Essential Kayak Accessories Every Fisherman Should Have

When talking about kayak, it is not as simple as buying a suitable one, taking it into the water, and paddling. Getting the greatest experience with it comes with choosing right kayak accessories.

Accessories for kayaks are various, from kayaking life vest, float bag, and spray skirt, to safety gear, and much more. At first, many people think those items are excessive and a waste of money, but when it comes to your safety in the water, they might help you get through the dangerous situation.

If you are still wondering what kayak accessories fit you the most, the following is a list of brief instruction on how to choose the best out of them:

Most Important Kayak Accessories – Life Jackets

Most kayak accessories are to ensure safety. Therefore, all kayakers have to wear a lifejacket in the case of sudden falling to the water. Kayaking lifejacket is usually different from others as it is designed for comfort movement in paddling with higher back and fitter size.

Life Jacket

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Some types of life jackets have many pockets so you can bring along some snack, camera or book during the trip. Other types have attachment belt, and of course a place for a knife and a flashlight.

Spay Skirt

A good spray skirt is a necessary accessory for a kayaking trip in rough waters areas, bad weather with a chance of wind and rain, and many other conditions. Layers and breathable nylon spray skirt can be adjusted to fit different waist sizes and suitable for trips in fast waters. Moreover, a neoprene spray skirt will help you seal the cockpit and prevent water from overflowing into the boat, which is perfect for whitewater trip. When selecting spray skirt, buy one that fits your body and your kayak, but not too tight to avoid difficulties when removing.

Spray skirt

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Although we have spray skirt, a bilge pump will help to drain your cockpit quickly. Kayak pump might sound unnecessary, but this is a useful accessory that helps you remove water out of the kayak. Without a bilge pump, the boat will sink or flip because of too much water. Additionally, using buckets is not highly recommended. Because it’s hard to get all the water out of the boat and the remains will annoy your legs and make the boat less stable.

Navigation System

For those professional kayakers who love to explore new remote water areas, a navigation system is necessary. In fact, to track your location on the water, you can use GPS system, compass, and maps as a combination.

 GPS system

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GPS system has been improved increasingly over the years, and now it not only locates and displays your exact location but also provides weather and water condition. Most of the reason why you need a GPS when kayaking is to ensure safety. This accessory is very effective when you get lost or forget the way back to shore, as sharing location will help people find you easier. Also, many fishers tend to return to their favorite fishing spots or newly discovered places.  Therefore, it will be more convenient when those positions are already marked on the GPS system.


Whenever fishing or resting, you need to make your any-kind-of-boats, including kayak, stand still by an anchor. This is a very popular accessory with most anglers. When choosing a kayak anchor, it is not about the weight; the size is what matter. Importantly, you need to learn how to use anchors carefully before using it. The reason is you do not want to end up at a different spot instead of your desire place.


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Furthermore, if you go into the open water and your boat is longer than 12 inches. Then you should have a rudder kit to fish without any difficulty from the fast-flowing water. Rudder Kits help kayak go straight when currents, waves, or wind push it. It operates by reducing about 10% speed of the boat compared to normal speed. Besides, these kayak accessories is usually attached to the head or the hull of your kayak, fixed by an anchor.

Sail Kits

When some people consider sailing as a hobby or a way of exercising, others just want to enjoy the relaxation. In that case, you can use some sail power from kayak sail kit. Sail kit is like a small sail and makes your boat go downwind and maintain great speed. Although a sail kit is a great tool to improve kayaks moving speed, it can be inconvenient when you want to fish while your boat’s size is small.

Kayak Cart

It is true that most kayaks are large and heavy, and the transporting is also very difficult and tiring. Carrying kayak is not easy if you are doing it regularly because it can weigh up to 100 pounds. It causes problems for your back and hip. Consequently, you need a kayak cart.

Kayak Cart

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A kayak cart has two wheels attached to your car or pulled by yourself. Moreover, a good cart means its tire is also durable and easy to move on bumpy terrain. You can load your kayaks and accessories, as well as personal items into the cart and easily bring them all together along the trip, especially in remote places. For all of these reasons, kayak cart is an essential accessory for all paddlers.

So those are eight basics kayak accessories that you should have to enhance the kayak’s performance. However, do not be a rush and throw money around. Before opening your wallet, sit down and have some consideration to make the right choice.

Firstly, calculate the acceptable money you can spend, whether it matches your need or not. Do not overspend on your savings or you will not be able to pay the monthly bills! Secondly, answer the question: do you need a kayak if you only use it a few times a year or this is only a momentary hobby? Think of the reasons why you want to buy it thoroughly. Next, go online and gather all information about the boat, including review, instruction, function, warranties, guarantees, and so on. You do not have to waste your money by following the trend, just go with your need. However, always remember to choose famous brands to ensure safety.