this is the most important function of a survival knife because you cannot live in a wilderness environment without fire to warm, avoid bears, and cook. To make the fire, you need something called “tinder” by flay out the ribbon of inner park from a branch or piece of wood and wood for maintaining the fire.
  • Cutting tool: one among many functions of a survival knife is used as a cutting tool. It is able to cut many things. For example, if you are accidentally bleed and need the first aid, this kind of knife will be an awesome tool to cut the bandage. If you need wood for camping fire or cooking, you can use it to split wood or cut samplings. It is also used to cut rope and Besides, you can use it to clear the path and mark the signals while moving in the forest to avoid getting lost.
  • Picket: if you lose almost essential accessories such as the stake for camping tent, you can use this knife instead or a hook hanging food to avoid the attraction of animals by pitching it into the stem of a tree.

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Hunting knife: most hunting knives have the slightly curved and short blade and usually have a single sharpened edge.

Survival knife: its blade is longer and tougher than the hunting knife. Its handle is hollow to hang addition equipment in need. The blade is designed as standard, about 10 to 20 centimeters with thick tang and it is not curve like the hunting knife. The flat blade makes it possible to cut wood or many other things. Because of its hollow handle, this knife is rather easy to break when doing some tasks like chopping.

Size and Thickness

Hunting knife: As its only function is skinning and cutting, this kind of knife is smaller than the survival one and usually smaller than 4 inches. Its blade is usually 3-4 millimeters of thickness.

Survival knife: As it can be used as hammer, machetes, and hatchets, this kind needs the larger size but also fit with your pocket. Survival knife is much thicker than the hunting kind.

However, depending on what kind of animal you intend to hunt to choose the most suitable size of the knife. The bigger the animals are, the larger your knife should be to skinning and cutting meat easily.

Hunting Knife 2

The fabrication

Hunting knife: it is made from stainless steel. The most important material of the knife blade is carbon content of the metal.

Survival knife: This knife is made from exotic alloys of titanium or laminated steel to afford the demand of multi-function of a survival knife.

That’s all, know you know the differences between a Hunting and Survival Knife. Choose the right one that suit your need will bring the best result for your purpose!